Monday, November 11, 2013

TWD 0405: Internment

This week's episode of The Walking Dead Season 4, Internment, should have been titled "Father's Day" instead.

This episode highlighted the two fathers in the group, Rick and Hershel, who both shined in the most thrilling sequences this episode, if not this season. Both will play hero roles for their children and also risked their lives to people they considered as their own.

An "important" character in Season 4 will finally bite the dust. While a main character since Day 1 "almost" joined Team Walkers if not for the timely help from other protagonists.

Just when you thought that you have already shrieked your loudest at the mid portion of the show, hold on to your jaw and eye balls because they might dropped on the floor a few second before the end credits are shown.

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