Monday, April 21, 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

I used to think that I am handsome.

But when foreign models like  Fabio Ide, Akihiro Sato and Daniel Matsunaga came into the picture, invaded Philippine television and created the you-should-look-like-us syndrome (meaning hindi ka pogi kung di mo sila kamukha), my belief I have carried since birth was shattered.

Well, my wife already assured me that I am more good looking than these celebrities with Japanese surnames by her standards. That's why I have given her a deaf ear every time she complains about eye irritations and stuff that she want to consult an ophthalmologist.

In the hope that I can gain some pogi points if I have an oriental-sounding last name as an pseudonym, I asked friends for suggestions for my possible “new” alias but what I got are some “unfriendly” responses like Richard Taobako, Richard Asakapa, and Richard Matsingaba.

So much for this crazy idea. If I really want to look good, I must begin with taking care of my body. Thus, I got active in Zumba and see to it that I get enough sleep and a healthy plate during meal time. My wife also recommended  a facial soap that give me a better and whiter skin complexion that is not only safe but also budget-friendly. 

She explained that when it comes to your skin care, it is it important to use only an original and proven safe soap. The one she’s been using for more than a year now is Kojie.san, the first kojic acid soap to be commercially available in the Philippine market. Quality is almost synonymous to Japanese products. Well, if it's from the Land of the Rising Sun, it must be good, right?

My curiosity dragged me in front of the PC and Googled about  Kojie.san. I found out that it has a micro peeling effect, which makes it a potent whitening product.  It’s very safe because it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is made of antioxidants and 100% all natural ingredients. The good news is for as low as P50, I was able to get two bars when I went to the grocery store yesterday.

And thus my Kojie.san journey begins. It’s time to redeem my former handsome ways and I’m very confident with this trusted brand which is definitely Japan, definitely Kojie.san.

Now, my thoughts why it is important to use only the original kojic acid soap. Never ever use on your skin, especially on your face, any product that has not been certified safe and effective and produced or distributed by companies not known in the beauty/ hygiene industry.

Koji.san products are proudly made by Beauty Elements Ventures, a company with a manufacturing plant equipped with the latest toll and packing technology that caters to an array of loyal clientele. Their Research Laboratory Facility is at the forefront of innovation and has established stringent quality control processes. The plant was designed to adhere to the parameters set by both the local Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) as well as the international standards in manufacturing private labels.

In the hope that people will be more aware and be sure to beware of untrusted skin products, I am sharing below some of the not so pleasant things that might happen to you when your oh so precious face got some problems with unknown merchandise. 

You might need to get new identification cards since you are unrecognized in all the IDs that you are holding.


You’re pet dog might see you as a stranger.

You will no longer be identical with your twin sibling.

Changing the profile picture/s of your social media accounts will be on a regular basis.

You might land on the cover of the next Diary ng Panget book.  

I hope this post made you smile. If you have a Koji.san story to tell, please share it as a comment below or visit

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Semana Santa: Pinoy Traditions and Myths

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish (Proj. 4, Quezon City)
Photo credit: Mr. Randy Dreese

Back in the 80s, Holy Week is the time of the year that I least like.

Why? Because all you can see on the television are grainy screen or a blue one with a note that programming will resume on Black Saturday. If you don’t have a betamax or a VHS player then, more likely you’ll be spending Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in the street looking for other kids to play patintero, tumbang preso or syato with. In our place,  Biyernes Santo is the day Mang Willie does his annual “tuleng pukpok” or circumcision. I was one of his "patients" and after passing through this, the tradition is to watch and tease other kids whose turn to fall in line in front of his house that day.

This morning, Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz was interviewed over GMA 7’s Unang Hirit to explain some of the traditions and activities of Filipinos during the Holy week.

On visiting seven churches for Visita Iglesia. Cruz believes that it could have started because of the seven last word of Christ or the seven sacraments. However, he pointed out that when we do the visita, it’s not actually only the church that we will visit but it should be the altar or the Santisimo Sacramento.

On pasyon. The Archbishop admitted that he is actually okay with the rap version of it after witnessing such sessions for a couple of times. He just reminds those who will do this to take it seriously and not participate just for fun. But if it sounds a little off, he hopes people will be sensitive to stop it.  

On Abstinence and Fasting. The former is ideally done on Fridays during the Lenten season where individuals between 14-60 years old are encouraged not to eat meat. Fasting is for 18-60 years old people who actually can eat small portion of food, a little less than the usual.

On selfie photos. Cruz don’t see anything wrong about doing selfie shot like example in front of the church or images. It’s just informing other people that they are actually took time to reflect during the Holy week

On corrupt officials going on pilgrimage. Cruz said, “Wag lang magsisi. Isoli din ang perang kinuha nyo!”

If only I have a chance to ask Archbishop Cruz who was really game to answer just about anything, I would like to get his thoughts on not taking a bath after 12 noon on a Good Friday, kids not allowed to play outside the house,  and other myths.

Share your thoughts. TIA! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I am for Manny: The boxing journey continues

The place is packed with fans of all ages. Almost everyone is chanting a legendary name. Majority of the crowd are restless and excitedly awaits what many considered a historic boxing match that could end a brave soldier's unblemished win record or a great warrior's career.

Nope. I am talking about the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas but the excitement is as intense as that of the Nevada landmark. Alaxan, another quality product from Unilab, held a viewing party for the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley 2 fight at Outback Steakhouse in Glorieta 4, Makati City last Sunday.

Members of media and the blogging community gathered in this exciting event to witness a hell of a match between Pacman and Dessert Storm.

From round one to twelve, the two slug it out for the WBO Welterweight Championship belt which Bradley took away from Pacquiao in 2012.

In the end, our very own Pambansang Kamao proved to be te better man and won back his title via unanimous decision. Truly, the gentleman from Saranggani Province   has a #PusongPalaban and #KatawangAlaxan which proved too much to handle for Bradley.

With the impressive win, Manny assures his fans across the globe, "My boxing journey will continue!"

And the crowd went wild! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

After all this time, my ears are still itchin’ for Itchyworms

It was in the early part of the turn of the millennium when I first heard an Itchyworms song. I even thought that this Pinoy rock band’s “Antipara” was an Eraserhead’s tune. Honestly, I became an instant fan because they sounded like Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raimund's band.

But as years go by, I realized that Itchyworms is not just a one-hit wonder after scoring one hit and another.  “Akin Ka Na Lang” was even my anthem when I was still luring my wife; “Beer” as my motivation to get drowned with alcohol during a stressful day; and “Penge Naman Ako Niyan” every time I beg the high heavens for anything from sheer luck to a glass of tasteful halo-halo.

Fast forward to present time, I am still hooked with the band. And it was such a super uber privilege to be able to meet them in person during the launching of their latest album After All This Time recently.  Itchyworms is composed of Jazz Nicolas (drums, lead vocals);  Jugs Jugueta (rhythm guitars, co-lead vocals); Kelvin Yu (bass guitar, backing vocals); and Chino Singson (lead guitars, backing vocals). The gang rocked Centris Activity Center in a night of great performance of songs their latest offering.

Fan mode on with Jugs
The album was actually released through the support of a local telecom company last year containing containing 10 soothing and sarap pampa-good vibes pero may sipa songs.

1. “Countdown”

2. “After All This Time”

3. “Ayokong Tumanda”

4. “Gliding in an Azure Reverie”

5. “Panahon”

6. “Life Sequence”

7. “Huwag na Sana ‘kong Gumising Mag-Isa”

8. “My Jolly Old Buddy”

9. “Rainy Day”

10. “Lost in Space with Rey Langit”

In the deluxe version which they launched, they added six new tracks including their take on the Heads’s Maling Akala. Other additions are Higher and Higher; Ayokong Tumanda (Tower Sessions and Acoustic); Huwag Na Sana ‘Kong Gumising Mag-isa (Ang Nawawalang Version); and After All this Time (Under the Weather Version).

I easily picked some songs that I can play over and over again and not get tired of it. The title track is a hands down sure choice for fans of the band but I love the pampa-in love sound of Ayokong Tumanda and Huwag na Sana ‘Kong Gumising Mag-isa. (Ang lakas lang maka-high school. The same magic one will feel while listening to Smokey Mountain’s Kailan). I had a laugh trip listening to Lost in Space. I was never bored the whole ten minutes of the track.

This album is one compilation that every fan of OPM songs should have, even if you’re not a fan of Itchyworms (which is highly unlikely if you’re reading this post).   

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Innocence In Time: The Book Launch

When was the last time you can remember that the word “innocence” applies to you?

Grade school days? Before you had your first ever crush on your seatmate who always share her peanut butter sandwich because she just don’t like the taste?

High school years? Before you had your first ever kiss with that special someone whom you’d thought would walk you down the aisle after 10 years but broke up with you after graduation day?

College era? Before you were forced to take a part-time job to continue your studies and experience how it’s like to stand all by yourself facing the real world since your parents are in the province?

Well, one thing’s for sure, every one of us has experience once innocence at some point of our lives.

Talking about innocence (here’s the segue part), a fellow blogger Chai Galapon ( who have leveled up and become an author will be launching her book Innocence In Time this coming Sunday (April 13) at SM Center – Pasig City.  Everyone is invited and if you buy a book through orders before the day of the event, you’ll earn a chance to win in the raffle draw sponsored by more than a dozen sponsors:

Philips Avent
Dippin Dots
D’ InPLAYtables
Pink Parlour
CD-R King
Pazzo Rollio
Sweet Life Coffee
Claytoons Polymer Clay
Walter Bread
Krispy Kreme
Adflix Manila
Books on Demand

Ang astig lang, diba?

For more updates regarding the event and about the book, please like

See you there!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Run for Mother Earth: Pro Earth Run 2014

In my opinion, man learned the art of running first before walking.

To those who don’t agree, try to imagine yourself living in the prehistoric era, waking up in the morning surrounded by a pack of T-Rex or Giganotosaurus checking which part of you is good for a power breakfast. Instinct, guys. During those times, almost every living thing on Earth grew up on the run.

Fast forward to present time. People nowadays have different reasons why they run. Some run to go to work. Others run to finish errands. But the most popular form of running today is fun run and other types of competitive running like marathon, 100m dash, etc.

In the Philippines, different organizations stage fun runs almost every week. One of the event happening soon is the Pro Earth Run 2014 scheduled this coming Saturday (April 12) at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP), the local counterpart of the Global Earth Day International will spearhead this event as part of the Earth Day Celebration on April 22. EDNP is a network of organizations that campaigns for environment protection and awareness working together with different government agencies, private corporations and non-government organizations.

I will be part of this event as a sign of my commitment to spread the word or theme of the event “Protect, Respect, Oversee Earth Care.” Another reason for joining this is because running is one of the cheapest and easiest form of exercise. No equipment needed. Just a pair of running shoes (well, some even run barefoot) and willing feet.

Few slots are still open for 1.5K & 3K categories until April 10. Please call (02) 9042304 or 9049826 if interested.

Happy running, guys!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The New Smokey Mountain is looking for singers

Back in the 90’s, the era when “text” is just an illustrated 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch cardboard that we boys flip by 3’s up in the air and then shout “pati pato’t panabla” (while the girls play 10-20 with their Chinese garters), you’re totally OP when you don’t know any song from the Pinoy pop band Smokey Mountain. That's why the song hits were quite huge back then.

For those who don’t know them (or those who deny to know them just to hide their real age), Smokey Mountain was a Filipino singing group formed by musical director, composer, conductor Ryan Cayabyab and had James Coronel, Geneva Cruz, Jeffrey Hidalgo, and Tony Lambino as its original members while Jason Angangan, Chedi Vergara & Zhar Santos joined James Coronel for the second line-up after Cruz, Hidalgo and Lambino left the group.

Who can forget these lakas maka-High School lines:

“Bakit kaya nangangamba
Sa tuwing ika'y nakikita
Sana nama'y magpakilala
Ilang ulit nang nagkabangga
Aklat kong dala'y pinulot mo pa
'Di ka pa rin nagpakilala”

Hay, I just spent 30 minutes watching Youtube clips of SM and good thing I remember that I have to finish this post. I have a big crush on Geneva and Chedi back then (I’m blushing now). Anyways, just want to share the good news to this who dreams of becoming a part of the Smokey Mountain history. Not as residences huh? But as member of the new Smokey Mountain that could be your key to your future singing career.

If you’re interested, go to to check if you’re qualified or not. Submission of application is until April 30. The great thing about this is that former members of SM will do the screening, interview and selection process. They will also have a reunion soon to celebrate the birth of the band 25 years ago.

So what if you’re not qualified? I have option B for you. Viva Artists Agency (VAA) is looking for new talents and they can include in future shows of Sarah Geronimo, Anne Curtis, KC Conceprion, Richard Mamuyac, errr, delete that last entry.

Just go to the VAA office at no. 61 Scout Madrinian cor. Scout Ybardaloza, Timog, QC on Aporil 5 and 12 from 10am to 3pm. Bring one whole body photo, one close-up photo and an audition piece in CD and VCD (cassette tapes is not an option, okay). And I almost forgot, you must be 11-17 years old nga pala.

So what, are you waiting for? Join now! (Lakas maka-Uncle Bob Lucky 7 Club)