Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun Run or Pain Run?

Three days after I participated in the very successful Cortal SQR Run and Fly Away last May 27 along Roxas Blvd., I am still in pain.

Although it's nothing serious, I can still feel some sort of a pinch in some parts of my joints in my lower body. Well, it's only me to be blame. I had no preparation for that run and only did a little warm-up. I underestimate the 5k run and thought it would just be a walk in park (well, I did walk during the run since I am pretty out of shape) since this is my sixth run in the last two years.

Now, here come's my wife asking, "Why do you keep on running if the next day, you'll know you'll get body aches the next day?"

Well, I have a default answer for her. It's actually the same answer I give her why I want to get new tattoos and still play basketball after a few broken bones, "because I like."

I like not to get hurt but I like the experience the action (with the hope of not getting hurt, of course)

One good thing about fun runs is that most of them if not all are fund-raising events for the benefit of different institutions and sector in need.

In the case of  the Cortal SQR Run and Fly Away, their beneficiary is the AMY Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded by Ambassador Alfredo Yao of the Zest-O Group of Companies. The Foundation aims to implement and sustain socio-economic programs in support of the development and advancement of the less privileged and less fortunate youth sectors of the society.

So, will I continue to do the pain run, errr... the fun run. My answer is a big YES!

Btw, I'm actually doing okay now since I just noticed that I have a sample of Cortal SQR capsule that really did wonders to get rid of my body aches :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Techni-Ice: Being cold has never this cool!


I am a big fan of anything cold.

I love ice cream, fruit shakes, scotch on the rocks, Tagaytay and Baguio City, aircon buses and, would you believe, even cold pizza.

Well, there are a few exceptions that I hate of course like a cold shoulder from my wife, cold hands during a basketball game, and cold feet in the middle of a presentation with my boss.

With a busy schedule almost every day, only a glass of ice-cold water can conquer my thirst after a very tiring fieldwork.  Or how about an order of special halo-halo for meryenda to counter an afternoon of scorching heat that makes my sweat glands the busiest part of my body on summer.

How I wish I have a Midas-like hand that I can turn anything, not into gold, but into something cold with just a touch. Sounds like a wild idea? What if I tell you that it’s possible to turn food and beverages cold whenever and wherever you are even without a fridge (absolutely no hand surgery or transplant required).

I’m just amazed with this very innovative and wonder product Techni-Ice. It a great alternative for dry or wet ice with other use and benefits. With its advance technology, it can also serve as a hot pack. It’s easy to use, can be cut to size, lightweight, flexible, hygienic, safe, non-toxic and can stay frozen for days.

With these features, I can think of a lot of uses for Techni-Ice sheets.  Here’s my top 3 list of how I will use this superb product. And so I say Techni-Ice is more than just ICE.

Important for micro businesses. My mom owns a small sari-sari store. She could use Techni-Ice sheets to keep bottles of soda and beer and tetra pack juices cold every day. This is a good option and more cost-efficient than maintaining a refrigerator inside the store.

Celebrations. Family gatherings, whether indoor or outdoor, can be more fun-filled if we can avoid even some minor hassles like soggy food, warm beverages, or leaking plastic coolers. Less stress means more jest and it's possible with Techni-Ice.

Every day joy. I’m sure that at least one time in your life you experienced this situation: you were forced to go home late from work because of an unexpected workload, then got stuck in the middle of a traffic jam for hours and when you arrived home you found out that there’s a power outage in your village. Awts! Now here’s a dream scenario: before you could curse your boss, you were able to grab a bottle of your favorite drink from the cooler even without electricity. Thank God it’s cold! That’s the beauty of Techni-Ice!    

Discover more great things Techni-Ice can bring to your daily life. Be one of the many people around the world that has benefited from the wonders this product offer.  The good thing is, it's also available in the Philippines. Visit their website for updates and great news about the product. And soon, you'll definitely agree that with Techni-Ice, being cold has never this cool!

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

Image credit:
Let me get this straight before you go straight reading this post: I am straight.  Although one time in my life I actually hoped that I was Kristen Stewart even just for a day.

In was in 2010 when I saw this movie "The Runaway" starring Kristen. The actress locked lips with not one but three lovely ladies in the movie in which she plays legendary rocker Joan Jett.  She got intimate with Dakota Fanning (I am Sam), Alessandra Torresani (TV's Caprica) and Stella Maeve (Manson Girls) in the film. That's just about any guy's dream (I suppose)--- kissing 3 different yet equally gorgeous girls without no commitments afterwards (specially if you are already married like me).

Well, of course I lost the illusion when Kristen started dating Robert Pattinson.  And there's Taylor Lautner on the side. Yiiii... I can barely survive chasing my 3-year old son running all over the house so there's absolutely no more others boys allowed in my domain now.

Now, I heard Kristen is playing the lead role in the film Snow White and the Huntsman (which will have a special screening on June 1 at Shangri-La Mall Cineplex courtesy of SkinWhite Nuffnang Philippines). As if she is not yet a big star from the Twilight series, now she's back with another sure hit  in a role that many young actors (I'm not included) hope to get.

Well, if you want to be Snow White, you need to be white as a snow (yes, it's pretty obvious but I am actually just doing a good segue). But don't you worry in case you are not gifted with a skin ala-Kristen Stewart. Just go to your favorite grocery store or beauty shop and the answer is there waiting for you.

Experience the power of whitening with SkinWhite whitening range. Scientifically formulated to deliver safe and effective whitening in as early as 2 weeks! SkinWhite has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all the time:

WHITENS the skin’s surface

REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source

NOURISHES skin with Vitamins

PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays.

Now, this is definitely one great product for those looking for a prince charming. Because with SkinWhite, you'll definitely have that beautiful blush white skin and you'll be a head-turner in no time. Let's say I'll be Kristen Stewart for a day but I have my kayumanggi skin and wanted to have a fair white complexion so I won't look unnoticed standing beside a Caucasian prince charming, I need a remedy to at least level my skin tone with him (or you'll regret having taken a photo next to him). That's one magic whitening lotion like SkinWhite can bring. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Uniqlo Philippines Cast: The Chosen Ones

While the rest of the world is still in awe with the biggest assemble of superheroes in Marvel's The Avengers movie, Uniqlo Philippines had it's own gathering of some of the most admired names in the country to complete the cast of its brand ambassadors.

The very successful Uniqlo Philippines cast party happened at the grand ballroom of Hotel Intercon, Makati City last May 16. Popular DJs Chico and Delamar of the Morning Rush fame hosted the event.

To open the program, Mr. Katsumi Kubota, chief Operating Officer of Fast Retailing Philippines, shared an overview of Uniqlo and its philosophy which the public will finally experience as Uniqlo opens its first store in the Philippines at SM Mall of Asia on June 15, 2012.

The cast were revealed one by onw. First up was the team captain of the Philippine national team Smart Gilas and former Ateneo basketball star Chris Tiu. The cager is a self-confessed Uniqlo fan for years now

Second was singer Nikki Gil whose talent has conquered not only the TV screen but the world of theatre arts as well. She first rise to fame courtesy of a soft drink commercial and the rest is history.

The third cast member came as a surprise to many. Well, Actually even band leader and songwriter Chito Miranda of the well-loved pop rock band Parokya ni Edgar admitted that he too was surprise when he was offered the spot.  But there is no doubt that he'll be a major draw for the brand with his legions of fans.

Last but certainly not the least, talented actress and commercial model Iza Calzado came to the stage with his usual pleasing aura. She's an award-winning actress whose other accomplishments from other fields compliments the quality that is Uniqlo.

The four faces of Uniqlo personify different individualities that are in line with Uniqlo’s message and philosophy, “Made for All.” Through them, Uniqlo wants Filipinos to know that there are clothes for everyone, no matter what personality they have.

As we do a countdown to the grand opening of  Uniqlo's first store in the country, everyone has a chance to win 1 of the 100 shirts that they are giving away every week plus a chance to bring travel to Japan with a friend for FREE by joining their Vote & Win promo. Visit Uniqlo Philippines on Facebook page for more details.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Scent of Anarchy

I was ordering a take-out snack from a food shop near our office today when and was about to pay for my meal when something sweet caught my ever-active pair of nostrils.

Nope, it’s not the adobo roll that I purchased. It’s not even the bubble gum that the cashier is chewing while opening their cash register.  The scent is coming from something or somebody from my back. Well, it’s a she.  I can’t help but turn my head 45 degrees to the right.

"Nice cologne," I utter inside my head as I gave her a blank stare and pretended I was looking at the fruit vendor outside.

I was already on my way out of the shop but I can still sense the smell of the lady standing next to me awhile ago. Nope, I’m not attracted to her (something I need to make clear or else my wife will ask me to sleep in our living room tonight). I was just mesmerized with whatever perfume she was wearing.

Have you ever been in situations like this before? Well, I see so many TV commercials about the power of a great cologne. Remember those AXE cologne advertisements where women of all sorts and sizes chase a helpless (and oh-so-lucky) man anywhere he goes after spraying AXE all over his body. 

Now here’s one cool news... for the first time, AXE is releasing a scent for women called Anarchy. And to launch this, they’re going to hold the biggest and sexiest cops and robbers game with young and sexy models chasing after the guys. Well, this is one event I don’t wanna miss.

Looking for more info in the net about this new product, I saw this video of the AXE Anarchy girls apologizing for the “bitin” AXE TVC. Find out yourself why it’s “bitin.”

Super Memorable Moments with Mom

When I was young, I had this crazy thought that I am being raised by a superhero

Every day I see my father holds a hammer like Thor and does wonders with it. With wood and nails, he has built houses (apartments, dog house, pigeon cage, and the likes) and that’s how good a carpenter he is.  He also used his hammer to split rocks, flatten metals and, I hope he won’t found out that I said this, I saw him one time crushing garlic with it while cooking adobo.  Only he and Thor can do so many things with a hammer.

How about my mother? Honestly, I just see her as our ever loving Nanay who takes care of us every day from cooking meals, washing clothes and cleaning the house while my father works.  Growing up, I saw nothing really super with my mom.  Not until I became a parent myself that I realized that my Nanay Conchit was an extra-ordinary person after all.

My mom is a one-woman- superhero team like The Avengers because she possesses awesome traits of the members of the group.

Nanay is a leader like Captain America. She’s the heart of the family and everyone listens to her.  Even without a hard metal disc, she has shielded our family from any harm. Truly, the safest place on Earth is in a mother’s loving arms.

She has an incredible green thumb like Hulk. She can grow almost any plant being a daughter of a farmer. 

She is also mighty like Thor (Yup, same as Tatay).  She is a barangay volunteer who devotes a few hours of service every night to help maintain peace and order in our community.

She is firm like Ironman with her word.  She does everything to fulfill a promise.  I can’t remember any instance that my mother assured something and failed to do it. 

She is Hawkeye.  Just one look, Nanay Conchit knows if any of her child has a problem. You just can’t hide anything without her knowing. 

She embodies girl power like Black Widow.  She is a strong believer that women can also accomplish what men can do.  

She is tough like Nick Fury.  She never quit and bravely faces every trial she meets in life. When our family was put to the test, she did not entertain the idea of a broken family and did everything to convince  Thor to rejoin the family. (I hope you got what I mean)

A Super Wo-Mom deserves a super treat!  Nanay mentioned before that Cebu is one of the places that she wants to visit. If only I had an extra budget for the Diamond Suites and Residence Mothers Day offers, I could have made her wish come true and made Mother's Day celebration more special.

She could have had a relaxing stay at any of our luxurious guestrooms of the hotel with buffet breakfast and FREE Therapeutic massage for 2 with Tatay.

Oh well, there’s always a next year and hopefully my mom gets her well-deserve super treat by then.  For now, I just want to tell you that we super duper love you, Nanay!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Backpack Story

I love looking at people’s behind. Don’t get me wrong. I am not sick nor a pervert. What I mean is that I am just fond of checking out passing stranger’s backpacks.

I have been a fan of backpacks since kindergarten. Though I have a couple of messenger bags in my closet, I am more comfortable with bags on my back than sling baggage on my shoulder.

That’s why a head turner for me is either a sexy woman or a nice looking backpack. Sometimes while I am in a fast food shop along a busy street, I would find myself looking at passersby. Big bags… small bags… blue bags… red bags. It’s like I am watching a parade. There’s even creepy backpacks shaped like a coffin or Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas while others are bag version of cartoon characters from grandma’s Betty Boop to that annoying- but-kids-love-him Barney the Dinosaur.

My most favorite backpack is the yellow Jansport that I bought from Bratpack in Robinsons Galleria in 2003 which I considered as my best buddy during my 2-year stint as an OFW in Saipan, Northern Marianas. I bring it anywhere I go, from our quarters to our work station to the different islands of the tiny nation. Each mark, dirt and scratch on my bag is a reminder of the places I’ve been and experiences worth remembering.

But I committed one stupid thing that still haunts me until today. That is when I traded my Jansport bag for a luggage a month before I came back to the Philippines for good. I was forced to make that decision because I really needed a big luggage for my things which a friend was willing to give in exchange for my battle-tested bag.

I don’t know whatever happened to my backpack. But I’m pretty sure it still good to use simply because it is a Jansport. As for the luggage with Chinese characters on the tag, I found a great use for it in keeping old clothes, bags and shoes.

That’s why last week, I bought a brand new Jansport backpack for me. Yay! But the celebration only lasted for about an hour after my wife told me he love the bag and asked if she can have it for Mother's day.

I told her, "Mahal, you are not my Nanay."

"But I am the Nanay of your son."

The bus stop here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

When I was a child, I actually believed that I am extra-ordinary.

I can climb trees effortlessly like Tarzan, run around our village tirelessly like Flash and carry three heavy school bags everyday that makes me feel I’m a muscle man like Superman.

More than two decades later, I still feel I’m a stud but this time with fear of heights, slower feet and an ab (singular form for abs). My I-am-a-superhero mantra as a child rekindled when I recently watched arguably the best superhero flick of the decade, The Avengers.

I want to join cosplay competition and costume party again.  But I think I need to shop for a new outfit since my super tummy won’t fit my old size 30 Chuck Norris Karate Commando pants (yup, stuff like these did exist).

While surfing the net for costumes, I stumbled upon ZALORA, an online shop that I consider as out of the ordinary. I will “spell out” the great features of this website to explain what I meant.

Zoom. Where else can you shop for well known brands such as Folded & Hung, Dolce & Gabanna, Europak, Gucci, Holster, Crocs, Cole Vintage, DC, Jansport, Kipling, Bayo and more and have it delivered to your door step the very day you ordered it.  Order a Gucci from ZALORA and a box of pizza from your favorite restaurant and you’ll be an Italian in an instant.

Anytime-of-the-day shopping. What’s good about online shopping is that you can just sit back and relax in front of the computer, browse all you want 24/7 and never complain of leg cramps, long line in front of the cashier and salesclerks who follow you everywhere you go.  Shop at your most convenient time, even in your boxers. Btw, ZALORA sells cool underwears, too.    

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. “Mula Batanes hanggang Jolo, saan ka man ay halina tayo” It’s a line from the theme of a popular TV shows in the country which suddenly played in my head while reading the FREE nationwide shipping feature of ZALORA.  So the next time I'll go out of town and I forgot my swimwear again, I can just order online and have a pair delivered in my room.

On delivery payment. Some people still fear to transact online especially if the amount involve is a huge sum. But what if the only way you can get the item you’ve been dreaming of is through the internet? ZALORA accepts all major credit cards, GCash and Paypal and (drum rolls please)... cash on delivery!  Now if this still can’t convert you to be a online shopper, I surrender!

Return policy.  Within 30 days upon receiving the products, you can actually return the item that you bought from ZALORA if you are unsatisfied with it (which is highly unlikely).  But of course, due to hygienic reasons, panties, women's swimwear bottoms and men's underwear are not accepted for returns or exchanges. Yes, even if you have flawless porcelain skin (which is highly unlikely).  

Awesome deals.  Who doesn’t like bargain and discount offers. ZALORA is one generous merchant that has under P999 items, branded apparels and accessories on sale and special promotions whole year round.  The good thing is that you don’t need to wrestle for an item in the bargain bin against other shoppers that usually happens during mall-wide sales. No more body pains or whatsoever.  All you have to do is click the item and it will be yours. (Now, if your finger got injured by doing so, I surrender!) 

ZALORA just made me more excited to shop online.  With the wide-array of apparels, gears and accessories, I actually found some wonderful items that I can use as a getup for an up-and-coming superhero character that might be the next big hit since the Hulk’s nose job on Loki. Here is my ZALORA Wishlist:

1. Gold Star shirt by Rex Clothing. I just love the small prints on black. The gold star print looks like a hero emblem.  The simplicity of the design silently shouts awesomeness! 

2. 101 New York Chinos pants with striped waistband. This pair will give me a casual geeky look ala Peter Parker.  Easy to match with any short sleeve top just in case I need to costume change.

3. Inov 8 Race Elite bag. A man who loves an action-filled day should have a utility bag where he can put a lot of stuff that will be helpful in times of McGyver moments.

4. Timex Camouflage. Heroes should always be on time and in style whenever a call for help arises. This wristwatch has a very unique and cool design that fits my extra-ordinary ways.

5. Vibram Fivefingers (Classic). This is perfect for people with active lifestyles. I can ran, jog, climb mountains or lift weights in the gym without the hassle of changing my footwear every time I go to one place and another. 

Once I get these great items, I’ll borrow some things from my wife’s closet and son’s toy box and viola! I am Shopper Man!  I also have a couple of volunteers I call The Chaperons--  Credit Cat and Super Sale. Together, we dream of forming a super team we’d like to be known as The Scavengers (The Bargain Bin Hunters).

How about you? What are your dreams? Make your own wishlist today!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank You Mom

The month of May is one of busiest time of the year. While some are preparing for their town fiestas and the many activities it brings (basketball tournaments, sagala, beauty contests, etc), others engage in road trips and out-of-town adventures before the back-to-school season hit the scene.

But we should not forget that a special day is celebrated worldwide in the midst of the festivities and madness that the hot air of summer gives. Every second Sunday of May is recognized as the day of appreciation to the greatest women in our lives. I am not talking of our wives and girlfriends. It’s your mama, mommy, mom, nanay, ma, inay, mudra, inang, mum and whatever unique name you call her.

A few days ago, I was watching a video over Youtube when I saw a thumbnail of a video on the sidebar of the screen with the title, “Best Job.”  In the next two minutes, I felt a pinch in my heart and was just moved with the images and message of the short yet inspiring clip. After viewing it, I told myself that I want to do something special for my Nanay Conchit this coming Mother’s day.

I plan to cook tinola for her. Something that she always does for me every time I am down, with sickness or due to a sad episode in my life, and every sip of her wonder soup lifts up my spirit and brings a smile on my face. I also wrote her a letter which I want to share to you guys. Why?  You’ll find out when you read the note below. I decided to do it in tagalog and you’ll also know the reason for this in the letter.

Dear Nanay,

Huwag ka sanang magtaka kung bakit sinulatan kita. Wala po akong mabigat na problema, uunahan ko na po  kayo.  Magpi-pitong taon na yata ang nakalipas ng huli kitang sinulatan noong nagta-trabaho pa ko sa ibang bansa.

May mga bagay lang kasi akong gustong aminin sa inyo na dapat ay matagal ko nang nasabi. Ito na siguro ang tamang pagkakataon dahil malapit na ang Mother’s day.

Nay, hindi mo alam ito pero nung elementary po ako, tinanong ako ng teacher ko kung ano ang trabaho mo. Ang sabi ko isa kang businesswoman pero di ko binanggit na pagtatahi ng basahan ang negosyo mo. Mayabang kasi yung katabi ko at palagi sinasabi manager sa pagawaan ng kotse yung mommy niya. E tuwing Christmas party, mas maganda naman ang suot kong damit kesa sa kanya.

Tapos nung high school, napag-usapan naming magkaka-klase kung ano mga natapos ng mga nanay namin. Ang sabi ko undergrad ka pero di ko na binanggit na hanggang grade 5 lang inabot mo. Ako kasi nag-top sa buong batch namin sa National College Entrance Examination (NCEE). Baka sabihin nila nangodiko lang ako o tsamba lang yun.  E, magaling naman talaga kayong mag-review sa akin, diba?

Nung college ko naman, may naghahanap sa inyo kung kelan daw kayo makikilala ng mga barkada ko kasi hindi ko daw kayo iniimbitahan sa awarding ceremonies ng mga essay contest na aking pinagwagian. Kayo na din kasi nagsabi na baka pagsalitain kayo sa stage ng ingles e bilang lang kamo sa daliri ang English words na alam nyo.  Binabati ko naman kayo sa mga acceptance speeches ko bilang inspirasyon sa aking mga gawa.

Aminin ko man o hindi, pero hindi ko po kayo naibida sa ibang tao sa ilang bagay bilang aking ina. Ngunit nais kong linawin na hindi ito nangangahulugan na ikinakahiya ko kayo. Marahil noong mga panahong iyon ay inaakala kong nararapat lang ang aking mga ginawa sa mga nasabing sitwasyon.  Ngayon po ay nais kong isigaw sa buong mundo ang lubos kong pasasalamat sa inyo!

Salamat po na mula sa pagtatahi ng basahan ay nagawa n’yong bilhan at bihisan ako at ang aking mga kapatid ng maaayos na kasuotan.

Salamat po na kahit di ka nakatapos ng elementarya ay nakagawa kayo ng paraan at nairaos n’yo akong mapagtapos sa kolehiyo.

Salamat po at kahit hindi kayo magaling mag-ingles ay naituro nyo sa akin ng wasto ang ABC na siyang naging pundasyon ko bilang isang manunulat.

Nanay... nais kong lagi n’yong isaisip at isapuso ang mga salitang ingles na ito na hindi mo man madalas marinig sa akin ay alam kong maiintindihan ninyo, I love you so much, Nanay Conchit!

Lubos na gumagalang,

My nanay might shed some tears reading this letter.  I just know. She cries over sad movies and soap operas. So just to lighten up the mode, I prepared some original pick-up lines especially dedicated to my ever dearest mother. I’ll be using some products that I see in my nanay’s small sari-sari store so she can easily relate with my pa-cute messages. Here goes...

Find out how you too can show your appreciation to your mom.  Discover why the hardest job in the world is also the best job in the world.  Visit the official Thank You Mom Facebook page and be part of the celebration of love to the greatest women of our lives!