Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Joy of Parenthood to Go the Extra Smile

Being a parent, I believe, is truly a blessing. Not everyone will experience how it is like to be one. The joy it brings to an individual is simply indescribable.  I even Googled the word “parenthood” and found OxfordDictionaries.com defines it simply as “the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved.” But for me, no dictionary can give the real meaning of the “parenthood” than the hearts of loving parents.

While I was browsing to hundreds of photos of the wonderful moments my wife Leah and I have shared with our son, I was brought back to those unforgettable worth-sharing memories of the last nine years and I was able came out a number of definitions to the word.  For me, parenthood is…

1. Not minding to carry a pack of diapers, a can of milk and a stroller to what should be a relaxing weekend family date.

2. Memorizing the theme songs of Adventure Time, Hi-5 and the Mickey Mouse Club House and other silly tunes to be able to sing along with our son.

3. Conceding to change the TV channel for another replay of We Bare Bears even if it means we will miss the last 5 minutes of another heart-pounding episode of our favorite drama series.

4. Smiling even when our shirts got messy with spaghetti sauce and ice cream because we allowed our kid to have it “his way.”

5. Praying that we can change places with our son whenever he is sick and we’ll be the one who are ill instead.

6. Waking up in the wee hours to change our child’s diaper even though we just slept for a few hours and needs to rise up early for work in the morning.

7. Experiencing the greatest joy in our lives even with the simplest things like every time our son says, “I love you, Mommy and Daddy!”

8. Making sure that we put on the best love for the most amazing gift that we ever received in life--- our son Charles.

We only want the best for our son. It is our joy to go the extra mile for him and see him wearing that big extra smile on his face. I am sharing the Hapee Kiddie Toothy Tales video about how to keep our children’s teeth healthy and have a great smile everyday.

Speaking of going the extra mile, allow me to share one of the best surprises we gave for our dear Charles. Back in 2014, two weeks before his 5th birthday, we asked Charles what he wants to get on his special day.

His immediate response was, “A police car!”

We wanted to make it extra special because almost every week, we would already go to the toy store and have him scan the shelves and display racks to find a new police car for his collection. At his very young age, Charles would tell us that he wanted to be a policeman someday “to help other people and put bad guys to jail.”

On the morning of his birthday, Charles wore his police costume that he used in the last Halloween party we attended. We told him that we will go out and meet his cousin Nico. He was clueless that we are actually going to  a police station for a one-of-a-kind birthday surprise.

 The birthday tarpaulin prepared by his Daddy.

But where's the birthday boy? Uh yeah, he's still on duty preparing the police files.

And catching a dude who just littered the street with empty wrappers of  Ding-Dong.

Now, it's time to go to the police station.

And meet with the Chief and some of his fellow police officers.

Eat cake.

 But of course, he has to blow the candle first.

Too bad, they can't party 'till  the wee hours because these men in uniform needs to be dispatched for emergency calls.                                 

But at least, he got his police car on his birthday.

And actually ride the police patrol car with his boys!

Special thanks to SP03 Edwin S. Sison, Desk Officer of Police Station 8 of Quezon City Police District and his fellow police officers for granting our little Charles' wish of celebrating his 5th birthday with his heroes.  The event was even featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer a week after. 

To our son Charles, we are very blessed to have you as our child. Just keep on giving us those extra smile and we assure you that we will forever go for extra mile in everything we do for you. Keep on smiling towards that brighter future, our Hapee Kiddie son!

Monday, October 29, 2018

“Classic” Practical Ways of Taking Care of Your Timeless Piece

I’m a big fan of pop classics.

My weekend breakfasts taste better with “Bread” and “The Beatles” via Spotify or Youtube.

My idea of a romantic date night is on a couch with Sandra and “While You Were Sleeping” or “Sleepless in Seattle” with Meg. I don’t mind also if it turns out to be a disaster like “Titanic.”   

Invite me to join mobile games, I will bring Scrabble, Boggle, Games of the Generals and other board games.

Yes, I’m your classic Tito and you don’t have to remind me. If you’ll ask me friends about my look, how I dress up or does my #OOTD, more likely they will remember me in my wash and wear shirts than in my long sleeves polo. It’s a bit surprising because I am in my company uniform at least 8 hours in 4 days a week.  The explanation on this could be because I seldom post selfies in corporate attire on social media. I am usually wearing shirts in my FB and IG posts because I am more comfortable with them.

But of course, there are special moments that we get to experience to be in our classy and timeless look. It can be during life-changing events from your first date and wedding that needed you to be in your most photo album-worthy outfit.

In all those “special moments” I have this one timeless piece that I consider fool-proof and a must have. It’s a black blazer that I can put on top of a polo and tie or even on a shirt. It gives me confidence that I am formal enough to meet and talk with my bosses and executives from our companies. It empowers me to be the best me when dealing with clients or making a prospective business partner.

One of the most recent events where I used it is during the 60th year anniversary of our company.  I really have to dress up and look good because we launched our company Almanac, a project which I spearheaded and was one challenging year in the making, sweat and tears not yet included.  Thus, I really have to take care of the blazer because it has been part of a lot of personal and career milestones and important occasions in my life’s journey.  

I am not a clothing expert but my fabrics have a long “shelf life” in my closet. I have pieces that are years old, not only for the reason that I am a sentimental fool but also because I really take care of my clothes and that’s the right thing to do. I would like to share 10 classic practical ways of taking care of your timeless pieces. To easily remember these tips, I am using brand ELECTROLUX to abbreviate my list. And besides, the company is well-known for its quality laundry appliances trusted in millions of households worldwide.

E – nsure good hygiene. If you don’t know it, sweat causes stain.   If your body is clean, your clothes will also be neat and in better condition.

L – earn basic repairs. Do not ignore loose threads or a missing button because a few minutes of sewing will save your piece from being a mere rag soon.

E – mpty your pockets. Get rid of items like tissues or even pens from your pockets before they make a mess on your laundry or holes on your pants or polo.

C – lose zippers and other fasteners to prevent snagging. During laundry, unzipped or unbuttoned pants might tangle with other fabrics or loosely tied strings.

T – ake time to fold clothes along the seams. This will help avoid unwanted creases and to maintain the shape of the item as well.

R – ewash stains. It is important to check clothes to be stain-free before ironing. It’s better to wash the shirt again if there is still dirt.

O –rder of ironing. The correct ironing order to follow is collar first before the cuffs and then the rest of the shirt or blouse.

L – earn to sort clothes to prevent colors from bleeding onto other fabrics. Wet a cotton swab and rub on the corner or seams of an item. If dye appears on the swab, handwash the said item.

U- se the instructions on the tag found on the neck or down the side seams of your shirt. It contains the garment’s laundering instructions to ensure that it stays in good shape.

X – tra Tip: invest on a quality and energy-efficient washing machine that offers the finest clothing care for all your laundry needs.

Electrolux Philippines offers wide range of washing machines such as top load and front load washers designed to provide efficiency and benefits such as ensuring your clothes stay in shape; exclusive Prism drum that minimize wear and tear of fabrics; Cyclonic Tub Clean that automatically cleans the entire tub; variable wash options for better care; and easy access, safe and durable units.

You can experience a whole new way of washing with Electrolux with their range of washing machines that offers optimal clothing care for your lifestyle and keep your classic pieces to look newer for longer use. Check out the Electrolux Amazing Holideals promo by clicking the flyer below.

Now talking about classic look, I would like to end this piece with the timeless quote, "People are not as beautiful as they look, as they walk, or as they talk. They are only as beautiful as they love, as they care, and as they share."

And with my classic laundryman pose :)