Friday, November 23, 2018

Maganda ka ba?

Filipinos, literally and figuratively, worship beautiful images.

We grew up in communities with different patron saints, curved in wood or stone with Caucasian features from the nose to the fair complexion. We associate being white as beautiful that is why we could be the world’s top consumers of Glutathione and just about anything that can lighten our nut-brown skin.

Some may throw in the old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but why do we have this certain affection with oppas and blonde girls. White is just one of the colors and not even included in the amazing rainbow. No thanks to the more 300 years of Spanish rule and spurts of colonial mentality.

Actually, we Pinoys should be proud of our race and color when we talk about beauty because we have proven many times that our looks can stand out amongst nations with all the beauty pageants we have conquered. We have three queens in Gloria Diaz (1969); Margie Moran-Floirendo (1973); and Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (2015) who were crowned Miss Universe, the most prestigious and popular beauty contests in the world.

Thus, you should always tell yourself, “Maganda ko!”

Out of curiosity, just to get reactions from my Facebook friends, I posted on my wall the question: “How do you feel when somebody tells you, 'maganda ka' or 'you are beautiful'?

In a span of an hour, I got 35 comments/ responses and here’s how the survey answers look like:

12 -  will say 'thank you' to whoever told them
10 – will get flattered. Four of them used the word “kilig” to express how they feel
9 – thinks it’s just a joke
4 – said they don’t know how to react (they can’t ralate, nobody told them this before, etc)

The different responses seems like depends on how one sees him or herself as someone beautiful; just being pleased; accepted the fact that he/ she is not beautiful based on whatever standards of beauty he believes; and for those who do not care how others see them. 

I would like to share the response in the same thread from beauty blogger Earth Rullan: “When I was younger, elementary, I don't think I'm beautiful. Maitim saka two front teeth missing kasi ako saka maliit. Lagi ako tinutukso negra, baluga saka bampira. Nung highschool boyish ako and nobody would really say maganda ako unless ung nanliligaw saken. Pero my father, when I go home crying feeling panget, he would say I am beautiful, he would always say you are the Ms. Universe of my life. Kamukha mo so Gloria Diaz he would always tell me. I think because of what my father told me when I feel down or feel ugly, I developed this belief or confidence na maganda nga ako. So now when people say maganda ako, I tell them thank you. And a sweet smile.”

In the message of Earth, one that strikes me is the word “confidence.” While we can argue how physical beauty should be rated, confidence is something that you cannot tweak or easily added to one's personality. It is developed and comes out naturally when you think you are beautiful in its very essence. published an article about the advantages of being beautiful and here’s the list that they shared. Beautiful people are…

1.      Viewed as healthy
2.      Actually healthier than others
3.      Easier to find partners
4.      More intelligent
5.      More persuasive and can command attention
6.      Has strong social skills
7.      Gets higher sales
8.      Acquire advantage in politics
9.      Looks more trustworthy

Although the list can be a good subject for a debate, why argue when you it is easier and more worthy to reap benefits. So do yourself a favor, find out what makes you beautiful and flaunt it.

Let’s take a look at fast-rising young star Maymay Entrata, the first Big Winner of the combined edition of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 of ABS-CBN. Maymay made history in Dubai last November 21 as the first Filipina celebrity to ever walk the runways of Arab Fashion Week. The actress, now a certified international model, has been subjected to unpleasant comments like “Not good-looking enough for showbiz” or her love team Edward Barber is “too handsome for her.”


Just recently Maymay was also introduced as the first-ever brand ambassador for local skincare line Megan. She will be the face of the Megan Peel-Off Mask #MegandaKa campaign.

Now the next time you look on the mirror, stop asking, “maganda ka?”

Rather, smile and be proudly say, “Maganda ko!”