Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mosquito, don't you touch my kiddo

was having breakfast today while watching GMA 7's health show Pinoy MD. Suddenly, mosquitos start appearing, in the TV screen that is.

It was reported that many parts of Metro Manila are now having issues regarding hoards of biting mosquitoes because of the start of the summer season. Though authorities says that these are non-dengue insects, I still don't want them in my premises especially anywhere near my 5-year old Charles.

Pinoy MD offered some helpful information that every parent or any mosquito hater should know:

1. Dark colored shirts is an eye candy to mosquitos.

2.  They also love floral scent colognes and perfume.

3. These flying pest prefers smokers because they oh so into caron dioxide.

4. Pregnant women should take necessary precautions since their body releases more carbon dioxide.

5. Even if your house is clean, if your neighbor's a mess, mosquitos can just hop from one house to another . Community effort is the key.

6. Mosquito repelent is a MUST. 

7. Water with garlic is an alternative spray to drive mosquitos away.

8. Have a pot of citronella plant at home. Boil portion of the plant and mix with home-made candles. The best organic anti-mosquito stuff ever.

Share this helpful info to your friends and loved ones and stay healthy!

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