Thursday, October 26, 2017

Love is like doing the laundry

Whether I like to admit it or not, I am a member of the group called L.A.B.A. or Lalaking Ayaw sa Bigwas ng Asawa.

Okay, I just made up that group name but I hope I was able to let you know what type of husband I am.

Meeting Leah is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Marrying her gave a new meaning to my journey. She changed normal to bigger and better. She saw sense in me when I had nothing. She added more to everything.

We have been married for more than ten years and I can’t remember any major misunderstanding between the two of us. Unless someone can explain to me if it’s really a big deal to ruin a woman’s make-up kit when I goofed up her things a few years ago. Then, I’ll be able to accept that it was indeed a spat when I was forced to sleep outside our bedroom that night.

When I tied the knot, I learned the ropes to some soft skills (like how to soften my voice when she’s upset) and house chores. It was just Leah and I at home during the early years of our marriage and only had house help when our son Charles came into the picture. That’s why we need cook, wash and iron clothes and do other home stuff for ourselves. We determined on who’s gonna do what through the most diplomatic and logical means ever--- Jack en Poy.

Among all the spouse duties, I love doing the laundry most. It’s not the easiest chore but every time I do it, I can feel the sense love. I know it’s silly but I do believe that love is like doing the laundry.

My wife once asked me, "Kaya mo ba akong ipaglaban?"

I said, "Ipaglalaban at ipaglalaba pa kita!"

I want to share the reasons behind this belief and our secrets in keeping a long lasting relationship with your loved one.

Paghiwalayin mo ang puti sa de kolor

There are times that we are burned out at work. It can happen to anyone of us. But you know what, I was able to learn how to manage office-related stress effectively. It’s simple: Don’t bring it home. One, I need to give my mind a time out away from work. Two, bringing work stress at home can affect how you behave or interact with your loved ones. Issues at work should be resolved in the office and the same goes with domestic problems, don’t bring it in your workplace.

There was this guy who always brings home his unfinished work load. Her wife left him. She could not stand his dedication as a mortician.

Huwag mong punuin ang batya

There is an old saying that you really won’t know the real person unless you live with her under one roof. It is very true in its essence. We should learn what makes our loved one upset or unhappy. If you know these things, try to avoid committing them. Being insensitive even with petty things can build up to something big if you do them for a number of times. Remember that a happy wife means a happy life. Give what her heart desires. No arguments, no problem.

Beside, arguing with your wife is a lot like trying to read the Terms of Use on the internet. In the end you just give up and go “I Agree”.

Iwasang mawala na parang bula

You know what most spouses hate? When their better halves leave the house without telling them where they are going. It’s the same thing when you go out with friends after work and you did not inform them. It’s not because they don’t trust you but because informing your partner where you are going is the right thing to do. Husbands and wives should not keep secrets from one another, unless you are buying her a diamond or you are planning a surprise for her.

Always bear in mind this realization I learned: Women are very understanding. They will forgive you even when you’re not guilty.

Ano mang mantsa, kayang tanggalin

Two heads are better than one, right? Having someone in your life who is willing to be with you through thick and thin is such a blessing. As a couple, we have gone through a lot of trials in life: death in the family, career problems, financial matters, etc. We never lose hope because we believe that things happen for a reason and that someone up there always looks over us. And after the rain, we can smile again.

Just one tip. If your wife asked you to talk to her dirty, it’s a no-no to say “dishes, underwear, your toe nails…”

Lagi ka dapat mabango

In a recent health study, experts reported that when it comes to smell, your body odor can influence how attractive you are to someone. Stay beautiful for your spouse but make sure that you smell good as your looks. More cuddling means more loving loving. You actually don’t need perfume to smell good all day. I would like to recommend Del Forever Joy and Love Fabric Conditioner because it has 15x longer lasting bangooooo to keep you and your clothes smelling good all day vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila.

Well, aside from learning some basketball tips from my lodi Doug Kramer, I learned from him the petmalu laundry advantages that Del brings #TeamKramer. Werpa from Del Fabric Conditioner’s Facebook page: 

I must say that we have kept the romance alive in our marriage because we come to appreciate the beauty even in the silliest things that we do like believing that love is like doing the laundry. And who would have thought that with all our differences and the silly things we do, we would eventually exchange “I do’s.”

To sum up, the best secret that works for me is that I DEL --- Do Everything for Love!