Monday, March 3, 2014

The Walking Dead 0412: Still

Again, I would like to think that this is not a spoiler of this week's episode of TWD. This is just to tickle your imagination on what could possibly happen in the latest installment of our favorite zombie TV series.

Easily, this would be a favorite episode of many lady fans of TWD, particularly those who missed Mr. Dixon who have been given short exposure or even none at all in the last three episodes.

Darryl is back and this one is his episode along with the young, stuborn but cute Beth. Sometimes, you'll feel like that they will fall for each other. i just hope she's already 18 so our fantasy could be be granted.

Have you ever seen Daryl cried? He'll be more dramatic than his scenes with his older brother who died in season 2. 

Beth needs a drink and Daryl will be a willing prince to grant her wish. Even if it takes to burn a house, which will be one cool scene at the last portion of the episode. 

Not that much action and suspense sequences this week that's why episode 13 is expexted to bring the show to a level up mode where the walkers attack the main characters in unfriendly locations based on the sneak preview of next week's episode.

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