Monday, June 27, 2016

Life is sweet at Linden Suites

The face of my 7-year old son Charles lit up when I told him that we’ll spend Father’s Day in a hotel. He has always associated hotel with vacation, fun, family bonding, and a huge soft bed. 

My wife and I both have full-time jobs so we make sure that our weekends are spent with our one and only child. We usually do food trips, go to the mall, or watch movies together on our day-offs.   Hotel staycation is something we do during special occasions.

Every time we book an overnight stay in a hotel, we have a number of things to consider. More than what we adults want, it’s what will make our kid enjoy the moment that matters more. Is there a near mall, toy store or play/ activity area? Does the hotel accepts deliveries from fastfood shops? How big is the “huge soft bed?”

Many hotels definitely fits the bill but there is something in Linden Suites in Ortigas that made us decide that it’s the perfect place to spend Dad’s day this year. Well, this catchy meme that I saw on Facebook has something to do with it in a way.

And so on the afternoon of June 18, Saturday, I found myself inside the very comfortable and big 2-bedroom suites at Linden with the company of my brother-in-law, his wife and their son Nico. There was a big dining table at the middle of the room, two sofas, a CD component, a kitchen (with a ref, microwave oven and electric stoves) and still, we can ask 15 more people to join us and we have enough space to play tag. I’m not kidding.

One of the room has a queen-size bed with a comfort room featuring a bath tub (yay!) while the other one has twin beds with its own bathroom which has a shower cubicle.    

Of course, how can we miss the covered swimming pool of Linden Suites? It’s kid-friendly because it’s just 4-feet deep plus a hawk-eyed lifeguard on standby anytime of the day.  By the way, there’s Jacuzzi on the side of the big pool (yay again).

The pool is located on the 9th floor of Tower 1 of Linden where the gym is also situated. If you’re a health buff or someone who just want to do some lifting and stretching, you can stay at the gym where helpful assistants are on duty. The pool and gym are both open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.

While booked in Linden, our family decided to go out for a walk. We did not find it as a hassle to stroll along the busy street of Ortigas at night time because there are a lot of things to see.  It is the home to shopping malls, office buildings, bars and restaurants, and hotels. We even have a harder time choosing where to shop: SM Megamall, Podium or St. Francis Square. In the end, we picked SM, or should I say our kids want it to be there because of Toy Kingdom.

After our dinner at the mall, we went back to our hotel room and had a movie night. Actually two different movie sessions: Disney movie for the children and we adults got to own the remote and go for HBO. Thank God we have two LED screens in the room.

When we woke up in the morning, we marvelled on the great view of Ortigas in a fine Sunday morning. Since the kids stayed wide awake last night, we agreed to just go by couple. A breakfast buffet was waiting for us at Mesclun restaurant at the 2nd floor of Linden. We definitely enjoyed international buffet and new dishes that were whipped up in the kitchen. I had a blast, especially my stomach, feasting on the Asian, European, and Mediterranean fusion cuisine that were served.

The staff members of Mesclun were also accommodating and understanding. When we informed them that we have kids in the room, they allowed us to bring a plateful of bread and jam and a glass of orange juice so we don’t need to go down again for their meals.

As much as we want to stay longer at Linden, we need to go home by 12 noon because of a lunch treat that we prepared for my father-in-law. While driving home, we never got tired discussing about our great hotel experience which we also shared to other family members. Definitely, we’ll be coming back soon. Indeed, life is sweet at Linden Suites.

The Linden Suites is located at 37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. You may contact them via tel. no.  +63 (02) 638.7878 or you may visit their official website or like their Facebook fanpage