Monday, November 18, 2013

TWD 0406: Live Bait

If you are not a fan of The Governor, don't watch this week's episode of The Walking Dead. The whole episode is devoted to Mr. Brian Blake aka The G.

But if you are a true fan of TWD, you'll be more excited to watch the latest installment of season 4 because fans will be reintroduced to the most hated man of the zombie era and people will never look at this character the same way again.

The Governor had a family--- a beautiful family. He had a life. He had an unforgettable past and he is also weak sometimes. He's human. He too has a heart.

I won't be surprised if the Governor will gain a number fans after this episode even if there's an online petition from some TWD fans who want's to have his character killed in the ongoing season. With a new family, a new daughter and a new lovelife for Gov, I don't think the producers will kill him that easily after building up on his character for more than 40 minutes this week.

And please, don't deny that you did cheer for the Governor while being chased by zombies in the hospital and in the forest. Wink wink.

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