Monday, November 4, 2013

TWD 0404: Indiferrence

Daryl Dixon
What this week's episode of The Walking Dead lack in action and gore, make it up with emotional conflicts between the main characters.

Again, this is harmless spoiler of TWD Season 4, Episode 4: Indifference so you just continue reading and come back in this post once who saw this episode and share your thoughts on the recent developments in the show.

I may have incorrectly predicted that there will be a "significant death" in the show this week but one protagonist from Season 1 bid good bye... not to the program but from Team Rick's community. Well, the character was actually forced to leave because of a good (?) reason.

Daryl once again shows his bad boy side in a conflict with a fellow "inmate" while two new characters, seems with potential for a story angle, were killed prematurely. Well, one of them might still be alive since only once was shown gutted and being eaten by walkers.

Expect the first half of the episode to be a little dragging especially if you are a fan of the show who wants every installment to be bloody and suspenseful as possible.

Who will be "gone" this week? That's for you to find out. 

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