Monday, February 24, 2014

The Walking Dead 0411: Claimed

Tara is becoming prettier and gaining a following week after week

I can assure you that this post contains harmless spoilers on the latest episode of TWD. I would like to believe that.

This episode could have been titled "Happy" because some characters will learn how to smile or laugh again, something we have not seen on the faces of the protagonists for quite a while. Michonne will try to be funny in one sequece and see how Carl reacts.

But a more interesting slice of Michonne's life (pun intended) will be revealed. I, and other fans of this kick-ass katana slasher, just hope that this will not soften her character.

Personally, this week's most suspenseful scenes are not with a zombies. Ask Rick.

Daryl is a no show again in this episode after that short apperance last week which I think is sort of a strategy for the writers and producers to make his fans salivate for more of his arrows in future episodes.

The only consolation for female fans is that there's a load of actions with Glenn and Rick.

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Joy said...

less zombie action this time,with 3 added characters, looking forward on the next episode :)