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Who will likely die in The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale?

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“The anticipation for the next season after this finale is unfortunately going to be a lot more heightened than it has been between any other season. So it’s going to be a rough summer for The Walking Dead fans waiting for us to come back in the fall.”

That’s TWD creator Robert Kirkman sharing his thoughts about his series’ 4th season finale in three days time. Reading between the lines, one can sense blood in the offing. Now the question is whose character will be sacrificed?

Below are five of the characters of the show that, in my opinion, might bid farewell in the next episode of The Walking Dead.

BETH. She could be the meat that Mary was grilling at the end of episode 15. The Hunters, a group of cannibals, are bound to come as per the comic series. A dramatic revelation at the end can be a disturbing sight but will surely move fans. This could be the talk of the TV land if this happens.

Why Beth should stay? Common, the Daryl-Beth love team is one unexpected but cute angle we can watch forever (sorry, I have to be a little bias on this).    

BOB. There was this one episode that shows him to be a man who does not care if he’ll still be alive or will get bitten tomorrow. He’s been presented as someone who’s been hopping from one group to another. The character might be too tired already and needs to rest.

Why Bob should stay? He’s just been paired to Sasha and some people want to see at least an episode or two for him to kiss her again before he gets gutted. Of course, we need drama from time to time.

SASHA. She had her moments: got sick, almost died but survived; clashed with other characters; and got kissed by Bob. But sadly, her moments did not get much impact and went unnoticed. Moral lesson: Don’t ever compete with the Darly-Beth team-up until one of them is dead.

Why Sasha should stay? Her character needs another chance to shine so when Kirkman decided to kill her, there will be an a sense of great lost. Think about this: if she dies this season… so what?


CAROL. After the controversial episode 14 where she delivered the unforgettable and now meme-mortalized “Looked at the flowers, Lizzie!” line, many believe that her character have crossed the line too far that her ways should end soon. Now, that’s the major impact were looking for.

Why Carol should stay? Baby Judith still needs a mother figure to look over her. Actually, the show needs a mother figure to unite the “scattered” characters again. Rick, the main protagonist of TWD, has still some issues to solve to be the ideal leader that he used to be.

RICK. The series is one episode away to end its current season and Rick was not really a major focus in any of the episodes. Yes, we remember his intense “under the bed” scene but that was it. Could it be a sign that the producers are testing if TWD can continue without Mr. Grimes? 

Why Rick should stay? Rick is still alive in the comic book series where the show is based on. Daryl is the next main man who can be the face of the show (arguably, he has more fans that Rick) but there are more interesting angles to explore in Mr. Dixon's character other than being a leader.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming season finale? Kindly comment and I would love to hear how you want next episode to end.

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series that has been well received since it premiered in 2010. Now on it's fourth season, it has been nominated for many awards, including the Writers Guild of America Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama. The series has also attained strong Nielsen (US) ratings, surpassing various records for a cable series, including viewership of 16.1 million for its season four premiere, making it the most-watched drama series telecast in basic cable history.

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