Monday, March 31, 2014

Things you should know about The Walking Dead Season 5

Mika and Lizzie during their last shooting day
I know that this post might be too early since most fans are still talking about the just aired finale of TWD 4, and some have yet to watch it.

Err, if you haven't seen episode 16, please stop reading because you might read some spoilers here. Don't tell me I did not warn you.

1. Seaon 5 will premier on October 12 based on the previous seasons' "second week of October" opening.

2. Emily Kinney, who plays the role of 16-year old Beth Greene, will be 29 years old in real life by that time. Btw, Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon is 44 in case you want to know.

3. Episodes for the new season is scheduled to be shot beginning May with an "8-day per episode" policy.

4. The characters of Rosita, Tara and Gareth might be elevated from recurring character status to regular cast members. In the TWD world, that means, regular characters will bid goodbye.

5. The cannibals are here. Did you see the scattered bones at Terminus? well, some might be Beth's (hopefully not). The Hunters are said to be the most rabid opponents Rick and company will face.

6. Personally, I predict an early death of a major character on the first episode of Season 5. That's the perfect way to introduce the ruthlessness of The Hunters.

7. Expect the unexpected. All the while, the prducers of the TV series will skip the disturbing "Carl gets abused" scene from the comic book but the TV producers were able to present it in an acceptable way, the same execution (pun intended) they have done with Carol's now classic "Look at the flower, Lizzie" moment.

TWD eats the dust for the meantime but this will only make every Walker fan crave for more! See you in October!

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