Friday, March 21, 2014

Asked what he wants for his birthday, this little boy said he wants a police car and got more than what he asked for

Two weeks before his 5th birthday, Charles Anthony was asked what he wants to get on his special day.

His immediate response was, “A police car!”

His parents just laughed at the idea thinking that Charles just want a new police car toy to add to his collection. They didn’t know that someone was already planning of giving the toddler’s “arresting” wish.

The birthday tarpaulin prepared by his Daddy.

But where's the birthday boy? Uh yeah, he's still on duty finishing the police files.

And catching some thugs who just littered the street with empty wrappers of  Ding-Dongs.

Now, it's time to go to the police station.

And meet with the Chief and some of his fellow police officers.

Eat cake.

 But of course, he has to blow the candle first.

Too bad, they can't party 'till  the wee hours because the unit needs to be dispatched for an emergency.

But at least, he got his police car on his birthday.

And actually ride it with his boys!

But wait, there's one more!  This boy can't resist a gorgeous red four-wheeler when he sees one.

This is Tito Randy, Charles' uncle who thought of this brilliant idea--- the best gift ever! 
Hands up! I mean, hands down... you know what I mean.

Special thanks to SP03 Edwin S. Sison, Desk Officer of Police Station 8 of Quezon City Police District, Philippines and his fellow police officers for granting our little Charles' wish of celebrating his 5th birthday with his heroes. :)

Photo credits: Mr. Randy Dreese

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