Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Date a man who blogs

Date a man who blogs. Date a man who don't just read news but also find time to give his thoughts on what’s happening around him. He can blog from the silliest like his view on the resurrection of Princess Sara and her patatas in memes of all shapes and sizes to serious stuff or anything that does not involved Kris Aquino.

Date a man who blogs. Try to challenge him that you know a restaurant that he has never heard of. You can get a little help by browsing all the food events he has attended and other related posts. Watch how he carefully takes photos of everything in his plate before he starts to eat. Be understanding every time he asks you to take some shots of him with one of the waitresses. Don’t be jealous if you think he’s flirting with the girl because he is just convincing her for the photo to appear in his blog. You’ll be amazed how a nice image can translate a number of hits in his post.

Today he is doing more than just writing. He’s actually joining an online blogging contest where he could win an iPhone 6 he’s been eyeing since last year. He needs to win or he will be for to get a 12-month installment for the gadget. Help him promote his entry and ask “Likes” from your friends. But please, don’t resort in creating dummy accounts just to win. A man who blogs has integrity unless you are the Big Bad Blogger.

Don’t buy him coffee. Because he might have some GCs from Starbucks that he got from some Facebook promotions. Not even doughnuts because Krispy Kremes and Go Nuts are giving away boxes of free dough in their fan pages. Suggest him to follow Boy Kuripot, Mukhang Pera, Mapanghingi ka ba? and other contest blogs.

Go out on dates. But don’t expect that he’ll bring you to the movies. A man who blogs will watch a film courtesy of exclusive invites from event organizers and online buddies. If he missed a flick, he’ll just search for torrents. Never mind if your first kiss was during the International Pyromusical Competition where you got free entrance or the anniversary gifts he gave you was from a the raffle in one of the events.. At least, your gift is branded and there were fireworks to go with your celebration of love.

Chronicle your love story via Youtube so the world will witness how two strangers met and created a magic that you can share to your families, friends and own children in the future. Make sure to use a digicam or camera phone with lens not lower than 1.3 megapixel. You might not recognize yourself when you’re both 60.

Date a man who blogs because most of the time it’s only in his blog where he can truly express his innermost feeling . Men are forever torpe and often forget their memorized pick-up lines when they are in front of their lady love. A man who blogs is in most romantic self when alone in front of the keyboard, listening to some tunes from the 80’s thinking nothing but his girl.

But remember… date a man who blogs but please make sure he is single.

Got the inspiration to write this post from Date a Girl who blogs as inspired by Date a girl who reads and You should date an illiterate girl.