Monday, July 30, 2012

I trust nTrust

This photo was taken at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila as people were lining up for their turn to register in a workshop that day. It's like people were trapped inside a fish bowl because of the usual prolonged process of falling in line. If you want to avoid long line-ups, go to

“You’re next!”

This is one of the most anticipated messages anyone wants to hear especially after waiting in line for quite a while.

Of course, there’s a few exception like if the one who told you these words is a person in his deathbed, a grinning man poking a gun at you, or your fuming mad boss who just fired your best pal in the office.

But seriously, for us Filipinos (people who basically grew up accustomed to falling in line), the phrase “you’re next” is not just a cluster of words.  It is a welcome development, a good news, an exciting moment and a door being opened for possible great opportunities.

You are not 100% Pinoy if you did not experience at least one of the following waiting-in-line situations in your life:

1. Last day of paying your household Meralco bill

2. Placing a bet for the super mega ultraelectromagnetic top lotto draw

3. At the college cashiers’ office an hour before final exam

4. Screening of any superhero movie (especially the one with Thor in it)

5. In a concert of an artist with a foreign-sounding surname

6. Infront of the ATM machine during the 15th and 30th day of the month with almost every single person in your office building.

7. Next to a woman with two fully-loaded grocery carts the time you bought either the 20-peso ice cream cones (you know what I’m referring to) or that little overpriced 50-peso ice cream bar (I’m sure you have tasted all its flavors already).

8. Somewhere in the other side of the world trying to remit money to the Philippines

9. Applying for an ID from SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG, BIR and NBI or you’ll never get that job.

10. At the MRT or LRT station with the hazard of losing your precious Androids or BBs.

When you’re in these situations, especially when you’re at the end of the line, you can only look up in the sky and do some cursin’ and rantin’. Bottom line is you are still at the tail end and can’t do anything but wait for your turn.

How you wish there is a better solution to cut down the waiting time. Every second spent in long lines is a wasted time. In the fast-faced world that is today, keeping people in “pause mode” is a no-no.
Lost time could have been a memorable moment with your family, a thoughtful visit to your bestfriend’s house, or an extra time to finish your work load on time.

When you try to look at it, most of the situations that forces us to fall in line involve transmitting money from withdrawing salary to purchasing an item and paying for service rendered to settling the dues of an account.

Here’s a good news that is definitely a great alternative to cut down time spent in these activities and keep people out of long lines.  It’s like forever that we’re inside a fish bowl trapped in the usual prolonged process of falling in line. Now, we have nTrust to help us get out of norm and change for the better.

nTrust empowers you to send or receive money to and from anywhere in the world. This is definitely a better and safe way how to transfer money to the Philippines. I opened an account with them online and found out some wonderful features that I want to share.   And so I say, if you want to avoid long lines and delay, make it easy and fast with nTrust:

No fees. It is the only platform that offers free transactions between you and other nTrust members. Whether you’re paying a thousand dollars or transferring 25 cents, pesos or euros, here or abroad, send the payment at no cost with your multiple currency account.

Transaction 24/7. Access your account online anytime of the day, anywhere you are. It only takes a few minutes to create a free account over You’ll be guided with instructions and video tutorials and you’re good to go. You can now enjoy the unlimited free vault-to-vault transfer feature that you’ll definitely find very convenient.

Risk-free. For nTrust, security is not optional.  That’s why they are using bank level  security to protect the money of their members.  This is something that every OFW should try when they send money to the Philippines to make sure their hard-earned money goes safely to their families.

Uses private data encryption.  nTrust utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption--- a standard that meets or even exceed every known international banking standard for online transactions. All data is protected and validated by Verisign and TRUSTe.

Simple yet fast. Members can send and  receive any amount, any currency, anytime and anywhere on Earth instantly. After becoming a citizen of the nTrust nation, you can build a neighbourhood or a real-life social network of family and friends to whom you can easily send money because they are visible in your account.

Truly personalized. What’s make nTrust special compared to other platforms is that they also make each of their members special with incredible add-ons in the account like alerts on account activity, a personalized nTrust card and many rewards and perks as a user.

I’m pretty sure I will discover more great features from nTrust as I see a long partnership with the brand.  As someone who does shopping, funds transfer, and bills payment via the internet, I only want to entrust my money to a company who works on making such experience worthwhile, safe and easy.

I am now using nTrust and I am very sure, “you’re next!”

Try out nTrust, today! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Momsky Goes to the 2012 London Olympic Games

Momsky (third from left) beside Popsky taking time for this group shot with P&G officials and other guests including yours truly in a London-inspired hat and beer belly
When I was a child, I had this fantasy of standing on stage during the Olympic games and being proclaimed as the first Filipino Olympian to get a gold medal.  I had a lot of versions--- I was a swimmer, boxer, wrestler, fencer, and a karate kid.

Two decades later, I did not become any of the athletes that I mention. I failed but I never stopped dreaming that someday a Pinoy will finally get the spotlight and we will finally hear our national anthem being played in the “biggest sports spectacle in the world.”

I have this good feeling that this year could be the time that the most awaited moment of every sports-loving Filipino will happen. It may be againts all odds for our country’s lone boxing hope Mark Barriga but millions of his kababayan will definitely be praying for his success all the way.

Mark and other members of the Philippine team need every cheer and prayer they can get.  The young boxer is just a little luckier than the rest because his biggest fan will be watching his every move during the 2012 Olympics because the kind-hearted people behind Procter & Gamble, Proud Sponsor of Moms, flew in his mom Melita Barriga, together with husband Edgar Barriga, to London to enable her to show her love and support to her 18-year old son.

To prepare her for the London where she will see her son’s bouts, Procter & Gamble held an intimate party over Afternoon Tea at the Manila Peninsula with the participation of the British Council.  The setting of the place emanated the culture of elegance that London is known for, and Anama Dimapilis, Procter & Gamble Corporate Communications Manager, balanced it with her lively hosting as she emulated the variety of accents to be heard in the bustling city.

I was one of the invited bloggers who personally wished “Momsky”, as Melita is lovingly called by her children, good luck to her and her son for what could be the most exciting week of their lives.

Momsky and the rest of the participants learned more general information and some key details about London to get her ready. With the briefing conducted by Mike Cabigon of the British Council, she and husband “Popsky” learned about the London weather, what to wear, the nuances in culture, how to interact with the locals and a crash course on geography and how to get around in the city. Toward the end of the program, Procter & Gamble presented them with their passport with UK Visa, jackets, and a care package to help them during their first trip outside of the country. Finally, the British Council gave them a book of games about London and the Olympics to help while their time while on the plane.

Momsky will also be bringing the hopes of those who yearn for the first gold medal for the Philippines, as well as the faith of those who wish that her son fares well. The most important thing that Momsky is bringing to London, however, is the support that she has always provided for Mark--- the love she has always had for her son, the boy that she raised to be an Olympic athlete, through her own rather Olympic feat.

I will be posting updates about Mark’s journey to greatness and Momsky’s adventures in UK as well. just click HERE from time to time for such exciting news and information.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Spread the news about a new spread


A couple of days ago, I attended the launch of the newest products of a international food brand.  Since then, I've been squeezing the what I call the "tubes of delight" that I was able to take home after the event.

It's past 10 in the evening now and a couple of a plate of sandwich I call "midnight snack before midnight" accompanies me while I finish some blog posts including this.  I felt like that panda from that old amusing sandwich story.  Well just in case you haven't heard about this tale, I am telling you about it just about... now!

"A panda bear walks into a restaurant and orders a sandwich. When he receives the sandwich he eats it and then shoots the waiter and leaves the restaurant. A policeman sees the panda and tells him he just broke the law The panda bear tells the policeman that he's innocent and, if he didn't believe him, to look in the dictionary. The policeman gets a dictionary and looks up Panda bear. It says, ''Panda Bear: eats shoots and leaves."

Whether you find the joke funny or not, yummy or bland. It's not not fault that we have a different taste.  But please continue to read on for I will be sharing you a tasty info that will sure satisfy your cravings. It's literary food I am talking about now, okay. And so I say, "Spread the news about a new spread!"

“Goodbye Bland, Hello Flavorful!” as we welcome the latestt product line of McCormick - the McCormick Bread Spread. The Bread Spreads come in an exciting array of flavors – Garlic, Herb Parmesan and Pesto – that are sure to delight the taste buds of all mommies and foodies out there.

The McCormick Bread Spreads are as versatile as can be. They are perfect solo, simply spread on bread or crackers or served as a dip with chips. They are also great when paired with a variety of foods from salads to pastas to main dishes. You can be as adventurous as you want!

Since these Bread Spreads have 0g trans fat and come in no-mess squeezable tubes, you can bring them with you anytime, anywhere. No more worries about spills or messes. These tubes are perfect to bring to the office, take to picnics, and even include in kids' baon bags.

The highlight of the event was Celebrity Chef Stephanie Zubiri demonstrating the amazing flavor and true versatility of the line by concocting three dishes using McCormick Bread Spreads.

Event host Patricia Hizon and celeb chef Stephanie Zubir during the cooking demo
She prepared a Pesto Orange Balsamic Salad Dressing, Garlic Herb Lemon Zest Carbonara, and Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Veggie Millefeuille.

With the introduction of this latest line of products, McCormick continues to bring passion to flavor. Look for the new McCormick Bread Spreads at your neighborhood supermarkets and put an end to bland.

To know more about McCormick and McCormick products, visit and For delicious recipes, go to McCormick Flavor HQ at or

Saturday, July 21, 2012

15 Things I want to discover at the T'nalak Festival

Image credit:

I first heard of the province of South Cotabato through the music of the legendary Pinoy band Asin in one of their popular songs.

Honestly, I have to admit that I grew up with a not-so-good impression not only on the province but the whole island of Mindanao because of the unpleasant news that I watched on TV, heard on radio and read in the newspapers about the region when I was a kid.

But things changed when I met some of my best pals in college who came from different provinces from the South. They shared great stories back home that made me want to visit Mindanao.

My first great experience in the region happened last year when I spent a week of business trip ni Cagayan De Oro.  There I met new friends during my short but fruitful stay.  During one conversation with a fellow participant in a conference that I attended, he told me that I should consider visiting his birthplace South Cotabato if ever I wanted to have another taste of Mindanao.

He was so excited most in discussing their very own T’nalak Festival which happens on July every year. From then on, I have included visiting the province and experiencing what is describe as a much awaited event in the region in my bucket list.

Image credit:
Hopefully next year, I can finally fulfill my longing to visit South Cotabato and finally experience first hand the great atmosphere and colorful celebration of their very own festival.  I have enumerated 15 things that I want to discover if ever I get a chance to be there. I made a list using T’NALAK FESTIVAL as my guide to easilily remind me of what amazing things are in store for me.

T'boli Tribe. I would like to interact with one of the indiginous peoples of South Cotabato who create and weave a cloth where the popular festival was named after.

Native costume Blaian. I am simply amazed with the colorful costumes that locals wear during the festivities that I also wanted to get into one or even buy as a souvenir.

Artistry and music. I have heard that the province has rich musical heritage consisting of various types of agung ensembles composed of different gongs. Listening to it would give a distint feeling that can only be found in the region.  

Lovely faces and warm smile. Mutya ng Cotabato has been a much anticipated annual event in the province. It feels like heaven when you see beautiful faces giving you a friendly smile not only in the pageant but in every corner you go.

Anniversary of South Cotabato. Taking part in the T’nalak Festival is like being a part of the province’s history since the festival is held during its foundation anniversary.

Koronadal City. The provincial capital which is also known as Marbel among the local population is the melting pot of the contrasting ethnic cultures and influences, many dialects and indigenous traditions in South Cotabato.

Float and parade. Some of the highlights of the celebration is the float and cheer dance competition and the T’nalak Parade or madai Bel which is such a joy to watch for the young people and those young at heart.

Entertainment. Every year, celebrities are invited to hold a show or concert where anyone can dance and sing their heart out along popular movie actors and professional singers and/ or bands.

Street dance. Local and foreign tourist flocked to the streets to witness world-class street dancing competition that features the best of the best of South Cotabato.

Tradition. The festival not only offers a feast for the eyes but also a glimpse of the rich heritage of the province--- the sounds, culture, beliefs and way of life are showcased in this week-long celebration.

Incredible tourist sites. South Cotabato has a lot of scenis places, amazing and enchanting natural attractions like Lake Sebu, Mt. Matutum, Koronadal Valley and the beautiful surroundings of Pao-Pao.  

Vegetable and fruits. The province is famous for its fresh harvests particularly pineapple and asparagus from the Dole plantation. Roadside stalls also sell bananas, durian, marang and other local produce at low prices.

Agri-fair and bazaar. When you are looking for great food and other stuff and your on a budget, this is the place to be. Every thing is eye-candy so better allot a budget to satisfy your cravings.

Love for one’s community. All in all, the T’nalak Festival is such a sight to behold because it reflects and tells how united the people of South Cotabato are as manifested in the time and effort they share to make the event a big success.

And my 15th reason of a guranteed wonderful and hassle-free visit in South Cotabato is the improved signal of Sun Cellular in the province. Now, I can call my frinds in Manila and have an uninterrupted and clear connection as if I am just a city away from them.

Making this list just made me more excited and decided to plan a trip down south anytime soon.  I just hope all my plans will fall into places so by next year, I will can finally take part of T’nalak Festival.

I wish to end this rambling of yours trully with this year’s theme of the very successful festival as to invite myself ang all the readers of this blog to try a new wonderful experience next year...

“South Cotabato, Making a Difference... Amo Na Ya!”

This is my submission for the T'nalak Festival 2012 Blog Writing Contest, which is made possible with the support of sponsors such as Hon. Governor Arthur Y. Pingoy, Jr and the province of South Cotabato, Sun Cellular - get two days of unlimited text to all networks for only ₱15 with SUN TEXTALL15, Dole Philippines, Representative Teddy Casiño & Bayan Muna Party-ListKCC Malls, SouthCotabato.Org and South Cotabato News

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TIDE: My secret to a long-lasting relationship

"Marriage is an adventure, like going to war."

I saw this quote by English writer G. K. Chesterton a week before my wedding day as I browse the internet for ideas for a groom’s message. Perfect timing, right?

Honestly, it made me paused for a while and asked myself, “Am I really ready for marriage?”
In the midst of a confused mind, a cluttered computer table and a slice of cold pizza that afternoon, my phone rang. It was Leah. 

While listening to her soothing voice and sweet nothings, memories of some of the best moments of our relationship just hit me from left to right. From our very first hello to the biggest hugs we gave each other after coming back from a two-year work stint overseas. From our first kiss to the scariest day of my life when she went under the knife to remove her unfriendly gallbladder.

It’s was like a roller-coaster ride already and we’re not yet married. It could definitely be a war once we tie the knot since we might still give each other ‘surprises” when we start to live under one roof. 
But after our conversation over the phone, I felt a big smile was just painted on my face. I realized that if there is one person that I’d like to be on my side in any battle that I’ll meet in life along the way, I want nobody but her.

We got married on December of 2006. We vowed to be each other’s pillar of strength and wall to lean on in times of trouble. We swore to overcome any obstacle life has to offer but never expected that the first two years of our married life is indeed a big war. In August 2007, we lost our first child due to birth complications. Baby Monique just lived for a day. After three months, a time I have yet fully recovered emotionally, my brother Jimmy died at the young age of 21. The following year, Leah lost her beloved lolo due to a lung disease.

At first, we could not understand the series of tragedies that hit us.  Why us? We’re just a couple whose only wish is to have a happy family life but got to start on a sour note. But as they say, time heals all wounds. In 2009, we got the best blessing of our lives--- our son Charles.  Despite having asthma (something he inherited from me) and a record of 9-day hospital confinement due to pneumonia on his 9th month, Charles is our source of strength and inspiration for me and my wife.  We worked hard every day with him and his future in our minds.  Now, we understand why we have each other. Through the years, we have become a team that has overcome every trial we encountered in life and got stronger after surviving the storms.

Six years and counting, I can’t recall any major major argument or tsunami walk out in our household.  I just can’t stand to hurt the Ms. Universe of my life. We live a simple life but we make each other feel like a king and queen in the best way we can.  We are a royal couple who share an order of large French fries from our favorite fast food shop, wrestle our way in a crowded Sabado market for our week’s supply, and do the laundry even after coming from an 8-hour toxic work load. These and other routines might sounds a little boring to some but for us, we don’t mind doing the same things over and over again for as long as we have each other’s company.

Speaking of doing the laundry, I want to share what I believe are secrets to a long-lasting relationship based on personal experiences. I want to do a list using the brand of detergent soap that we’ve been using at home ever since. And so I say, if you want a long-lasting relationship, think of TIDE:

Trust. Do not do something that will put a stain on your spouse’s trust on you. Give the assurance that even you’re away interacting with other people who have better abs or longer shinier hair, the only number that you’ll give away to a flirting stranger looking for a place to stay is 117.  Although sometimes, feeling a little jealous is okay but it should easily be dissolved with a spoon of sugar-sweet message (Note: not sugar-coated).  But I have to admit, my wife can’t trust me with unattended slice of cake or tub of ice cream in the ref.

Intimacy. Would you believe that after six years of being a married couple, I still make “ligaw” to my wife? That’s even I did not do anything wrong. I just wanted it that way.  Call me a sentimental fool or what but I still make “kilig” every time her face blushes or lights up with a poem I have composed, flowers I sent to her office or a favorite song or movie she been looking for was downloaded.  I want to fulfil my wedding vow (yup, the one that I drafted with inspiration from Mr. Chesterton) that I will do anything that can make my wife happy.  

Devotion. The word is synonymous to love, loyalty and fidelity. Just choose one and paste it on your heart and you’re good to go. But it’s easier said than done. For me, devotion is the ideal response to the trust that your better half gives you. That whether she is near or far, wherever you are, believe that the heart does go on... only for her! A Titanic task to some but it’s the tip of the iceberg of many successful love stories. 

Excitement. Who doesn’t like surprises?  From teething toddlers to old folks loosing teeth to single individuals by choice and married people to their chosen ones, a moment of excitement is a welcome treat anytime of the day. As much as I wanted to enumerate the many surprises that I gave my wife since Day 1, I might need a separate blog post or two for a complete listing (I am not kidding).  But what I can share is a 12-minute video of a feature in GMA 7’s Wish Ko Lang where I surprised my wife of a gift that I asked for her.

I have always believed that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. I will never regret that day I exchanged I do’s with my wife Leah until my last breath.  And if in case I’ll be given another chance to live again, I will write to the same TV show for the second time and request if I can possibly be granted of the li.fe I had before--- in the arms of the woman of my dreams.

Here’s another video that I hope can inspire anyone who watches it to aim in building a long-lasting relationship with their loved ones. It features stories of how love continues to live on and grow despite of distance and despair. It's also good to hear that brands like Tide, which has been a part of many Filipinos' lives for many generation has come up with a wonderful project as a way of recognizing couples who have overcome obstacles and great sacrifices in the name of love. A truly commendable gesture from Tide that is now fortified with Downy for a truly more sweet-smelling experience for all its loyal fans.

Whether you’re in love or still looking for that someone to love, this clip will surely give you a taste of what a “Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan” is all about.   

Monday, July 9, 2012

SWABE: Sunday Winners And Big Endings

Yesterday was one of the most exciting Sundays I've ever experienced.

Good thing I was not sleeping (Well, I had a 5-minute nap while hearing mass. Sorry po, Father... it's not you, it's me)

Anyways, if there is one word I can describe July 8, 2012--- it's SWABE because of the many Sunday Winners And Big Endings that just happened in the span of 24 hours.

Boom! From PH with love (Image credit:
Sunday Winner no. 1: Nonito Doñaire
Big Ending: The Filipino Flash dominated South African Jeffrey Mathebula in their super bantamweight title unification held in California thus more people now agree that he is the Philippines’ newest candidate for boxing superstardom.

The newly-crowned Kitchen Star (left) and the proud owner of a brand new stainless Electrolux microwave oven (right)  (Image credit: Green Dei)
Sunday Winner no. 2: Rigette Osoteo
Big Ending: After undergoing a 2-day cooking boot camp under some of the respected and known chefs in the country and another 2 days of exciting kitchen competition, this petite soon-to-be chef took home a prize worth over Php 150,000 after being proclaimed as this year's Electrolux Wok-A-holic Kitchen Star.

The Big J and Big C--- Caguiao, that is (Image credit:
Sunday Winner no. 3: Robert Jaworksi
Big Ending: After almost 15 years since he wore the popular no. 7 jersey on the hard court, the Living Legend of Philippine basketball has finally received the fitting tribute that he rightfully deserved. His Ginebra San Miguel uniform was hanged to the rafters and forever will be displayed in Smart Araneta Coliseum where some of his epic battles took place.

Bozeman's buzzer beater (Image credit:
Sunday Winners no. 4: Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings
Big Ending: After the Jaworski tribute, the Gin Kings played a very physical yet exciting ballgame against sister team Petron Boosters. All throughout the game, the Brarangay was outplayed by Petron until the "never-say-die" spirit that the Big J exemplifies somewhat jolted into each and every player of the team en route to a game-winning shot from Ginebra import Cedric Bozeman with .3 seconds left in the ballgame.

Lola Ilang's pink kung pink birthday cake
Sunday Winner no. 5: Lola Ilang
Big Ending: Our beloved lola celebrated her 90th birthday with a big feast in my in-laws home in Quezon City. She vowed to stay as loving and sweet as she is for 30 more years. I was not able to take part of some of the surprises since I was "on duty" in another place the whole afternoon but I was able to witness and the last part of the party--- packing of leftovers! Thus, we had a big dinner in our own house in Pasig.

With this, I wish for more SWABE to come! Let's drink to that!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thor Viral Photos and your chance to win cool Thor shirts

UPDATES:  See the list of winners in the comment section of this post. Thanks to all who joined this mini contest. It was a Thor-ture reading all your humor. Thor-ture to my tummy because of the laughs and to my head because of jolt of migraine trying to decipher some of the entries. :)

UPDATES: Instead of the earlier announced hammer and nails set as prizes, I will be giving out three (3) cool shirts to the best comments on this post.  Prizes will be shipped to the winners (as long the delivery address is within the Philippines) And starting today, you may also post Thor humor lines, knock-knock jokes, etc. aside from Use Thor in a Sentence."  Please see full mechanics below. Extended until Thor-sday (August 2, 2012) ang pagsali!!!

Special thanks to Woman Avenue for the prizes!

Today is Thursday or should I say Thor's day (for more than a week now) with the sudden surge of Thor and Chris Hemsworth "enhanced" photos, memes and jokes online. 

Posted on Mhel BlankPixels Ignacio's FB wall
At first, I was just kinda "liking" every Thor photo shared via Facebook then I started to post comments and the next thing I knew, I was making my own Thor pic.  Who says Loki is dead. He's probably just hiding somewhere in the disputed Scarborough Shoal since no one (yes, as in NO ONE, dear Chinese brothers) should be there until an agreement has been forged. Loki could have started this Thor thingie by creating an FB account and posing as somebody named Ashley or Kimmy and posted one of the photos circulating cyberspace today.

Now, here's some of the possible reasons how Thor became viral again after two months The Avengers hit the silver screen:

1.  Well, some guys could have gotten envy why Chris Hensworth can look good in long blonde hair and beard while carrying a 100-ton hammer. I tried pasting my face on his body via Adobe and I looked like a clown.

2.   This could be an indirect protest of  Tobey Maguire fans to Marvel who got a new Spider-Man in
Andrew Garfiled.  Why no Spidey spoof photos yet? Probably, they just hate to admit that Andrew is also amazing.

3. It's been raining whole week and we can't do anything but stay indoor. And what's the best way to kill time inside your room? Ruin somebody's life!

4.  Or simply, Chris Hemsworth might be Chuck Norris' long lost son to his Filipina girlfriend during the shoot of Missing In Action in Cavite a few decades ago.

Whatever the real reason behind this phenom, who cares!  Here's a compilation of  some Thor pics that I saw online along with a couple of works I did during that rainy Tuesday (could not say Thuesrday since it sounds Thursday). Also, I am having a mini Thor Hammer Time giveaway. Please see contest details below.

Posted on Rai Lacoste's FB wall
Image credit:

Image credit:

Posted on Richard Tolentino Moratin's FB wall
Image credit Alak + Sugal + Kape + Babae = Kabaon FB fan page
Image credit:

Image credit:

Image credit:

My Thor pic #1 (I hope you're not having breakfast)

My Thor pic #2

Now, since I just got hit by the Thor phenom, I am having the Mighty Thor Hammer Time giveaway where three (3) cool Thor shirts will be sent to the lucky winners.  Please see the mechanics below.

1. Subscribe to or follow this blog.

2. Comment in this post by responding in this challenge: Use Thor in a sentence.

3. Knock knock jokes, humor line and other funny comments are also accepted

4. You can post as many comments as you can (provided that they are amusing and does not content vulgar and offensive words) on or before July 31, 2012.

5.  Make me laugh hard or amuse me like that chick or hunk in the bar that you want to share tequila with and who knows what cool stuff I'll add to this giveaway.

6. Sponsors are also welcome in this giveaway so we'll have more prizes to send to participants. Please follow Woman Avenue (optional).

7. Just a favor, just in case you're into joining contest and promos, you can like my contest blog Mapanghingi Ka Ba? on Facebook to get updates and info about upcoming promotions online.

Thanks and may the force of Loki be with you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012

I am fond of making lists.

From shopping list to wish list and things-to-do-list to bucket list, I just love the feeling of jotting just about anything that comes to mind and taking time to make it into sort of a challenge that I have to accomplish on a given time.

When I was in elementary, I used to be the designated "lister" (if there is such a thing) of our class adviser. Well, it's just actually a task that even a dummy can do. I just have to note on a sheet of paper or, if I am a little brave on a day, on the blackboard my anyone in our room who roam around, noisy, standing or littering while our teacher left us for we-don't-know-what-she's-doing-in-the-CR-for-half-an-hour.

When she arrives, it's the dreaded "the look" from her to every single soul listed in "the list". Now, if you want to be spared from "the look," you better have a spare peso from your baon to get a piece of pastillas or two that our teacher is selling secretly.

That was the earliest form of list that I made and after that, I basically grew up listing just about anything worth noting. The only list I try to avoid is the one with those personal credit and loans.

Now, let's talk about blogging and a list I just made for the writing project Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012.  Below are the blogs I stumbled upon and have been my source of great reading in the past few months now:

1. - Great name for a tech blog. I often get great online promos from this site along with the cool reviews about the latest devices in the market.

2. - Who says you can't be happy when you're eccentric? Well, read this blog and find out the fun-filled journey of a quirky lady is into everyday.

3. - The hunt for real life's treasure is what Foydi's Treasure Hunt all about.  Be amazed how even the simplest things in the world has an inspiring story to tell.

4. - It's always a joy to read when there are moments of laughing or giggling. This blog is fun and has touch of humor in most of its entries.

5. - We talk and hear about health and wellness from time to time but are we really doing something to improve our ways? Well, this blog tells you how.

6. - This blog tells that it's not only food that can be yummy. Sometimes, there are things in life that we'd like to savor again and again because of the great feeling it brings.

7. - I am a music lover and I want to be updated with the latest hits and who are the artists currently making waves in the chart. This blog keeps me in the loop.

8. - Want to be fashionable but your on strict budget. You'll get a tip or two on how to do it in this blog from a fashionista mom blogger-on-a-budget.

9. - A mommy dreams to have a magazine featuring about her life as a parent. Well, she's on a good start with this blog about motherhood and related topics.

10. - Who wants a happy and long-lasting relationship? Here's one site that will give you ideas and tips on how to make marriage a worth-while adventure.

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