Monday, March 24, 2014

The Walking Dead 0415: Us

I can assure you that this post contains harmless spoilers on the latest episode of TWD. I would like to believe that.

"Reunited and it feels so good. Reunited 'cause we understood..."

Been singing this after watching this week's episode. Well, it's a sure bet that love birds in any series will end up in each other's arm before the end of the show.

Will it be Daryll and Beth or Glenn and Maggie?

You'll see the last image of Daryl chasing the car who took Beth away in the opening spiels of the episode and Emily Kinney's (Beth) name appear in the credits, so more likely you'll believe that she will have an appearance this week.

Or it could be Glenn and Maggie (poor Tara who obviously has something for the last surviving Korean) since both of their groups are heading to Terminus, a place they think is the safest haven in the world. But, if check the preview trailer, you'll notice that someone else is wearing Glenn's vest/ body protector.  Did he got bitten before he got to see Maggie? And someone took his useful armor from his dead body? OMG!

This is one of the highlights that will make you egging to watch another crazy episode. Another scream fest in the making. Almost all the main characters will have a moment this week and that's something we haven't seen this season.

Daryl and his bad boy image we all come to love will be challenged in the new group he got affiliated with. As if he can't survived?

The ending is pretty disturbing. It's too blissful to be true. My prediction is the biggest and toughest antagonists are here and the fight will just start at the season finale next week. I can smell something different from the barbeque grills in the last sequence.

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