Thursday, October 26, 2017

Love is like doing the laundry

Whether I like to admit it or not, I am a member of the group called L.A.B.A. or Lalaking Ayaw sa Bigwas ng Asawa.

Okay, I just made up that group name but I hope I was able to let you know what type of husband I am.

Meeting Leah is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Marrying her gave a new meaning to my journey. She changed normal to bigger and better. She saw sense in me when I had nothing. She added more to everything.

We have been married for more than ten years and I can’t remember any major misunderstanding between the two of us. Unless someone can explain to me if it’s really a big deal to ruin a woman’s make-up kit when I goofed up her things a few years ago. Then, I’ll be able to accept that it was indeed a spat when I was forced to sleep outside our bedroom that night.

When I tied the knot, I learned the ropes to some soft skills (like how to soften my voice when she’s upset) and house chores. It was just Leah and I at home during the early years of our marriage and only had house help when our son Charles came into the picture. That’s why we need cook, wash and iron clothes and do other home stuff for ourselves. We determined on who’s gonna do what through the most diplomatic and logical means ever--- Jack en Poy.

Among all the spouse duties, I love doing the laundry most. It’s not the easiest chore but every time I do it, I can feel the sense love. I know it’s silly but I do believe that love is like doing the laundry.

My wife once asked me, "Kaya mo ba akong ipaglaban?"

I said, "Ipaglalaban at ipaglalaba pa kita!"

I want to share the reasons behind this belief and our secrets in keeping a long lasting relationship with your loved one.

Paghiwalayin mo ang puti sa de kolor

There are times that we are burned out at work. It can happen to anyone of us. But you know what, I was able to learn how to manage office-related stress effectively. It’s simple: Don’t bring it home. One, I need to give my mind a time out away from work. Two, bringing work stress at home can affect how you behave or interact with your loved ones. Issues at work should be resolved in the office and the same goes with domestic problems, don’t bring it in your workplace.

There was this guy who always brings home his unfinished work load. Her wife left him. She could not stand his dedication as a mortician.

Huwag mong punuin ang batya

There is an old saying that you really won’t know the real person unless you live with her under one roof. It is very true in its essence. We should learn what makes our loved one upset or unhappy. If you know these things, try to avoid committing them. Being insensitive even with petty things can build up to something big if you do them for a number of times. Remember that a happy wife means a happy life. Give what her heart desires. No arguments, no problem.

Beside, arguing with your wife is a lot like trying to read the Terms of Use on the internet. In the end you just give up and go “I Agree”.

Iwasang mawala na parang bula

You know what most spouses hate? When their better halves leave the house without telling them where they are going. It’s the same thing when you go out with friends after work and you did not inform them. It’s not because they don’t trust you but because informing your partner where you are going is the right thing to do. Husbands and wives should not keep secrets from one another, unless you are buying her a diamond or you are planning a surprise for her.

Always bear in mind this realization I learned: Women are very understanding. They will forgive you even when you’re not guilty.

Ano mang mantsa, kayang tanggalin

Two heads are better than one, right? Having someone in your life who is willing to be with you through thick and thin is such a blessing. As a couple, we have gone through a lot of trials in life: death in the family, career problems, financial matters, etc. We never lose hope because we believe that things happen for a reason and that someone up there always looks over us. And after the rain, we can smile again.

Just one tip. If your wife asked you to talk to her dirty, it’s a no-no to say “dishes, underwear, your toe nails…”

Lagi ka dapat mabango

In a recent health study, experts reported that when it comes to smell, your body odor can influence how attractive you are to someone. Stay beautiful for your spouse but make sure that you smell good as your looks. More cuddling means more loving loving. You actually don’t need perfume to smell good all day. I would like to recommend Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner because it has 15x longer lasting bangooooo to keep you and your clothes smelling good all day vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila.

Well, aside from learning some basketball tips from my lodi Doug Kramer, I learned from him the petmalu laundry advantages that Del brings #TeamKramer. Werpa from Del Fabric Conditioner’s Facebook page: 

I must say that we have kept the romance alive in our marriage because we come to appreciate the beauty even in the silliest things that we do like believing that love is like doing the laundry. And who would have thought that with all our differences and the silly things we do, we would eventually exchange “I do’s.”

To sum up, the best secret that works for me is that I DEL --- Do Everything for Love!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kita kita na-in love sa isang birthday party sa Max's

Last August 5 at Max's Restaurant in Scout Tuazon, Quezon City-- the very first branch of the popular Pinoy food chain established in 1945--- I attended Chickie Boy's birthday party.

Chickie Boy, in case you don't know, is the playful mascot of Max's who has been spreading fun and his loving feathers to kids of all ages who celebrate their special day in "the house that fried chicken built."

I shared a table with two families who were able to bring their kids in the event. I was supposed to tag along my 8-year old son but he would like his mom to come too. Unfortunately, my wife is not available. I went to the event because I already confirmed my attendance and how can you say no to a birthday party, right?

Just like in any party, I grabbed a drink. Iced tea with a slice of lemon in the bottom of the glass to be precise. I moved to one play booths to another. I found myself staying for a few minutes at the Princess Palace (one of the four party themes in Max's. The others are Carnival, Other Space, and Super Racer).

I was watching kids taking their turns in having a photowith a pretty lady in pink when I noticed a young man who look a bit sad.

I asked him, "You also don't have a kid with you today?"

He smiled back, "I'm still single. NGSB."

That's No Girlfriend Since Birth for you.

Since I thought we are the only "unattached" men in the event, I decided to stick with him until the party is over for some company.

We had a quite a talk and he even opened up some personal stuff especially his love life which I thought is worthy for TV or movie adaptation.

The kuya in me stepped out and gave him some unsolicited advice. I just have to help this guy who has spent almost half of his life loving somebody. The girl has been in a number of failed relationships and it is always him who is there to give him a shoulder to cry on. The problem is, he's been friendzoned and can't seems find a way to make the girl fall in love with her.

I told him to try to sweep her off her feet with sweet nothings. Simple gestures can sometime mean a lot specially if done sincerely. 

1. Make him miss you but at the same time maintain a feeling that you are just there anytime she needed you

2. Tell her she's the only one that can complete you, not just through words but also by deed.

3. Give him the Princess treatment that she deserves.

4. Ask her the real score between you because she might not be aware of your three intentions.

5.Be like Max's. Sarap to the bone dapat kung mag-mahal.

And finally, just in case that he will be able to make her fall for him, they might want to throw a party. At Max's Restaurant, of course.  Max's, can give you both fun and meaningful celebration with the following amenities:

• Three (3) hours use of venue
• Mascot appearance
• Use of party banner
• Party room decor
• Party host
• Party kit
• Giveaways
• Game prizes
• Birthday themed cake

Kita kita na na-inlove sa Max's

Monday, June 19, 2017

Transformers: The book that comes to life

One of the best feelings every father can experience is when he is able to transform a childhood memory into a present bonding moment with his child.

I grew up in the 80s as a boy who is so amazed with giant talking robots that can turn themselves into zooming cars going against enemy droids changing into terror planes. I am pretty sure that you know what I am talking about. Yes, it’s the never-ending saga of the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the Transformers franchise that evolve from a popular TV program to a blockbuster movie series and tons of merchandises which includes books.

My 8-year old son, who is a fan of the Transformer films (the fifth installment to be released in theaters this month), was just so happy to get his hands with the Scholastic book Transformers Robots in Disguise: Where Crown City Comes to Life. 

This 32-page hardbound book for Transformer fans of all ages has a 5-star rating from Well, if you ask my son he’ll probably give six because of the new and exciting reading experience he got. Aside from the full-color all-action world of Crown City that he discovered, he was able to bring to life his favorite Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee going head-to-head against the evileforces of the Decepticons through incredible 3D augmented-reality animations by using our smartphones and tablets.

If there is a Transformers book for the boys and there is also a My Little Pony AR book for girls from Scholastics.
In single-user mode, anyone can bring to life Grimlock, Steeljaw and the rest of the crew in the palm of his hand then switch to life-size mode, watch his favorite Transformer grow to real size, and just sit in awe watching them move. Another great feature is you can take photos of the moment and share them with your friends and family!

In dual-user mode, just connect your device to a friend’s unit, and battle Underbite against an Autobot of your choice. Plus, you can also customize your very own Transformer by choosing  the color, look and strength of your robot to make it the ultimate Transformer.

There is an easy-to-follow guide in the book that will give you all the things you need to know including how to download the free app for both iOS and Android devices that will be used to get all the fun elements of the book.

Here's a video guide on how to fully enjoy this one-of-a-kind reading experience:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Make brushing more fun

Do you know that tooth brushing is one of the most overlooked must-do daily activities of man?

Here are a couple of random trivia I got online to prove this point: (a) One in four adults admit they don’t brush twice a day, including a third of men and (b) One in ten admit they regularly forget to brush their teeth.

I just hope people are aware that brushing only once a day means your 33% more likely to develop tooth decay. Worse if you fail to brush your teeth the whole day.

Now here are some tips on how can you make brushing more fun for the family especially for your kids. If you want a fun toothbrushin' experience, just think of COLGATE.

Create a good example. You can't make your kids follow your instructions to brush their teeth every after meal if you yourself don't practice this. Remember the old saying "Kung ano ang puno, sya rin ang bunga" in simple layman's term just brush teeth regularly so they'll do the same.

Organize a game. Be creative in encouraging the young ones to create a habit of brushing their teeth regularly and at the same time it will be a bonding moment of the family. As they say, "the family that brush their teeth together, plays together" or something to that effect.

Let your kids practice on stuffed toys. Sometimes, kids tend to be a little tentative in doing things on their own so why not ask them to let their favorite teddy bear or doll try brushing first. Just make sure the doll is not battery operated otherwise this might be an electrifying experience.

Give rewards to your children for brushing their teeth properly and on time. A good job deserves a pat on the back and something extra special like simple stuff like stickers or a burger or an ice cream treat. Make sure to brush your teeth after that sweet treat, of course.

Add music and dance while brushing. It's fun to see your kids do a little jiggy and wiggle while brushing. Once the fun element is included in this activity, expect this as an every day moment they'll be looking forward to. I just don't know with my cousin who sings "I cant smile without you" by Barry Manilow every time he brushes his teeth before putting his dentures inside a glass.

Tell them to help you brush your teeth. It will also help kids build confidence that they can do things like brushing on their own if you let them do this for you because you trust them. Of course, when they brush your teeth, let them use yours. Just make sure they don't hit your wisdom tooth.

Encourage kids to use a brush with their favorite cartoon character. It also helps for kids to get excited while brushing when they see their favorite characters on their toothbrush. The good news is that Colgate, a trusted international brand in oral healthcare, has come out with cartoon-inspired toothbrush and toothpaste products.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Why do people collect things?

Just some of my Coke collection I posted in Instagram

Almost anything, big or small, can be a collectible item and be a prized possession of its owner.

The reasons why people collect something may vary but the bottom line is, this hobby makes them feel good or give a sense of pride on those precious stuff they kept with care for years.

For some, like basketball fans who collects memorabilia of his favorite team or player is a way of expressing loyalty. For others like coin collectors, a rare find brings such an unexplained feeling of joy and satisfaction.

For a working professional like me who works from 9 to 5 from Mondays to Friday, I seek for a venue to de-stress and have that quiet “me time” even for a while. I found my bliss in the art of collecting. I am a collector of anything Coke, diecast cars and other toys, and NBA cards.

I regularly post in Instagram newly acquire items for my Charles Barkley collection. 
Of all my treasure, I am very proud of my Charles Barkley collection.  Barkley, in case you don’t know the guy, is an NBA legend. Known in the league during his colourful basketball career as "Chuck", "Sir Charles", and "The Round Mound of Rebound", Barkley established himself as one of the basketball's most dominating power forwards. He was the 1993 Most Valuable Player in the NBA and one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. He holds two Olympic Gold medal after the conquests of the “Dream Team” during the 1992 and 1996 games. He is also a two-time inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, being inducted in 2006 for his individual career, and in 2010 as a member of the "Dream Team". Currently, Barkley works as a basketball analyst for TNT.

I would like to believe that I am Barkley’s biggest fans. He has been my idol growing up loving the game and continues to follow his stints as a TV personality. If I happen to stumble upon a Barkley collectible online or in thrift stores, I am more likely to shoot for it for a slam dunk purchase.

I haven’t personality met another Charles Barkley collector although I did meet ups for online sellers who own items featuring my idol like NBA cards, toy figures, jerseys and others. That is why if I find time online to search for groups of people who share my interest, I try to connect with people even from different parts of the world.

Then I discovered Collectors Hive, a social media platform made especially for collectors of just about anything. Since I find the site user-friendly where I can post my collections for my friends and other people can view and comment, I created a profile and started to post some of my Charles Barkley collection. Another cool thing about this site is that I can view my gallery wherever I am and anytime I want through my mobile phone using their app.

My Collectors Hive profile which will soon be filled with more anything Charles Barkley.

In a nutshell, Collectors Hive is every collector’s dream website where one can showcase his or her collection (as in anything); find a missing piece or an item that you’ve been looking for which might just be sitting in a room of another collector, meet people who collects the same thing you hold dearly; and also explore other items that might tickle your interest and start a new set of collection.

View your collection online via the Collectors Hive app anytime, anywhere. Cool, right?
One great feature of Collectors Hive is an innovation in this mobile technology called the Item Scanner that the collector on manual data input of a particular collection item. The user needs to scan the barcode only and information will be generated quickly and store it. Other features are the comparison of specs, prices and stock availability of the item from different international and local store sources. It’s now available for download using Android phones by visiting the Google Play store.

Sounds exciting? Head on at or visit their Facebook page and create your own profile. You can start posting your items and who knows, you collection might grow soon. Now that’s one effective and fun work de-stress activity I am definitely looking at for years to come. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

14 Kilig Date Tips for P20 or less

Ilang araw na lang at Valentines Day na naman, muling mahahati sa dalawang grupo ang sangkatauhan: #TeamMayLoveLife at #TeamWalangLoveLife. Although may isang grupo pa na ang tawag ay  #TeamLumaLoveLife, "renegade group" lang din yan ng ikalawang grupo pero pagdating ng February 14 magsi-sink in din sa kanila na imahinasyon lang ang lahat at walang ganun.

Ang blog post na ito ay hindi lamang para sa may BF/GF o may asawa. Kahit mga single ay may kapupulutan dito (sana) lalo na yung mga may nililigawan at nagpapaliligaw.

Ako ang unang magsasabi ng "weh?" o "E di Wow!" sa sinumang magsasabi na "Money doesn't matter in love" kasi naman... di ko na kailangan mag-explain dahil the mere fact na binabasa mo to, sigurado akong praktikal kang tao o medyo low budget for the coming Heart's day.

Kaya simulan na natin bago pa mawala interes mo sa pagbasa nito dahil sa mapalabok na pasakalye. Skip ko na stanza II at diretso na tayo sa chorus.  Kaya dukutin na ang P20 sa pitaka at sipat-sipatin sabay kiss dahil ito ang susi mo sa mga tipid kilig dates na pwede mo nang i-try sa araw ng mga puso.

1. Mag-Sunday mass kayo. Sa Martes ang Valentines Day ngayong taon kaya expect mo na may mga hugot lines si Father about relationship sa sermon niya. Mag-reflect kayo o kaya pretend kinakasal kayo habang makaluhod. During offertory, laglag mo bente mo sa umiikot na box. Pati kay Papa Jesus may pogi points ka din.

2. Bili kayo two packs ng Cheese Ring (gawa ng Regent). Mag tagalog movie marathon kayo via Youtube. Suggestion ko classic films nila Sharon-Gabby, Marvin-Jolina o John Lloyd-Bea. Tas yun huling piraso ng Cheese Ring, i-save mo. Wait for the best movie scenes yun tipong nagkabalikan na mga bida o kaya naghahalikan na tas sabay suot mo yun cheese ring sa kanya with the cheesiest line you can think of. Hindi niya naman maintindihan yun basta kinikilig na siya.

3. Punta kayo party supplies shop and buy a pair of balloons yun may helium ha? Then go to a park. Write all your fears and shortcomings in your relationship on the balloon then make a vow that past is past and lahat ng pagkakamali nyo sa isat' isa are forgiven and you are looking forward for better days ahead sabay release ng balloon sa langit. Kanta kayo ng "Ako ay may Lobo" afterwards para cute at may konti humor yun moment.

4. Buy one order of Kwek Kwek (5 pcs for P15) tas limang pisong gulaman kahit wala nang sago in plastic with straw. Pwesto kayo sa bubong ng bahay. Subuan kayo kwek kwek. Tig-dalawa kayo. Sigurado magkakahiyaan kayo kung sino kakain ng pang-limang kwek kwek, tusukin mo agad ito at sabihin mo pikit siya at sabay say "ah" tas i-kiss mo siya and sabihin I love you sabay subo sa natitirang kwek kwek then whisper to her ear, "Ako na kakain ng extra cholesterol para mas humaba pa buhay mo."

5. Greeting cards. Kailan ka huling nagbigay ng love letter o Valentines card sa labs mo? Kala mo lang baduy o di na uso pero may mga babae at kahit na lalaki na sentimental fool na itinatago ang bawat papel na may sulat mo lalo na love messages pa galing sa iyo. Samahan mo na ng pick-up lines na bago like, "Tanga ka ba?! Bakit kasi yang gandang babae mong yan na mala-Dyosa e nahulog lang sa isang pangkaraniwang lalaking tulad ko."

6. Sa umaga ng Valentines day, madaling araw pa lang bili ka na ng pandesal sa bakery. Ask mo sa tindera baka merong pandesal na malapit ang hugis heart. Katok ka sa bahay ng mahal mo at sabihin mong sagot mo na breakfast nila for that day. Timplahan mo na din nung kape ang nanay at tatay ng syota mo para pa-impress. Kung magawa mong gawing hugis puso yung usok ng kape, try mo para lang yung sa commercial..

7. Bili ka dog/ cat food para sa pet ng mahal mo. Kung makikita niya na mahal mo ang alaga niya kahit palagi kang kinakahulan at kinakalmot, pogi points yun. Ask mo din siya kung pwede nyo paliguan alaga niya (ampanget pakinggan pero wholesome ibig kong sabihin). Tas magkakahawakan kamay nyo ng may sabon at pet shampoo... madulas at basa kayo pareho. Eh ano ngayon, nakabantay tatay e. Basta cute kayo habang basa kayo pareho, ayus na yun. Selfie na lang kayo.

8. Papalit kayo tig-lima at biritin mo sa Videoke haus yung theme songs nyo. Kahit wala sa tono sige lang. Iyak iyak ka na lang kunwari pag di mo na abot yung nota tipong emosyonal ka na. Mag-iyakan kayo, kailangan nyo yan. Praktis para pag hiwalay na kayo madali na (joke!).

9. Taya kayo sa lotto. Piliin nyo numero monthsary nyo tas birthday mo at birthday niya. Iba pang number choice options: araw ng una kayo nagkita, ilang beses na kayong nag-ano... nag-out of town. First kiss date, ilan nunal nyo combine, etc. Tas kung manalo pa kayo e di wow! Pakasal na kayo agad agad. Ginalingan nyo e.

10. Ipaglaba mo siya. Bili ka sabon, downy at clorox. Ang sweet nun habang pinipiga o ini-squeeze mo underwears niya. Praktis lang para pag totoo na diba. (Oy nakangisi parang naka-touchdown ka na ata ah). Basta ang cool lang pag pinaglaba mo mahal mo sa buhay habang kinakanta mo yung awit ng Shamrock na "Alipin."

11. Sakay kayo jeep tanong mo kay manong driver hanggang saan mararating ng P20 dun kayo ibaba. Tas lakad o takbo kayo pauwi kunwari fun run. Usap usap kayo habang pauwi about the best moments of your relationship. Walking down memory lane literaly ito.

12. Pa-load ka P20 sa cellphone yung regular ha? Text mo siya ng 19 sweet nothings. Siyempre maghihintay siya ng ika-20th kasi parang butal o bitin ang 19 diba. Punta ka na ngayon sa bahay niya at personal mong ibulong yung pinaka-sweet na 20th message mo sa kanya, "Parang tanga lang ako 'no? Ganyan ako dahil sa pagmamahal ko sa 'yo"

13. Pa-develop kayo ng best five photos nyo then i-compile nyo sa isang scrapbook at sabihin sa kanya, "Umpisa pa lang yan ng maliligayang araw natin together."

14. Diba ang love is sharing. Bili kayo tinapay o ano mang kakanin at ibigay nyo sa mga batang kalye na namamalimos. Busog na sila, busog pa ang mga puso dahil sa kabaitan nyo. Malay nyo isa sa mga batang yan ay lumaking pari na siyang magkakasal sa inyo o kaya fairy godmother pala in disguise tas bigyan kayo three wishes o kaya kutsaba pa ng Wish ko Lang, may extra reward pa kayo.

Ang mga tips na binahagi ko ay mula sa aking masusing pagiisip habang naipit sa traffic sa EDSA. Pwedeng sundin, pwede ring isabin pero aminin kahit paano ay may napulot din. Sa mga nagbasa habang sa last sentence na ito, I love you and Happy valentines!