Monday, March 10, 2014

The Walking Dead 0413: Alone

I can assure you that this post contains harmless spoilers on the latest episode of TWD. I would like to believe that.

Don't be confused if you see Daryl and Glenn together in the beginning of this weeks episode. Just be glad in every scenes that these two men have placed this week since this season has been sort of a competition for airtime for the characters scattered into different groups and situations.

If you have seen the preview trailer for this episode prior to reading this post, you'll agree that it's already a spoiler of major developments for the series.

Yes, a recurring character will be bitten.

Yes, Beth will be kidnapped but.

Yes, Daryl will join a new group but.

Hey, these spoilers did not come from me, it's from the trailer that AMC posted days ago. They have to tease people more to watch since the show got a snag in the ratings game last week courtesy of the Oscar Awards show.

Well, here's something unexpected that we dread to see but the producers were able to pull off this week without much violent reactions from TWD fans: Daryl lying in a coffin while Beth sings  and plays the piano. Not a dream sequence.

Instead of "Alone," this week's episode should have been titled "Love Birds" and could pass as their Valentine's Day episode. I love Bob's pick-up lines but hate why he have to sing "I love you, Goodbye" at the end.

Here's a friendly advise, reserve your loudest scream for Daryl this week, will you.

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