Saturday, August 18, 2007

See you again, Baby Monique

Due to some conflications of her pregnancy, my wife had undergone an emergency CS last 12 Aug... her life was saved but our Baby Monique (first child) did not survive.

She only lived for 12 hrs. It was painful for me and my wife but we know our good Lord has better plans for us... we know Baby Monique is just looking over us up There.

Baby Monique, me and Mommy Leah love you very much!

Friday, August 10, 2007

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I watch basketball games, I jump and cheer on top of my lungs especially if my favorite teams (Barangay Ginebra, UE Warriors, etc) are playing on TV. I do my “Itaktak Mo” interpretative dance moves every time I hear that Joey De Leon hit over the radio. Mine is one of the loudest echoes heard in Araneta Coliseum during the two circus acts presented by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the past few years.

Well, I won’t deny nor confirm if someone has already told me that I am a little hyperactive sometime.

For me, I just want to enjoy life and the things it offers to the fullest. If I can shout at a corrupt government officials, slap him ten times on his left cheek and body slams him on a concrete floor without me being tortured to death afterwards, I’ll do it!

I just like being free. I’m in love with things that are comfortable and convenient. And talking about convenience, have you ever been to any SM Hypermarket branch before? Well, you should be. Take it from a man who do the laundries, shopping and house cleaning every week. I have a wife who should be doing those chores or at least one of them but since she is seven months pregnant, I volunteered to do the Herculean tasks so she and our baby get the bed rest that they need (you can lower your eye brows now, ladies and gentlemen)

And besides, a hyper person like me can withstand stressful things like dirty cloths and kitchen utensils and pushing the shopping cart (yes, shopping can stress you out especially when you see the prices of goods today). I don’t think it as a hassle instead I considered it as a privilege. For example, I am in control to what brand of commodities we’ll use at home. For an Ilocano breed that I am, price over quality is my motto. I’m free to choose my liking. I’m the king of our grocery list… the CEO of our weekly budget. And my domain: SM Hypermarket in SM Supercenter in Pasig City.

What I like about this place is its location. Only a jeepney ride away from home and almost a couple of kilometers from my office, I can go there traffic-free and still smell the cologne that I wore when I get there. And when we talk about the prices of their products, name an item from your favorite store and SM Hypermarket will surely win a new customer after our conversation. Try to match this: a DVD player for only P1499! (‘Yung tatlong limang daan mo, may sukli pang piso!!!)

SM Supercenter opened in Pasig City in August 2006 but I only got to visit it in January this year. I was with some friends playing badminton in a sports center in Libis that time. After the game, I ask a friend to drive me somewhere I can buy a snack and a bottle of Gatorade. He dropped me at the Supercenter and before I knew it, I was already doing groceries at SM Hypermarket instead of my initial plan of just buying an energy drink.

My first visit to SM Hypermarket gave me a great impression on the store that I go there at least once a month to shop. My wife and I have a house in San Miguel, Pasig City but we are temporary residing in Proj. 4, Q.C. in her parent’s home due to her condition. For sure, we’ll be weekly shoppers in the Supercenter after we get back to Pasig later this year. My wife will finally experience the stores “battle cry” --- Everything you need all in one go!

By the way, did I already mention that I have an interpretative “Itaktak Mo” dance moves?

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Shout Out

I'm new here and this is my new post.

I love new things 'coz it brings surprises and exciting things