Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anti-Sakit, Anti-Liit syrup for kids: Let's drink to that!

It's always a music to my ears when people say that my son Charles is growing up just like me. Specially if it comes from people who basically know me since I was a kid.

But honestly, I do have some fears on my child following my footsteps. You see, I grow up to be prone to different illnesses. I had measles, chicken fox, polio and asthma. The last one is what my little Charles has been experiencing in the last four years. That's why we have a standby nebulizer at home.

The other thing I don't want him to inherit from me is my height. I want him to grew way way taller than my 5'3 length . Well, I can be 5'6 if I want to but I can't really move that fast with those elevator shoes.

During my younger years, my mom put her faith of improving my height on a margarine which she mixes in my rice every meal or as a sandwich spread inside a monay. Obviously, it was not enough and thus I just have to be contended with 160 centimeters.

Thank God for wonder vitamins these days, my son has better chances of avoiding sickness and being under height. Well, one product known today in the Philippines as the Anti-sakit, Anti-liit syrup is Ceelin Plus which uses the unique ZincPlusTM technology that combines Vitamin C and Zinc in a liquid format. Such combination results in a dual immunity boosting action and a stronger immune system.
Another nice thing about Ceelin Plus from Unilab is its fruity flavor, Apple to be exact, which means no more chase scene at home every time my toddler needs to take his dose of vitamins. My son absolutely loves its taste.

Less stress at home means quality time between parents and kids. Let's drink to that!

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