Friday, December 14, 2012

Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

You know how significant and remarkable a brand is when it becomes synonymous to the product. Take the case (no pun intended) of San Miguel Beer. You’ll definitely think about SMB when you talk about beer, right?

San Miguel has been a partner of many Filipinos for more than 120 years now--- that’s even before the Philippines had Emilio Aguinaldo as its first president. After 15 Presidents and counting, two world wars, countless events and celebrations in every part of the country and numerous Filipinos conquering the world , San Miguel Beer continues to be a part of Pinoy life, both in good and bad times.  

Memories of my SMB moments suddenly hit me from left to right. From my first puppy love heart ache in high school to a successful thesis defense presentation in college and from my last night in Saipan after a two-year overseas stint to my fun-filled wedding day, a bottle or can of San Miguel is in my hands to join me in some of the most memorable days of my life.

I’m sure I am just one of the millions out there who share the same sentiments about beer, the first alcoholic beverage known to civilization. Just a quick fact: The first product humans made from grain and water before learning to make bread was beer.   

Today, San Miguel Brewery, Inc.  is considered to be the largest producer of beer in the country with five breweries strategically located across the Philippines and a highly developed distribution system serving approximately almost half a million retail outlets.

Throughout the rich history of the brand, San Miguel grown into an array of popular beer products catering to the distinct tastes and preferences of consumers across all segments and markets in the Philippines. Competitors come and go. Although some of them have managed to stay, being the brand of choice of beer drinkers has always been and forever be San Miguel.

And just when we thought the we have already seen (and tasted) all the best that the brand can offer to its loyal customers, San Miguel has created a trio of its finest, internationally recognized, award-winning brews San Miguel Premium All-Malt, San Miguel Super Dry and Cerveza Negra, or collectively known as the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.  

I have tried each of the said brews in different occasions and I must say that San Miguel Super Dry, still the first and only dry beer in the country, seems to have captured my taste bud. A bottle or can of it delivers a clean, crisp, dry taste and elegant finish that I’ve always looking for a drink. It’s definitely perfect after a toxic work schedule or a tiring weekend house chores. It makes me feel relaxed with its soothing taste in every sip. Truly, the perfect way to end a productive day.

But for me, the best time to have a dose of this brew is while watching an action-packed sports spectacle at home. I’ve been a sports buff ever since and there are only three things I need when I am in front of the TV to make sure that I enjoy every minute of game: something to drink, something to eat and someone to serve them to me. The first two items is automatic San Miguel Super Dry and anything from the food stall just outside our house. The third item is negotiable as long as I promised my wife that I’ll only have a few rounds of beer that night.

Street food (fish balls, kikiam, kwek-kwek, isaw and the likes) plus my San Miguel Lifestyle Brew spells SMB  as in Satifasction to My Belly. I’ve been a sucker of these guilty pleasures specially fish balls  since I was a kid and I think I’ll continue to stick with this yummy treats on sticks now that I have found a perfect combination with Super Dry with its smooth swabe taste! Ahhh! Isang round pa! Not of boxing but with my fave drink.

Times like these can make any man one happy soul. All my senses are perked up as I open a can: I can hear the pop as I twist lift the lid, smell the irresistible scent, taste the best beer in the world and feel it go through my throat smoothly. And my sixth sense tells that I am for great night with a plate of food treats in the side.

Indeed, good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews is a drinking experience that’s above the ordinary!  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Claus Trivia and a Christmas Giveaway

My Little Charlie with a gang of Santas
I saw Santas!

That was my son who screamed at me while pointing at the life-size Santa Claus statues standing in a display of a mall in Cubao during one of our recent Saturday family date.

This man is a head-turner. Whether you're a kid or an old folk, you can't understand why you feel like approaching him. There's really something special about Santa.

I would like to share some trivia I got from about St. Nick that will make us understand in a way why the world love this man in red.

1. His origins appear to be in the 4th century when Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, in Turkey, was kind to children and legend has it that he threw gifts from a window to poor children.

2. As early as 1773 the name appeared in the American press as “St. A Claus,”, later becoming Santa Claus.

3. The author Washington Irving gave Americans their first detailed description of Saint Nicholas, describing him as “a chubby little man with a jolly smile, drawn by a team of reindeer.”

4. First seen in poetry in 1823, when Clement Clarke Moore made him even more famous with “The Night Before Christmas”, including the names of eight reindeer (not including Rudolf, who was to appear in 1939 as lead reindeer). This is one of the best loved and most re-told Christmas poems.

5. Historical letters from Santa, dating back to 1849, including well kept & interesting copies for the children of JRR Tolkein, are available both online and in print.

6. First pictures & publicity, illustrator Thomas Nast, who depicted a rotund Santa for Christmas issues of Harper’s magazine from the 1860s to the 1880s, including his toy making.

7. “Is there a Santa Claus” was the title of an editorial appearing in the September 21, 1897 edition of the New York Sun, ending up with the much publicised verdict, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

8. In 1930, an image of Santa was used by a well known drinks company in a Christmas advertising campaign-big, depicting his white beard, black boots and a big red coat. This is the image that we know and love of him today.

9. In 1939 Rudolf, the ninth reindeer, is introduced by writer Robert May. His “very shiny nose” achieves almost instant fame, through songs such as “Rudolf the Red nosed reindeer” and later, TV and movie appearances.

10. In 1999, image recorded by SETI, search for extra terrestrials monitoring, you can actually see an image of the old man himself.

Now, here's one good news to those who wants to be a Santa Claus for a day.  Electrolux Philippines is giving you a chance to win a gift for your loved ones this Christmas!

To join, visit and send a letter to Electrolux containing no less than 500 words that answers the question, “What Electrolux appliance would you like to gift someone special this Christmas and why?” You can accompany your letter with a creative video or a photo. The complete list of appliances you can choose from is found on the contest website and includes a wide range of Electrolux appliances including washing machines, refrigerators, cooking appliances, air conditioners and small appliances.

NOTE: Please don't forget to indicate in the Referred by section the name of this blogger Richard Mamuyac so I can track the status of the entries by my followers.

All qualified entries will be judged and the beneficiaries of the 3 best entries will receive an Electrolux appliance.  The winner with the highest score will be given a chance to be a Santa for a Day as the Electrolux team will accompany him or her to personally deliver the prize to the nominated recipient. Deadline of submission of entries is on December 10. Share the love and make someone happy this Christmas season by nominating them in Electrolux’s Santa for a Day Contest!

To know the full mechanics of the Electrolux Santa for a Day Contest, check out Electrolux’s Facebook Page at Share more of our thinking at, and follow us through

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Singapore Math Add-venture

I would like to believe that I am a person who loves to try on anything new just for the fun of experiencing it. I once did some bike stunts on my BMX because I want to bond with my friends. I got a tattoo to find out how painful it is to have one and boy it really did hurt (a lot) that I decided to get inked with another design. I kill roaches when their presence strikes fear to my wife.

Astig me, right? Not really. Since I have yet to overcome some things in life that has been my Waterloo for years--- heights, deep waters, dance floors and mathematics.

I’m willing to take on each of them one at a time and try to overcome my fears which ever comes first in sight. That’s why when fellow blogger and friend Ruth Floresca of Mommy Writes told me that Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. has an event for parents about the fast-becoming popular Singapore Math, I made sure to be there not only to see how I fare against numbers, 15 years after graduating from college but also to check out new things I can share to my toddler.

How serious am I? I took a leave from work and was actually at Fully Booked – BGC in Taguig City, the venue of Unlocking the secrets of Galileo Singapore Math event, an hour before the start of the session. There I met other parenting bloggers who some share the same dilemma in math that I have with me since I experience some horror stories with Algebra in high school.

Before we were introduced to Singapore Math, the very accommodating CEO of Galileo Ma. Rowena J. Matti welcomed us and introduced us briefly to the many exciting learning journies they offer.  She said that the idea of Galileo was born out of the intention to uplift the education industry. They saw that the model for learning was evolving with the time. 

“We saw the growing rate in tutorial services prompted by fast-paced schools trying to cope with the demands to produce competent and competitive members of society,” Matti added.  “However not all children march at the same pace. There are those who learn differently and others who are not suited for big classroom environments.

Teacher Beth
Maribeth R. Lamis or Teacher Beth, Operations Head for Galileo, then came next to teach us the basics of Singapore Math. In my head I was telling my self not to make eye contact because I might get called since I am sitting smack in front of her in the middle of the room where the event was happening. 

But as the actual session begun to unfold, my fear of math starts to get lost in my system as I start to enjoy the activities that afternoon. We played a game about numbers with four teams competing for the bragging rights of being the first one to solve the challenge. My group ended last in the race but the fact that we were able to solve it without the help of a calculator is already a good sign that were doing good.

We were then  presented new techniques in solving problems the Singapore Math way and I must say, it was quite a simple yet effective and fast way of solving problems. After a few math exercises, I found myself in front of the class and was actually solving one of the challenges given to us. And thank God my answer’s correct!

Now, I think I can erase the item “overcome fear of math” from my bucket list.

In a nutshell, the Singapore Math method differentiate itself by integrating the system they referred as the C-P-A approach:
  • Concrete – manipulatives
  • Pictorials – visual models and drawings
  • Abstract – written number and symbols
Singapore Math as presented by Galileo follows the golden rule of topic mastery to achieve a lifelong learning. Using audio-visual materials, kids will be engaged in a fun yet effective way of learning as the company lives up to its promise ofLearning can be fun“.

There I was receiving my early bird prize from Galileo CEO Rowena Matti

I was actually so impressed with the program that I signed up and will be attending the 2nd Singapore Math Learning Festival February 9, 2013 at Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Quezon City. The math festival from Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is highly recommended for parents and educators to bring fresh ideas and exciting innovations that can be adopt to classrooms and parent-child tutorial sessions.

The conference will focus on how Singapore Math can complement and provide supplementary learning to the implementation of the K-12 program, a new development of the Department of Education.

Please click the event poster to view the bigger version
There will be concurrent learning sessions that will tackle topics such as the basics of Singapore Math, how Singapore Math can be applied in various activities inside and outside the classroom, manipulatives and materials to enhance a child’s learning capabilities, innovative activities in teaching geometry and fractions, and how Singapore Math helps students transition from basic to Algebraic concepts.

The conference will also feature a plenary lecture by Dr. Queena Lee-Chua – Math professor and multi-awarded educator – and her son Scott Chua, a multi-awarded student and a Carlos Palanca Awardee for Literature.

How to reserve seats:
  1. Download Registration Form from or call (632)845-1234 to get a copy.
  2. Submit the accomplished Registration Form, copy of School ID and current school registration (if student) to or fax to (632)845-1234.
  3. Deposit payment to BPI bank account, details are as follows:Ban k of the Philippine Islands (BPI) – San Lorenzo, Makati Branch. Account Name: Galileo Enrichment Learning Program Inc.Current Account No.: 1811-0001-12.

To confirm your reservation, fax validated bank deposit slip together with accomplished registration form to (02) 845-1234  (telefax)  or email  For more inquiries on the conference, contact the head office at (632)845-1234 or send an email to You can also visit their website and Facebook fan page for other updates and special announcements.

This is just the start of my Singapore add-venture. My son will start schooling next year and I want him to be well-equipped in his class. We  will definitely visit Galileo in the near future.

NOTE: Images in this post are from Ms. Ruth Floresca of Mommy Writes.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

School-Industry Partnership for Global Competitiveness through DTS

Halloween is past approaching and many people are already planning how to spend it from what scary movies to watch to the freaky costumes to wear.

But here’s one horror story we should not ignore:  Almost half a million college students graduate in our country every year. A recent survey conducted by the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), an organization of HR practitioners and people managers, revealed that 40% of job applicants fail in the job interview and most of them are fresh graduates.

This is one disturbing tale that should not be happening considering our country is home to world-class skills and talents.  We have the best boxer in the world in Manny Pacquiao. It is in this land that the enchanting voices of Leah Salonga, Arnel Pineda and Charice were first heard. Dado Banatao, the Father of Semiconductor, has changed the way we live today with his innovative inventions . They are just some living proofs that Filipinos are globally competitive. 

Now going back to the horror story of college students, how can we have a happy ending? How can we improve their employability and readiness to work after graduation?

Thank God for TESDA!

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority have been implementing programs that aim to develop the skills of every Filipino who want to have a brighter future. One of them is the ideal training modality for enterprise-based training called dual training system (DTS).

DTS combines theoretical and practical training where learning takes place in two venues: the school and the work area of a partner company. With close coordination between the school and office, the trainees are groomed to be fully equipped with employable skills, work knowledge, and attitudes at the end of the training.  Under the DTS, a participant undergoes at least 40 percent of the training/learning time in school and 60 percent for practical training in the company.

TESDA, under the leadership of Director General Joel Villanueva, is celebrating the 2012 Dual Training System Week from October 21-28 with the theme “School-Industry Partnership for Global Competitiveness through DTS.”  The German model of DTS was first practiced in the 80’s through a joint project of the Southeast Asian Science Foundation and the Hanns Seidel Foundation in the pioneer school- Dualtech Training Center. In 1994, DTS was institutionalized in accredited public and private educational institutions, training centers, and agricultural, industrial and business establishments through Republic Act No. 7686 under the administration of then President Fidel V. Ramos.

Since then, TESDA has been the leading government institution that promotes, coordinates, and administers the dual training system.

A landmark year was in 2009 when 348 companies and 57 schools were accredited in the DTS program with 1,187 trainees competing their training during the year in various courses like automotive and motorcycle technology, refrigeration and air-conditioning, network administration, marine technology and others. 

For inquiries on TESDA programs and services, call 887-7777 or email You may also visit for updates and important announcements.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell them about Telpad

I don’t know what could have been life without PLDT.

I grew up with great respect with the company who has live up to their promises of “keeping me in touch” with my loved ones and “touching lives” of those who feels they’re alone in the other side of the world.

From my first telebabad call in high school to a wrong dialled number that resulted in meeting a new friend and from that joyful feeling of being offered my first job after college to a sobbing long distance call to my family as an overseas worker, there with me is my PLDT--- my Partner in Light and Difficult Times.

For me, the telephone is one of the best things that were ever invented. I could have been stuck in high school until now if not for a telephone tutorial by a classmate before our trigonometry final exam the next day. I could have never enjoyed the privileges of working for my current boss, the best in the whole world (I hope she can read this in time before releasing our Christmas bonus), if not for that friendly chat over the phone after reading her job placement ad in the paper. Or I could still be single at 36 today if not for those daily overseas calls with my then girlfriend (now my wife) for a year.   

You see, a phone call can be one of those life-changing moments in your life. How many inspiring stories have you heard about the wonders of this thing called telephone?  A call is where thousands of love stories begun, a way families reunited for a moment even a distance apart and a how million more individual "best day of my life" events started.

Indeed, we have been in a long journey in the company of a telephone. I am sure you’ll also be interested to know some important facts how telecommunication started in the Philippines. I made a little research about PLDT and created this trivia by the numbers using the image of an old school rotary phone unit which was a thing to have in every home then. Take a peek at the rich history of PLDT, the country’s largest telecommunications company.

Please click the image to see a bigger version
Tell me who your friends are and for sure in your list, you’ll have names of people there that you first interacted with via telephone conversations or have bonded with after numerous friendly phone chats. You need not to go to places to meet new friends or create strong connections with others. Sometimes, a sincere voice is all it takes (and a good and clear line, of course).

And as time goes by, things get better. In a fast-paced world that is today, it seems that almost everything gets its turn to be upgraded to be more useful, efficient and maximize its capability. Our good old landline is no exception.
From the genius men and women of PLDT, our telephones got to level up and thus a innovative way of communication is born--- the PLDT Telpad. Thousands of homes have already made the big leap towards technology on your finger tips.  

Now you can enjoy all the features and benefits of using a telephone (landline and mobile phone) plus the awesome features of an Android tablet (Yup, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Instagram and more).

Please click the image to see a bigger version
Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell them about Telpad. There are 1,001 reasons to upgrade your landlines and let me tell you my reason why I will make the right decision soon.  I want a Telpad because with it, I can make our home a more exciting place to live in.    
Who says you can do only few activities at home. With a Telpad, I can watch videos and listen to music, browse the internet anytime I want 24/7 and a whole lot more. Just want to share a productive day I had while surfing the net.  I was able to research ways to have a minimal-cost Christmas celebration by making personalized gifts to my love ones. Below are some gift ideas that you can actually make using materials you can find inside your house.

Recycle gifts. While attending a big business conference last October, I received almost a dozen of pens with logos of the companies where they came from. They are all still unused and my niece and nephews can definitely make use of them in school.  I’m sure they won’t mind using pens with words printed on the body with words they can’t understand like “anti-haemorrhoid” and “Prozac.”  

Clippings of Mickey Mouse and Friends. I have a stack of old magazines and newspapers just waiting for the right offer from a passing magbobote-dyaryo at home. I remember reading a lot of articles about Walt Disney characters when they staged a show in Manila recently. I did hear one of my goddaughters sang a few lines from the “Mickey Mouse Club House” theme song before so I suspect she is also a fan.

Homemade toy. When I was in kindergarten myself, I used to have a pet pebble just like any ordinary kid (hey, owning one then was normal as per Super Grover). I have a few shiny stones I collected from my first trip in Boracay kept in the attic (now, I’m not sure if that is normal). My younger brother who talks to lizards when drunk can have those shiny things as goodluck crystals or use as pamato in piko. I’ll just have to include an instruction sheet and indicate that imagination is not included in the kit.

Cartoon collection on CD. Youtube and Nero have save me for a number of times when I am blank with gift ideas. I once surprised my father-in-law with a CD full of Eat Bulaga episodes on Father’s Day. He’s a sucker of classic TVJ jokes and he officially heart me na after that day. It’s been two years ago since I gave him the gift and I think it’s a perfect time now to give him new episodes of his favorite show that he only gets to see on weekends.

I’m sure you too can come out with more and better ideas than those in my list using a PLDT Telpad. Now if you like what you have read, I would appreciate if you can vote for my entry in the PLDT Telpad’s BloggerChallenge. As an added bonus, you can get a FREE 16g Micro SD card when you vote and sign up for a Telpad upgrade online.

For more information, visit