Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why Jax Cote is just annoying as Yolanda

While I can't get sleep last night because of the creepy sound of the wind brought by typhoon Yolanda, considered as the strongest storm to hit land in history, I decided to just monitor the situation online. 

And guess what I found out... an equally annoying happening on the other side of the world. What's worse is that, it's something we Filipinos don't need while we are currently being harrassed and manhandled by Yolanda.

Apparently, a teacher from Canada named Jax Cote find amusement on the suffering that most of our kababayan was experiencing.

While we Pinoys, in an out of the country, prayed for our families' safety, this supposedtedly "educated" lady even got the nerve to praise high heavens for bringing such devastation to our land and even called us Filipinos names.

Yolanda is a forgetful moment in our history but people who challenge and insut the Filipino spirit will not be forgotten. We will prove you wrong. We will all rise from this.

Below is a comment posted from the CNN website that best describe the human spirit of Filipinos.

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