Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hardys: It Gets Better with Time

I remember one time when I was still active in online forums, somebody posted the question, "What is the essence of being a man?"

It was an fun and lively thread with some amusing replies mixed with a few serious ala-Miss Universe responses.

Well, one of my favorite answers was an excerpt from an essay by American writer Judith A. Middlebrooks that goes, "The essence of a man lies not in his riches or status but in the strength of his backbone, spirit and word."

It stuck with me.

It just happen that I read it during the time that I am in one of the lowest points of my life--- my newly-born daughter passed away.

My strength was tested physically, emotionally and spiritually. There were times I wanted to cry but I have to postpone sobbing because my wife is with me. I don't want her to see me shed tears because if there is someone in the world who suffer more than I do, it's her.

Everyday I prayed to God that if I'll be given a chance to be a father again, I promise be the best parent that I can be. Two years later, my son Charles came and life has never been the same again.

And just when I thought that I am fully-prepared and equipped to face fatherhood after spending hours reading books and other references and asking tips from my Tatay and Nanay and in-laws, I was caught off guard on the first day of being a dad again for the second time.

I fought against sleepless nights, stumbled many times before mastering the art of putting diapers, and would often get confused to whether my baby cries because he's wet or hungry.

Fatherhood is indeed one heck of a journey. But everything gets better with time. All I did was to hold onto my promise and soon I realized that I'm actually starting to be the good father that I want to be. Some signs that you are becoming Mr. Ideal Dad: If you are...

1. Not minding carrying a baby rattle, a can of milk and a stroller to what should be a relaxing weekend family date.

2. Memorizing the theme songs of Barney, Hi-5 and the Mickey Mouse Club House and other silly tunes to be able to sing along with your child.

3. Conceding to change the TV channel for another replay of Winnie the Pooh even if it means you would miss the last two minutes of an exciting basketball game.

4. Smiling even when your favorite shirt gets messy with spaghetti sauce and ice cream because you allowed your kid to have it “his way.”

5. Praying that you could change places with your baby whenever he is sick.

6. Waking up in the wee hours to change your child’s diaper even though you just slept for a few hours and need to rise up early for work in the morning.

7. Experiencing the greatest joy a man can feel even with the simplest thing like every time your child says, “I love you, Daddy!”

See, things get better over time, just like the finest wine.

Talking about wines, Hardys is another good example of something that just keeps getting better through the years. I am a fan of the brand that is served in some memorable occasions that I have attended in the past. Here's HARDYS in a nutshell.

Heritage. This wine of choice is a product of 5 generations of winemakers up to present day from founder Thomas Hardy to the current top honcho Bill Hardy.

Award-winning. With over 3000 awards recieved in the last decade, Hardys is considered as the most Powerful Australian wine brand characterized by quality and consistency.

Range of sub brands. Hardys has a strong appeal across a wide range of consumers with the many choices it offers for different social events.

Dependable. The brand is produced by the pioneers of quality blending techniques that maintains Hardys as a premium, aspirational product and relevant to wine drinkers.

Years of experience. Established in 1853, Hardys is not just a name. It's speak of quality and excellent taste perfected by 160 years of wine making experience.

Sure fun. Whether it's a dinner with a loved one or a party or picnic with friends and families, Hardys is the perfect companion for special occasions.

Through the years, I learned the true essence of being a man. For me, it is being able to raise a child who will also be a good parent to his future sons and daughters. I hope every man reading this post will drink to that.
And  to all my readers, friends and family who are also experience triumphs in life, no matter how simple or big it is. Let us celebrate every goal we reach in life! Indeed, things get better over time, just like Hardys – after 160 years, it just keeps getting better.

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halfwhiteboy said...

I'm sorry for your loss. But like you said, everything gets better over time. Happy for your second child and happy for your family.

Let's drink to that, Pre!

Richard Mamuyac said...

Thanks, pre. Sali ka na din para kita uli tayo sa awarding if ever hehe :)

Filipina Explorer said...

Aaaw...what a heartfelt post, Richard. I am happy na you and your wife have Charles to make days even better for you guys.

And true-lala, ang hirap maging parent. But it does get better with time! :)

FTW na naman to sa Nuffnang! Sigurado yan! Good luck!