Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kita kita na-in love sa isang birthday party sa Max's

Last August 5 at Max's Restaurant in Scout Tuazon, Quezon City-- the very first branch of the popular Pinoy food chain established in 1945--- I attended Chickie Boy's birthday party.

Chickie Boy, in case you don't know, is the playful mascot of Max's who has been spreading fun and his loving feathers to kids of all ages who celebrate their special day in "the house that fried chicken built."

I shared a table with two families who were able to bring their kids in the event. I was supposed to tag along my 8-year old son but he would like his mom to come too. Unfortunately, my wife is not available. I went to the event because I already confirmed my attendance and how can you say no to a birthday party, right?

Just like in any party, I grabbed a drink. Iced tea with a slice of lemon in the bottom of the glass to be precise. I moved to one play booths to another. I found myself staying for a few minutes at the Princess Palace (one of the four party themes in Max's. The others are Carnival, Other Space, and Super Racer).

I was watching kids taking their turns in having a photowith a pretty lady in pink when I noticed a young man who look a bit sad.

I asked him, "You also don't have a kid with you today?"

He smiled back, "I'm still single. NGSB."

That's No Girlfriend Since Birth for you.

Since I thought we are the only "unattached" men in the event, I decided to stick with him until the party is over for some company.

We had a quite a talk and he even opened up some personal stuff especially his love life which I thought is worthy for TV or movie adaptation.

The kuya in me stepped out and gave him some unsolicited advice. I just have to help this guy who has spent almost half of his life loving somebody. The girl has been in a number of failed relationships and it is always him who is there to give him a shoulder to cry on. The problem is, he's been friendzoned and can't seems find a way to make the girl fall in love with her.

I told him to try to sweep her off her feet with sweet nothings. Simple gestures can sometime mean a lot specially if done sincerely. 

1. Make him miss you but at the same time maintain a feeling that you are just there anytime she needed you

2. Tell her she's the only one that can complete you, not just through words but also by deed.

3. Give him the Princess treatment that she deserves.

4. Ask her the real score between you because she might not be aware of your three intentions.

5.Be like Max's. Sarap to the bone dapat kung mag-mahal.

And finally, just in case that he will be able to make her fall for him, they might want to throw a party. At Max's Restaurant, of course.  Max's, can give you both fun and meaningful celebration with the following amenities:

• Three (3) hours use of venue
• Mascot appearance
• Use of party banner
• Party room decor
• Party host
• Party kit
• Giveaways
• Game prizes
• Birthday themed cake

Kita kita na na-inlove sa Max's