Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America is my Tutor

I hope my kindergarten teacher will never get to read this because she will find out that the thank you letter that I gave her on our graduation day is simply full of lies.

Well, I showered her with a lot of cut-out hearts from a sheet of red art paper with a message that says, “Thank you for teaching me how to read.”

First, it was my aunt who wrote it. Second, I learn to read through the help of my favorite kiddie stuff Funny Komiks (something that kids in the 80’s can relate to).

Now, that’s a relief on my part after finally able to release a white lie I’ve been carrying all my life for decades.  God bless you, mam and if ever there is one thing that I learned from you that I still practice today and plan to pass to my child, that would be your everyday reminder to look to the left and right every time I cross a street. 

I have my weekly dose of Funny Komiks for years until an earth-shattering day came: the owner of my favorite newsstand just informed me that Niknok, Planet of the Apes, and Lilit Bulilit just bid goodbye after their publisher decided to devote to producing song hits magazine (just a hypothesis).  It was one of the saddest moments of my young life.  To make it worst, Pong Pagong ang Kiko Matsing mysteriously vanished from Batibot a week later.  I thought there was a conspiracy because OPM artists started to be seen sitting underneath the Batibot tree singing their hits instead of “Isda…dada, isda!” or “Alagang alaga namin si Puti.”   How come we never got to see the lyrics of “Ako ay kapitbahay” and “Alin ang naiba” in any song hits? Those songs where HUGE hits then next to the Eat Bulaga and Voltes V theme song.

Good thing, I was able to survive my elementary years without those things I consider then as growing up essentials.  Then, I got hook with this foreigner introduced to me by a classmate in high school.  I was 13 and he was what? 83? I wear a white polo and a pair royal blue slacks (the same shades with the one our security guard wore) for uniform while he is in red, white and blue.  I was a Filipino student, he was an American Hero.  Up to now, I’m still looking for any similarity between us to explain how I got fascinated with him.

But if there is one thing I owe to the guy, he helped me passed the agonizing world of History class.  So let me introduce to you, Captain America, my tutor.

For those people who live under the rock, here a summary of Captain America’s life courtesy of

He is Marvel Comics character from World War II. A brave, yet mild-mannered young soldier named Steve Rogers, volunteers to undergo a series of experiments for a US army Super Soldier program. The military succeeds in transforming him into a human weapon, but quickly decide that their Super Soldier is far too expensive a creation to risk in combat. So, they decide to put him to use as an army celebrity and parade him across Europe to boost morale by performing in USO shows for American troops. He is even given a costume that bear the colors of Old Glory for the stage. Then, when a Nazi plot reveals itself Rogers must rise up and become the First Avenger, in order to save his country. Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and he earns his way into the hearts and souls of every American, bringing hope and justice to a war-weary nation. Later, during a mission to Germany to stop his archenemy - The Red Skull, from launching rockets at the allies, Captain America sacrifices himself and winds up frozen in ice for almost six decades! Revived, Steve Rogers now must join forces with new heroes and become an Avenger of the modern age.   

Now, how the heck did he become my tutor, you may ask.  It just happened that the setting of Captain America’s adventures and battles were during the world wars and other global events.  From WWI to the Rise of Communism and other recent historical events, he was there to save humanity bearing the American colors.  He also had shared a few frames in his comic books with real-life personalities like the infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, former US President Franklin Roosevelt and others.  While reading his adventure, I was able to learn things that were actually discussed in our History class.  You know what they say, learning something is easy when you are enjoying it.

If only Captain America had tried fighting Chemistry and Trigonometry freaks, I could have had a chance to be our class Valedictorian. 

But seriously, this hero who uses an impeccable disc-shaped shield made from an experimental alloy of steel and the fictional vibranium is more than just a fictional protagonist for me.  It has been a part of this journey called my life, especially during those times that I needed an inspiration and a push to get through some obstacles I met along the way. He made me believe the unbelievable!

That’s why it was a delight to see one of my favorite superhero gets the spotlight he truly deserves, from an upcoming blockbuster movie to the many products bearing the famous star on red, white and blue seen in malls and all over the internet.  Captain America is back to teach more lessons in life and bring out the superheroes within us as he shout out, "Avengers, assemble!"

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project

Influential Blogger by Ms. Janette Toral continues with its annual quest to find the emerging influential blogs. Now in its fifth year, all bloggers are invited to send in their nominees so those who truly deserves will be recognized.

Below is my list of nominees based on my taste. Actually, these blogs have influenced me in one way or another:

1. Mommy Survival Guide. Parenthood, relationships and other things in between shared through great posts based on experiences and stuff stumbled upon the net.

2. Certified Foodies - For the Love of Food! . This blog is sad to have started with the purpose of hopefully encouraging people to go back to their kitchens and cook. One will also be encouraged to eat more with the food adventures shared here.

3. Kwento ni Toto. I just love the blog's name. I share some of Toto's views and stories especially about fatherhood, me being a parent as well.

4. 7107 Reasons. Be forever proud proud of our country with 7000+ more reasons from this innovative and clever blog.

5. is an up-and-coming lifestyle blog which is quite making a buzz in the local blogosphere. Why? Well, check out and discover for your self.

6. Foodtrip. No need to explain. If your hungry and is on a look out for a new dining tables to feast, you can get some good tips from this site.

7. Purple Plum Fairy. The blog was created in Feb. 1, 2010 but the site actually took off in eight months later with it's first post. Won a blog contest from Nuffnang early this year and feature freebies from time to time.

8. Mapagbigay ka ba? An advocacy blog for people who are looking for individuals or organization to help. The counterpart of the contest blog Mapanghingi ka ba?
9. Lakwatsera Mom. A mom's journey to what ever life has to offer. She's everyehere thus living up to her blog's name.

10. Girl Kuripot. Who doesn't know Boy Kuripot? Well, his tag team partner in real life has also ventured with a contest blog for her self.

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Otto Waterless Urinal: A winner from many angles

I hate to admit it but I can’t deny the fact that my favorite place on Earth is the comfort room.

Funny, right? But my everyday activities can prove it. It is the first place I go to after I wake up in the morning and the last place where I spent some precious time before I sleep at night.

Everywhere I go, it’s the first thing I ask about. When my wife and I eat in a restaurant, I don’t ask for the specialty of the house or if there is wi-fi connection. It’s like an automatic thing that I would inquire to the waiter, “Where’s your comfort room.”

Well, I have this thing about going to the john every time I consume too much iced tea (hey, that’s why they call it bottomless) or the air condition unit breaths as if it’s like winter. My urinary bladder has been like that since I was young.

And through the years, I have encountered the good, the bad and the ugliest urinals ever presented to men. From the pink cubicles along EDSA to the portalets scattered in a open field during a concert and the sweet smelling ones in luxury hotels, I have tried and tested them all.

These urinals have come in different shapes and sizes but what impressed me most is one product from Arrow Home Improvement called Otto Waterless Urinals which have been engineered, as its name implies, to function without water. Its European design was innovated by Filipino inventor and businessmen Jerry Ong who come out of its unique Re-usable Cartridge Technology thus saving money and helping lessen trash that can be harmful to the environment.

Many malls and restaurants are already enjoying the great benefits of Otto waterless urinals that guarantees the lowers long term cost of ownership and value for money. A big help to business owners and entrepreneurs in managing their maintenance cost because this product does not require expensive cartridges, bladders, inserts, siphons, mechanical parts microbial blocks and deodorizing tablets.

Otto Waterless Urinals also features a biodegradable blocking fluid and optimized cylindrical design. Its touch free cylinder housing is ceramic made and white in color which is perfect for any business establishments and commercial offices. The high quality finish and modern clean design is really impressive.

An Otto waterless urinal is really comfy and I can say it feels like HOME using one. Here are more benefits that Otto offers:

H-ygenic. The urinal is designed with water trap which is connected directly to the sewer system.

O-dorless. A biodegradable odor blocking fluid called Ottolock is poured into the water trap and floats on the surface of the urine to create a perfect seal, blocking any urine odor.

M-ade with no flush valve repairs. Every time the urinal is used, the urine drains through the Ottolock and out of the sewer.

E-conomical and easy to clean. There are no inner edges where urine can collect. No need to use detergent. Just spray Lysol or any disinfectant onto the urinal and wipe it with a clean cloth.

Below is a complete set of cleaning instructions (Maintenance Instruction System) which is provided with every urinal.

I am very proud that a fellow Filipino was able to design a very innovative and Earth- friendly product. Otto Waterless Urinals should be considered by constructors and prospective businessman planning to build their office in the future. They will not only lessen the building cost but they will also contribute in preserving our planet--- the only one that we have.

Otto Waterless Urinal is truly a winner from many angles!

Also, Arrow Home Improvement is inviting everyone join the Arrow Home GC Raffle Promo where 10 lucky winners will get Php 1500 worth of GC each.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi Pangga! The real story about Energy FM's transfer

This is to answer the question that has been bugging my pangga, my wife Leah: Ano nang nangyari sa Energy FM?

For sure, there are others there who are asking the same question since we have not heard over the radio for the longest time the annoying yet effective line, "wag mong sabihing radyo, sabihin mo Energy" to be followed by the "Me ganun" mantra of the funniest DJ "sa balat ng universe" Mr. Fu (now working for 103.5 Wow FM).

Well here's the deal, Energy FM left the 91.5 frequency (now known as Big Radio) to transfer to 106.7, the spot formerly known as Dream Radio owned by businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco. It's pure business decision since the later radio station wanted to trek a new journey towards the masa street and that's basically the main reason behind the move. No details on the amount involved in the acquisition which is not really important as long as the listeners of the station will get a better if not the same program and fun they got used to in Energy's new home.

Welcome 106.7 Energy FM! Actually, it's the second 106.7 Energy FM in the world because there is another station based in the US that has the same brand and frequency, coincidentally. Click HERE to check what I am talking about.

Now, my wife can now go back to work without wearing a question mark on top of her head with new Energy. If you're asking me what I FM station I listen to, it's a mess! I channel surf at night from Papa Dan of LS FM to Papa Jack of Love Radio, Tambalang Tikbalang and BNO of Magic. But my all-time fave FM duo is definitely Chico and Delamar... my all-time fave trio are Brewrats DJ Tado, Angel and Ramon.

See, I told you it's a mess!