Friday, May 31, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick

When I was young, I had this crazy thought that I am being raised by superheroes.

I often see my father works on wood and nails and just about anything to make a chair, stair case, dog house, pigeon cage, and the likes with the help of his utility belt.  He has tools to saw lumber, twist metals and (I hope he won’t find out that I said this) I caught him one time hammering garlic while cooking adobo.  He’s resourcefulness and love for “gadgets” is comparable to Batman.

How about my mother? Our ever loving Nanay can do just about anything--- from taking care of her children to cooking meals, from washing clothes and cleaning the house--- without a trace of her getting tired. I see her accomplished tasks with dedication even though it’s the same things she’s been doing at home every day. She deserves to be called as Wonder Woman with such amazing ability.

Thus, I also have this fantasy of being a superhero someday while growing up. Now that I’m already in my thirties, the illusion of being able to wear a cape, fly high and run as fast as a bullet train still tickle my imagination. Now, if the Gods from Planet Krypton can read this, I hope they can lend me the powers of Clark Kent even for a limited time so I can finally realize things I can only witness in my dreams. Even if I have to wear my underwear over my pants, I’ll do it for the sake of being the Man of Steel for seven days.

This would be my schedule for that super week which will be a world tour of sort:

Monday – I’ll go on an Asian tour. I will complete the Great Wall of China in 10 seconds, free fall from the Burj Kalifa in Dubai, eat tons of sushi and tempura in Tokyo, watch a K-Pop concert for free while floating on top of the Olympic Stadium in Seoul and of course, shop in Hong Kong.

Tuesday - I’ll visit the land down under. I will chase kangaroos and play with its joeys, race with a Tasmanian Devil, throw a boomerang and try to catch it in mid air while blindfolded, and watch shows outside the Sydney Opera House using my x-tray vision.

Wednesday – I’ll travel to Europe. I will try to fix the Leaning Tower of Pisa, go out on a date with a girl from Paris and hopefully experience genuine French kiss (if not, will just order fries at a fast food store), get soaked in London rain and pay respect to Pope Francis.

Thursday – I’ll circle South America. I’ll attend costume parties in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, go on a deep sea diving exploration in the Caribbean Sea, be literally on the middle of the planet at Ecuador and try to get a cameo role in a Venezuelan soap opera.  

Friday – I’ll explore Africa. I will try stop sand storms in Sahara desert, check and fix cracks on the pyramids of Egypt, tame a cheetah or a rhino, learn new survival skills in the Safari, and relax and take a quick shower at Victoria falls.

Saturday – I’ll journey to North America. I will try to catch live NBA games in every city stop, guess at Ellen or Oprah’s show and show my super singing skills, party at New York City or Las Vegas and try to run and jump from East coast to West coast as fast as I can.

Sunday – I’ll be in the best place in the world. And that’s in the loving arms of my wife and son Charles. I will be the Super Dad at home for the day and they can ask me anything they want which is probably a piece of cake since I’m Superman, right?

But being the Man of Steel is not just about strength and the power to fly or run fast.  You also have to be street smart and you think sharp like the razor of Schick.

Incidentally, Schick is giving away tickets to the special screening of Man of Steel plus other premium items though their Superman promo. All you have to do is click the image below and you will be directed to the contest page. Always remember: Schick. Free Your Skin.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Shopping Man (SM) in me

You know how significant and dependable a brand is when it becomes synonymous to something people love. Take the case of The SM Store. You’ll definitely think about shopping when you hear the two-letter name, right? That’s why we often hear the phrases “Nag-SM ako” or “SM tayo mamaya.”

SM has been a part of many Filipinos’ everyday lives. From dining to family bonding, to shopping adventures and new great discoveries, everyone has an exciting story to tell about his or her SM experience unless, of course, that person happens to live under a rock. 

My favorite shopping mall is everywhere and have become landmarks and preferred meeting places of people binded by a goal of finding quality products at reasonable prizes. Personally, I have great memories about The SM Store growing up. From top to toe, there’s a touch of SM in me since birth. That’s why I can proudly say that, “Laki ako sa SM.”     

I’ll tell a chapter of the great SM experience I have by opening my closet, literally. I want to share my fashion finds and why I love to shop at The SM Store. 

I am SM all over! If not for the company-issued pants and polo uniform, my outfit everyday is likely 100% bought from the largest mall chain in the country. Every working day, I wear a black slip-on and lace-up leather shoes interchangeably every other day (and soon to be added is a pair of Milanos shoes that I can’t get over with since I saw it last weekend) along with long BioFresh casual socks.

Oopps, I almost forgot to mention that I am also wrapped with a Walker boxer shorts and Yacht Club undershirt every weekday.  For my fashion gears, I flaunt my cool Giordano sunglasses and Alba wristwatch (I am a fan of the brand since the 80’s) to complement my leathers--- Hickok wallet and McJim belt.   And you’ll definitely stare on my behind every time I carry my hip Jansport bag.

Come dress down Friday and the weekends, I can mix and match any of my fave tops with my Uniqlo pants. Almost every Sunday, we spent our family date at SM Cubao, Megamall or to the newly opened SM Aura since they are near to our house in Pasig. Every visit there, I see to it to grab a new shirt either from the men’s or teens' section. I love statement shirts and also those with movie-inspired prints. I am also fond of the brand Tribal because I dig their designs and find them very comfortable on my body plus the fact that it’s wash and wear.

I have two pairs of footwear still in their boxes waiting for the time in case any of my active casual/ rubber shoes will show sign that they already need to retire. These shoes I bought all from The SM Store--- Converse Chuck taylor, World Balance running shoes and Fila sneakers--- are durable that looks like they will still last for a long time. This is just a proof that when you buy it from SM, you'll definitely get the quality product they promise to their customers. 

I am just grateful that I there is one store in our country that basically provide the needs of every person entering their very inviting glass doors. I am already in my mid-30’s and I can say that the store has also grew up with me and continues to capture my taste and sense of style. It still offers things my generation are accustomed with and at the same time present new products for us to try thus we’re up to date with the latest trend.

I remember asking my 4-year old son once if he gets tired going to SM every weekend.

He quickly answered, “No!”

I asked why and he said, “Because SM has everything.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

I am one of the corniest soul you’ll ever meet.

No, it’s not about the jokes that I deliver. Actually, some people convince me to be a stand-up comedian and they swear I’ll be a good one.  They say that just the sight of me standing on stage is already a comedy skit.

Well, that’s another story. The other “corny” side that I want to share is my love for anything corn.  Roasted, grilled, creamed corn or whatever dishes with corn, I’ll eat it!

One corn I'll never get tired eating is pop corn. Well, not just pop corn--- it should be Kettle Korn. I can have the Chesse flavor on MWF and Sweet n' Salty Twister during TThS. And on Sundays, will munch on both.

Let me tell you a little history about pop corn that I discovered through the years of gobbling up this tasty treat.  Kettle corn, said to be the precursor of what is popularly known as popcorn, was introduced in America back in the 18th century. When the corn was popped in cast-iron kettles, it will be then mixed with natural sweeteners such as honey, molasses or sugar. It was a staple snack food of cowboys and farmers.

Personally, watching in movie houses is incomplete without a bucket of pop corn.  It’s just to be there on your side while you cry with the film stars or scream with them as crazy villains scare them away.

Speaking of movies, I have this "corny" dream since I was a kid that still tickle my imagination from time to time: I want to star in my own film.  Now if ever I will be given a chance to do one (whether an indie, Star Cinema-produced or maybe a Hollywood budgeted feature), I wanna be in an action flick with race cars, exploding "just-about-anything" and hot chicks. I was thinking of doing Ala-Vin Diesel but being the 30 something stout family guy that I am now, I'm afraid I don't have the same steam engine that I have during my younger years and I'll be limited to doing jogging to chase the bad guys or throw the towel instead of a punch in a fight scene.

Thus, it will be an action musicale comedy that I'll call "Fat and Curious." This will be a story of a man whose journey to parenthood became literally a walk down memory lane, trying (and eating) just about anything before giving them to his son. From tasting instant cereals to lollipops and candies to waiting for ice cream carts and cotton candy on wheels, he gained weight because of all his curiosities.   This should be an easy G rating since confrontations will be sang, race cars will be animated and always smiling, explosions are slimes like those in Nickelodeon and hot chicks comes with a gravy. 

How this story will end? Well, would you like such fantasy to end? I'll relive it and might make a reality TV show out of it.

During the premiere night of "Fat and Curious", I'll give away free pop corn to every person who will weight heavier than me. Now, that's what you call a promotion, right? Of course, I'll be serving only the best snack of them all--- Kettle Korn! For me it's the best because it makes watch movies poppin' fun all the time. I've been a fan of Kettle Korn for years.

Whether you watch it in the big screen or in your living room, movies are such wonders that simply capture the heart of fans of all ages. Though some films might just be a carnival of sheer brute and crazy stunts or over acting tear jearkers and compilation of silly jokes, what's important is the fact that even for a moment people from all walks of life find enjoyment in the midst of a crazier place called reality.

Now, any fat and curious gals out there willing to be my leading lady?