Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can you smell what's cookin'?

Our kitchen is never without a pack or can of tomato sauce.

Through the years, it has been my savior from unexpected visits of friends and relatives or say an instant hunger buster in times I feel like eating just about anything. From afritada to menudo and spaghetti to carbonara, a tomoto sauce is a must to get the taste that I want.

Last August, I was invited to the Great Dole Cook-Off held at the Magsaysay Institute For Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) in Makati City.

Not only did I learn new recipes, I was also introduced to a new food product: Dole Tomato sauce.

Poch Zenarosa, Dole Philippines Packaged Foods Division’s Product Manager, explains in her opening remarks, “Dole advocates healthy living through our products and activities. For this event, we like to highlight that being healthy should be part of our love for food, and this event highlights that it is easy to be healthy—Dole Tomato Sauce makes sure of that.”

Chefs-at-heart and food lovers were welcomed by the charming Chef Jeremy Favia, who acted as guest judge and mentor in the culinary battle.

Chef Jeremy is one of the rising young chefs in television today. A product of University of Santo Tomas (HRM Department), Jeremy finished culinary school at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. He became an assistant manager for FC Café and worked with Fractured Flowers in Australia. Armed with fresh talent and good looks, Jeremy became part of a hip, cooking show on Q-11
called Ka-Toque Lutong Barkada and Healthy Cravings with the beautiful Iza Calzado.

Chef Jeremy Favia showing to the audience his creation

Guests watched in awe as Chef Jeremy taught and prepared easy-to-cook succulent culinary delights with Dole’s line of tomato sauces with a cooking demo, no doubt arousing their appetites.

After the cooking demo, it was cook-off time among the guests. The tomato sauce was the theme ingredient of the culinary clash, and foodies were able to try first-hand the world-class consistency of Dole’s line of tomato sauces. Enticing aromas filled the air as guests showed off their cooking skills and battled it out to make the most mouth-watering dishes in an exciting competition. There’s no question that Chef Jeremy had a hard time judging whose cuisine reigned supreme, but in the end, there was only one winner.

And the winner is--- Enzo a.k.a Juan Manila. Congrats!
Guests no doubt had the time of their lives learning recipes and sampling delectable dishes during the event. The Great Dole Cook-Off was truly a night of gastronomic delight!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Blog Day to us!


August 31 is a special day to many people.

Payday to the working class. Landladies day to make rounds to their apartments for rent. Springboard to the so-called "Ber" months thus the start of the Christmas season for Filipinos--- the longest in the world. It's also Richard Gere's birthday for those who care.

For bloggers like me, it's OUR DAY! In celebration of the International Blog Day 2011, I am talking part to Nuffnang Philippines call for recommendations of six (6) blogs from all over the world that might interest others who have yet to stumbled upon them.  And so, here's my list: - A blog on oddities
On days that I feel like blogging but nothing seems to be worth posting, i turn to this site for inspiration, not necessary to repost an interesting topic but to get some ideas from some of their entries like 10 weirdest dish, unfortunately placed ads and my favorite, famous people who look like pets. It was a LOL experiencing reading the list that includes Taylor Lautner to a Llama and Tina Turner to a Chow Chow.
This is more than just the usual sports site that offers scoreboards and athlete's profile. It features more on the lighter side of sports and even ran stories on planking and classic movies like Mighty Ducks and others. They also search for sports geeks who does the extraordinary like the guy who built a Dirk Nowitzki statue using 41,000 pcs. of Lego blocks.
As the blog's name suggest, expect each entry as a stand alone story that ranges from fiction to true stories and humor to romance.  One entry was even less than 100 words. Some tales end with a question that will let you decide for the ending. I find this very clever and creative from someone who describes himself as a poet, struggling blogger, entrepreneur, speaker and an accomplished songwriter someday. - A Blogger and a Father
Sometimes while reading posts here, I feel like saying that this is my blog. Being a daddy blogger my self, I can relate to the views, adventures and misadventures, and little troubles that this American dad experiences everyday. There are times I would subconsciously just nod while browsing his rants. Click his Credential tab and you'll see the "cutest" achievements of his life. - Boy Genius Report
The blog uses the tagline "Full of rumor and leaks, and are almost always right." And they have proven it with the many exclusive never before seen photos and what to expect to upcoming gadgets and products.  They also have an informative and useful reviews and buying guide section. - The bitterest blog on the net
Get to know Joey, someone who claims to have never had a single pimple on his face that's why he laughs at people who have lots of them.  Wether you'll agree or not, you'll find his topics worth reading like his post about worthless congratulations, break-ups and tips to the just got single again. Don't forget to read the Bathroom protocol for men (e.g. Guard your package and no talking during the exit of fluids)

I hope you can also share your favorite blogs in the comment section so we can all discover more wonders in the cyberspace.  Again, happy blog day to us!

Friday, August 26, 2011

What’s the story on your chest?


I like looking at people's chests.

And boy, I think I have seen almost everything. Some possess as big as watermelons. Those a little conservative flaunt medium-sized like melons while others like it to be plain like water as in nothing to display, invisible, nada!

Before you raise those eyebrows and call me a pervert, I just want to make it clear that I am talking about the size of the designs printed on the shirts of people I get to meet everyday. I developed the hobby of getting a glimpse on what others are wearing through the years of commuting to and from the office.  Imagine your self getting stuck inside a sardine passenger jeepney. How would you spend the next hour or two doing the upong otso pesos without getting bored?  Here are some of your options:

a. Sing along with the tunes being played by the driver.  You’re lucky if you share the same taste in music.  If not, you can step out the jeep anytime you want but remember that God knows Hudas not pay.

b. Pray the rosary.   Sometimes it’s like a miracle to finish a mystery especially when Mr. Driver starts to run his play list from a medley of remixed disco version of songs from Tiny Bubbles to the beerhouse classic Skyline Pigeon.  

c. Play games on your cellphone or portable gadgets like PSP, Gameboy, etc.--- and put your life at risk!  Forgive my paranoid-like behavior but how many times have we heard in the news about people who got killed by “gadget hunters.”

d. My recommendation: just sit quietly inside the jeepney and look for interesting subjects inside like who looks fresh and has the nicest or oddest getup, or you can always do silent reading of what are written on the shirts of fellow passengers.

You’ll be surprised that it can be a learning and entertaining activity sometime. Things I have learned through reading prints on shirts include generic names of medicines, names of local officials from towns and provinces I have never been to and handy info like the delivery service number of various restaurants.  And I am pretty sure, at least one time in your life, an amusing shirt made you smile and made your day. 


Let me take you down the memory lane through my more than three decades of journey and existence.  Each chapter of my life will be represented by a shirt that I owned during each period.

I was a Star Wars fan at the age of 4.  Nope. I did not see the George Lucas movie when I was that young. I was fascinated with the toy figures that I get for free in every jar of Ovaltine then.  I actually like Darth Vader among all the toys I was able to collect (still have an anything Vader collection until now).  My tatay knows that so he tried to look for a shirt with a Darth Vader print for my birthday.  Since ebay and were non existence during those times, he failed to find one.  His alternative was a Voltes V shirt which I also liked since I feel like I am Little John while wearing it.  They told me that I would wear it every time I hear the theme song of the cartoon series and climb on our dining table just to dance (I hate to admit it but I still headbang a little when I hear the catchy tune).

When I was in grade school, a softdrink company launched a promo where you can exchange crowns of their products for limited edition Menudo items.  They were my generation’s ‘N Sync and Super Junior.  We have a sari-sari store so collecting crowns was never a problem unless the one buying the cola also knows about the promo.  I was able to get posters, mugs and of course, a T-shirt with prints of the said boyband.  My sisters love Robby Rosa but I find Ricky Martin better. I still remember wearing a headband made from a torn shirt (which angered my mom) and would proclaim, “I want to be Ricky Martin.” If I only knew that after two decades, he would make the I-am-gay announcement, I could have chosen Charlie Maso instead since no one really likes him.

Who can forget THE shirt who has pranked thousands of unwilling victims--- the one with "Look at my Back" on the front side. The words were so powerful that anyone who reads it will look at the back of the person wearing it, only to find out an equally silly message that says, “Look at the Front.”  I had one of these shirts but customized the back portion and changed it to “Uto-uto” which I thought was clever and funnier.  My stupid plan backfired on me when people started calling me uto-uto every time I pass by wearing it.

One remarkable occurrence happened during the height of the Philippine Centennial celebration in 1998: the birth of the so called Makabayan shirt. The demand even became bigger when more I-am-proud-to-be-a-Filipino moments followed like the 20th year festivities of the first EDSA revolution, emotional farewell to ex-Pres. Cory Aquino and Francism, mixed with the creative juices of the guys from Collezione and Francis Magalona clothing line and other local companies hyped the Proud Pinoy spirit.  I have the one with the Philippine map and another with our nation’s colors (and also my wife and son Charles).  I could have been more OA if I actually used the mp3 of Lupang Hinirang that I downloaded via Bearshare as my mobile phone’s ring tone.

One tip for a happy marriage which kinda work for me and my wife Leah is to sometimes have moments that as if you are still in the ligawan stage.  A little pa-tweetums with one another will not hurt no matter what your neighbors says.  We still do HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) and deliver cheesy pick-up lines to one another.  The most recent I told her goes something like, “Bumabagyo diba? How come I see sunshine in your eyes?”  To top it all, we have two sets of couples shirt that we wear even in ordinary days when we feel like we just want the world to know that she is my wife and I am her husband.    

All the shirts that I mentioned above each have a special space in my heart (and in our closet) although some have already went missing after the many typhoons and floods that hit our home.  I just want to special mention a shirt which has a sentimental value for me because of many reasons.

To start, it was the first ever gift
(a blue piece with prints of irregular shapes and different colors to match my somewhat weird kind of thinking, perhaps)  I received from the parents of my wife a year before we got married.  Second, it was a shirt I have worn to many out-of-towns activities, both work-related and leisure.  And lastly, it was the one I wore for two days when an unexpected flood drowned our house in Pasig as a result of the wrath of typhoon Ondoy.  All my shirts were soaked in flood water since we were not in our house when it happened.  The water system was temporary closed by the Maynila Water company as the dirty water might contaminate pipes while the rain continues to fall, so no chance to wash clothes.  During those times, who cares if you don’t take a bath or change clothes in a day or two--- everyone's just too busy saving their homes to notice it.

Below is a photo taken while I was trying to place borders in front of our gate to avoid debris entering our sunken home.  I was on serious mode when somebody shouted, “may pagong, may pagong.”  When I turned my back I saw this cute creature approaching me.  It was our neighbor’s pet who escaped from his aquarium.  It made me paused for a moment and have a reason to smile amidst all the mess in our place and in my mind.  It just made my day and remembered the saying, "At the end of the tunnel, there is a turtle” (I’m sure somebody said that line sometime I can’t remember).

It could have been perfect If I was wearing a turtle neck shirt.  But kidding aside, the one I’m wearing that time is such a special piece that has accompanied me (protected and wrapped me from all sorts of weather)  through fun and troubled times. I am glad it was the one I was wearing that time. 

I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too!  I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation advocacy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

If it's hot... it's Pizza Hut!


One fine fine day became a hot afternoon. 

The well-ventilated mall in Cubao could not take the extra ordinary heat last weekend that you could hear some people saying, "It's hot!"

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  I am just sharing what happened during the press conference of Pizza Hut Philippines with Diether Ocampo, one of their product endorsers, in their outlet at Alimall, Quezon City.

There were dozens of fans who surrounded the venue trying to get a glimpse of the hunk that is Diet who gamely answered questions from the press and even took time to greet everyone in the room and serve them a slice of pizza each.  I don't know any other celebrity who would to that on a presscon.

The event was for the launching of the Pizza Hut Hot on the Dot campaign. Guaranteed hot and on time, Pizza Hut launched their new and improved delivery with the said campaign. Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot revolutionary delivery service takes pride in delivering oven hot and fresh Pizza Hut products to your door step within 30 minutes. According to Ms. Elaine Guzman “the launching of the Hot on the Dot delivery of Pizza Hut is a testament to our commitment to delivery and food service excellence; we want our customers to enjoy the same quality of the products that we serve in our restaurants, oven hot and fresh.”

Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot guarantees that the pizza is delivered hot, which can be proven by placing the Hot Dot sticker on the food container. Imported directly from the United States, the Hot Dot is equipped with thermal sensing abilities, which allows the sticker’s color to change from black to grey, with “Hot” printed in bold red, once it is placed on a hot surface. With this new sticker introduced by Pizza Hut, they are not only assuring delivery within 30 minutes, but also hot and fresh products delivered to you, or your order is free.

More and more people are experiencing the Hot on the Dot delivery, so don’t get left behind.  Great tasting pizza is just at your fingertips, call the Pizza Hut delivery hotline 911-1111 or visit to order online to enjoy the world famous pan pizza and other Pizza Hut signature products; and have your orders delivered hot and on time, but be careful because its’ oven hot. Remember, if it’s fresh, hot and on time then it must be Pizza Hut. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Try BenMore and you'll ask for more

When BenMore and I met
Midweek. Meet with buddies. Delicious food. Cool place.

What else can you ask for if you're looking for a night to unwind and take a breather from your toxic work load.  Then, you'll have some guy named Borgy Manotoc asking you to try his favorite drink, BenMore Four Casks.

BenMore is a more premium drink that believes that details matter. Expert blenders have specifically chosen more of the finest malt and grain whiskies up to 21.

These batches have been matured in 4 different oak casks to give an even smoother Scotch Whisky experience. It is made in Scotland and it is bottled by Diageo.

The iconic stag - to represent heritage and authenticity. It connotes masculinity, superiority and leadership. Consumers drinking BenMore will be perceived as smart, stylish, presentable and tough. They know what they want and are a go-getter; but they’re also friendly and open-minded, exactly like Borgy who is the Brand Ambassador for BenMore.

It was a privilege to be one of the few bloggers to be invited to the product launch last August 17 at Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, San Juan. We were informed that  there are five ways to drink BenMore:

1.)    Straight or on the rocks
2.)    With water
3.)    With iced tea
4.)    With cola
5.)    With soda/ tonic

There I am dwarfed by Borgy Manotoc in the middle with fellow bloggers and the very accommodating Jane (outermost left) of Benmore who checks our table from time to time.
I tried a couple of options and the experience were both delightful that I recommend it to everyone who wants to try something refreshing but at the same time still capture the taste of what a true Scotch Whisky is all about.

It’s more affordable compared to other brands of whiskies. SRP is Php335, and prices may vary depending on location. It is now available nationwide.

Guys, please do watch out for the brand's official website It will be up some time next month. Right now it’s still under construction but when it's up, the site promises to be one online hub that will offer a lot of great information and surprises. Please don't tell me I did not warn you: When you try BenMore, you'll ask for more!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flipgeeks: What you should have been informed

Whenever a newly acquainted foreigner would ask me how would I describe us Filipinos in general. I often give them the generic reply, “Filipinos are unique people.”

Sometimes, I get a scanner-like look from head to toe from them before they react, “Yes, I definitely agree.”

Well, they should.  Where on Earth can they find people who can finish a plate of steak (rare, medium or well done and P99 pesos lang), using only a fork and molars?  Pinoy houses have life-size fork and spoon as wall displays, a Last Supper repro painting as a must-have in dining rooms, and at least one tabo in the bathroom for it to be call a home.

Philippines is also the home to the world’s largest pair of shoes, the smallest man who can fit a shoe box, and arguably the best boxer who ever lived (who incidentally is also the most versatile of them all ‘coz he cansing, act, host and read a speech that confuses everyone including himself and still gets a loud round of applause).

You might think I know too much but I beg to disagree.  I would like to believe that I am just well aware and informed of things I should know to be able to adapt in the fast-changing world.  I am a flipgeek.

My workstation. The two fellows encircled were just improvised to
look like geeks like their owner.
I read someone referring geeks as bright individuals tuned inward, poorly socialized who felt so little kinship with his own planet that he routinely traveled to the ones invented by his favorite author.  I don’t know if this can be applied to Filipino geeks or flipgeeks because, as I mentioned a while ago, we are so unique that we go beyond conformity.  We are very friendly and can blend well with other skin colors and alien tongues in any direction.

I grew up associated with a small group of individuals who would often meet in libraries.  Others think that all we do is all about encyclopedias and Atlases.  What they don’t know is that we also talk about Triple H, The Simpsons, Marvel and DC and even sometimes our school crushes.  Inside the “Silence Zone” we also get to be reprimanded with a long sssssshhhhhh! from the school librarian which we thought was cool--- we too can violate rules! We also cut classes. Oh yes we do! I think it was during the opening of a Science center in a mall and the other one was for a local Comic Con.

I learned to read with the help of a Pinoy-made Funny Komiks, improved my math skills with Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and discovered what true love means at the age of 12 because Erika’s boy toy in Daimos is my namesake.  These things I learned as a child, being a flipgeek, are the stuff that made me an able and responsible worker, son, father and husband that I am today.  And hell yeah! I think that is the essence of being a flipgeek.

Today, I have yet to outgrow some stuff that in a few years time, my toddler would also find interesting.  I still collect anything Darth Vader, Charles Barkley and Dragon Ball Z.  My iPad is filled with my favorite anime and cartoon videos and photos.  My e-book collection is composed mostly of pdf version of Marvel and DC comics.  I find joy in browsing some to take a breather from a toxic day at work.  It’s nice to feel like I am a kid again from time to time.

My Charles Barkley collection which started since high school.
Early stage of being a sports geek.
The child in me also led me to discover a cool world for geeks like me where manga, collectibles, comics and tech stuff knows no age. Enter all to this sector in cyberspace called FLIPGEEKS.

The site aims to be the number one online resource for Pinoy and provide news, information and updates on everything pop culture.  And boy, I tell you, it’s like I was a boy in a carnival here with so much stuff to read and events to look forward to.

Personally, I like their take on latest games, books, movies and TV shows but of course, the specialty of the house are comic books--- as in lots of them.  I’ve never been this happy flipgeek before.  I just found home.  Now don’t tell me you were not informed!

I am just thankful I have an understanding wife who even accompany
me in events like the recent Comic Con in SM Megamall.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Suplado Experience (TSE)


This statement was posted on my Facebook wall by a classmate from college whom I last saw in person a decade ago.  I did not delete his post but instead placed a comment asking him why. 

After several minutes, I got a response saying that I snubbed him big time when he greeted me near the entrance of a mall the night before.  I apologized and explained my side.  I was on a rush to get home since the next day I have a flight to Cebu for a company event.  And for crying out loud! How would I recognize HIM in a dress.  I thought he or she was one of those “marketing specialists” asking people if they have credit cards that will be the key to great fortune which eventually will just end up as a monthly charge for an insurance policy for the unwilling “client.”

And besides, my last memory of him was us in a tight hug of goodbye during the last day of our Chemistry class--- which made me realized now what his hand squeezing my buttocks then means.  That pervert!

Actually, it’s not the first time that I was branded as a snub.  Some of my neighbors, especially those who just lived in our placed recently, might have such impression on me.  I can’t remember how many videoke and drinking sessions I have declined just because I am not into these past times. But the more “real” reason behind this suplado attitude is that my wife won’t let me sleep beside her when she smells the scent of liquor coming out from my mouth.  Under de saya? No, naman.  I want to believe that I am just understanding.

I am suplado. Something I hate to admit but my actions does prove that I am one.  It’s just that I am not the type who will start a conversation.  I will respond   if you’ll ask me a question and if I find that there is sense in conversing with you, I can be your best friend.

I can also be suplado even to those people I am interested to talk to because I am not good in initiating talk with a stranger.  I am still stuck with an embarrassing moment when I tried to impress someone I just met during a community work.  I found out that this pretty volunteer was interested in organizing a basketball competition for members of a youth organization and was soliciting funds to buy sports equipment. 

I have a couple of basketball in our house and so I excitedly approached her and offered my help, “I have balls but I left them at home!”

Suddenly, I heard a group of other volunteers laughing that made me realized that I just said something not right. How I wish I just stayed in suplado mode and avoided humiliation.  How I wish there was something or someone to guide me then on how to be firm suplado, proud of it and succeed.

Sayang! I only found recently about the existence of a man who claims he is funny and suplado and his book called Suplado Tips (Pa-English English ka pa, Sipain kita dyan eh!).  His surname already sounds like he’s a snub combined with a first name that means meadow that is stony, ikaw na the best ka, Stanley Chi!

Stanley started showing the world his brand of comedy via the comic strip Chopsticks for the Sunday edition of Manila Bulletin. He is also a stand up comic and a TV host for the comedy show Front Act. Libraries were never the same again when he became a certified book author.

Honestly, it was my idol Ramon Bautista, a TV and radio demigod, who convinced me to get a copy of the book via his moving testimonial, “Simula ng tinuruan ako ni Stanley Chi na maging suplado, nawala ang ubo ko!” (Perfect for someone like me who has asthma)

But seriously (heck, I never expected to use the word serious in this post), Suplado Tips is one gem of a humor book for those who wants to laugh ‘till they drop.  One can relate to the many tips since I would like to believe that there is a suplado side in each of every one of us.  For the non-suplados (tse! mga echoserang ayaw pang umamin), you’ll learn great advices like “Kung may nagsusungit sayo at sinabing mainit ulo niya dahil gutom siya, hiritan mo ng...'Hoy gutom din ako baka patulan kita'” (But this is not advisable to be used by understanding husbands like me to their wives, okay? Don’t tell me I did not warn you.)

The book also includes the 10 Suplado Commandments to remind grumpy people how to behave against people accordingly, the Suplado Meter to measure the level of angst in you and comic strips in case you loose interest in reading text entries.  

Because of the success of the book which is the fourth under his name, Stanley should start getting voice and dance lesson 'coz he might get a call anytime soon for a production number in ASAP Rocks over ABS-CBN.  Well, Stanley just joined the ranks of Iya Villania and Sam Milby as endorsers of UniSilver Time, with UniSilver Time releasing the Suplado Watch this August.   Hmm… what could be a nice background music for a Suplado interpretative dance? 

So, are you ready to be suplado, supladoer and the supladoest? Go to your suking (favorite) bookstore and grab a copy of the book in the surprisingly less than Php 100 lang price!

But wait, there’s more!  Stanley Chi is also a radiologist.  You can catch him over the Suplado Show, the internet radio on Dig Radio (formerly NU107).  Just log on to and get all the how to snub tips that you want.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing since my first BLEEP experience


It happened just a month after I graduated from college.

I was sitting on a sofa along with two strangers when this pretty lady in white entered the room.  She sat on a chair in front of me and I saw her staring at me twice while scribbling something on her notebook.

I became conscious on how I look but pretended I was not affected by her stolen glimpses.  She called out my name so I approached her.  She handed me a paper and we accidentally touched each other’s hand. My bad! I was looking at her beautiful face when I reached out for the sheet.

Then she told me, “You’re hot.”

My quick reply was, “I know.”

The way she looked at me, it’s like she’s measuring me from head to toe.

She led me to a room and asked me to take off my shirt and wait.  I think I need not mention what happened next since I assume everyone knows what people do in “the room.”

Too bad, it was my first and last encounter with her. Our meeting ended when I handed her my stool and urine sample to complete my first-ever BLEEP (Blood, Lungs Evaluation and Employment Physical) Exam that afternoon. The ever torpe me never got to first base because I was not able to get even the cute nurse's first name.

I was really hot on the day before I started working for my first job in 1997.  I was sick with flu. Thank God for Paracetamol, my hotness was gone after a few hours.

Talking about being HOT, that’s what I became when I transformed into a Nuffnang blogger:

Happy. The joy of winning blogging contests is one thing I will forever be thankful to Nuffnang. The gadgets, cash, GCs and other cool prizes I won from their promos brought fun fun fun to my family.

Outgoing. Nuffnang introduced me to many friends through the different activities and events they organized for their members.  Just like on August 10, they’ll have a special screening of the movie Cowboys and Aliens at Gateway Cineplex 10.  

Tireless. One thing I learned as a Nuffnang blogger is to be open to new things. I became a blogger who will never get tired to discover new stuff and blog even about topics I am not really a fan of.  These challenges make me crave for more worlds to explore.

Now, I just made myself hungry and I feel like eating a few slices of pizza.  I want it delicious. I want it hot!  So, it’s definitely Pizza Hut!

Good news to pizza suckers like me, Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

Stop the hunger now na! Dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!