Monday, November 25, 2013

TWD 0407: Dead Weight

Martinez meets his former boss again
The Governor is back!

Yup, this is my harmless spoiler for Episode 7 and not Episode 6. Last week, AMC devoted the whole episode for Brian "The G" and fans of The Walking Dead got an emotional swing of sort and "fell in love" with his character. However, it was a different persona that we saw.

This week, it's another Governor episode with only a minute of exposure from the guys in the prison cell. But this time, he is back... absulutely back in his evil ways. A recurring character will bid good bye. New faces will be introduced with some getting the "special treatment" from the one-eyed killer while others will stay maybe for an episode or two.

The fans that Brian gained last episode will be the same people who will curse him this week.

Also, make sure to enjoy every minute of the latest installment of TWD because next week will be their mid-season finale and we have to wait until Valentines of 2014 before we see them again.

If Daryl don't get at least half the episode exposure next week, I don't know what will half of the female population of the world will do. So AMC, be warned.    

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