Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thor Viral Photos and your chance to win cool Thor shirts

UPDATES:  See the list of winners in the comment section of this post. Thanks to all who joined this mini contest. It was a Thor-ture reading all your humor. Thor-ture to my tummy because of the laughs and to my head because of jolt of migraine trying to decipher some of the entries. :)

UPDATES: Instead of the earlier announced hammer and nails set as prizes, I will be giving out three (3) cool shirts to the best comments on this post.  Prizes will be shipped to the winners (as long the delivery address is within the Philippines) And starting today, you may also post Thor humor lines, knock-knock jokes, etc. aside from Use Thor in a Sentence."  Please see full mechanics below. Extended until Thor-sday (August 2, 2012) ang pagsali!!!

Special thanks to Woman Avenue for the prizes!

Today is Thursday or should I say Thor's day (for more than a week now) with the sudden surge of Thor and Chris Hemsworth "enhanced" photos, memes and jokes online. 

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At first, I was just kinda "liking" every Thor photo shared via Facebook then I started to post comments and the next thing I knew, I was making my own Thor pic.  Who says Loki is dead. He's probably just hiding somewhere in the disputed Scarborough Shoal since no one (yes, as in NO ONE, dear Chinese brothers) should be there until an agreement has been forged. Loki could have started this Thor thingie by creating an FB account and posing as somebody named Ashley or Kimmy and posted one of the photos circulating cyberspace today.

Now, here's some of the possible reasons how Thor became viral again after two months The Avengers hit the silver screen:

1.  Well, some guys could have gotten envy why Chris Hensworth can look good in long blonde hair and beard while carrying a 100-ton hammer. I tried pasting my face on his body via Adobe and I looked like a clown.

2.   This could be an indirect protest of  Tobey Maguire fans to Marvel who got a new Spider-Man in
Andrew Garfiled.  Why no Spidey spoof photos yet? Probably, they just hate to admit that Andrew is also amazing.

3. It's been raining whole week and we can't do anything but stay indoor. And what's the best way to kill time inside your room? Ruin somebody's life!

4.  Or simply, Chris Hemsworth might be Chuck Norris' long lost son to his Filipina girlfriend during the shoot of Missing In Action in Cavite a few decades ago.

Whatever the real reason behind this phenom, who cares!  Here's a compilation of  some Thor pics that I saw online along with a couple of works I did during that rainy Tuesday (could not say Thuesrday since it sounds Thursday). Also, I am having a mini Thor Hammer Time giveaway. Please see contest details below.

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My Thor pic #1 (I hope you're not having breakfast)

My Thor pic #2

Now, since I just got hit by the Thor phenom, I am having the Mighty Thor Hammer Time giveaway where three (3) cool Thor shirts will be sent to the lucky winners.  Please see the mechanics below.

1. Subscribe to or follow this blog.

2. Comment in this post by responding in this challenge: Use Thor in a sentence.

3. Knock knock jokes, humor line and other funny comments are also accepted

4. You can post as many comments as you can (provided that they are amusing and does not content vulgar and offensive words) on or before July 31, 2012.

5.  Make me laugh hard or amuse me like that chick or hunk in the bar that you want to share tequila with and who knows what cool stuff I'll add to this giveaway.

6. Sponsors are also welcome in this giveaway so we'll have more prizes to send to participants. Please follow Woman Avenue (optional).

7. Just a favor, just in case you're into joining contest and promos, you can like my contest blog Mapanghingi Ka Ba? on Facebook to get updates and info about upcoming promotions online.

Thanks and may the force of Loki be with you!


John Cabredo said...

I like this girl a lot. I'm not fugly, nor do I have a hot chick repellant. I even know how to woo a reluctant lady. One word describes me though, I'm THOR-pe!

TechUpdate said...

i love this movie THOR, it's like having a pet that only can command it. but with these different version of THOR is kinda funny and sensibility to each and everyone.

BTA said...

Lika na lunch break na. Treat mo ko sa THORo THORo! :p

RonRacing said...

Anong mga eroplano ang ginamit nung EDSA Revolution? E di Thor-a Thor-a! Nyee!

RonRacing said...

Napanood mo ba yung bagong Spider-man. I-download natin yung Thor-rent :)

BTA said...

Pare kamukha mo crush kong artista... si VicTHOR Basa :p

mommygiay said...

Pahiram ng screw driver. Bakit? Higpitan ko THOR-nilyo mo, maluwag na yata eh?

Lloydb said...

Sali ako sir! anong prize? hehe

Girlie 1? or Girlie 2?? Sana 2 nalang puso ko.. hirap talaga maging THORn Between two lovers e.

Lloydi said...

dami mong arte sa pag kain, ung iba nga wla ng may mkain, e kaw merun pa. kumain kna nga ng kangTHOR masarap yan...

Rain said...

Hahahaha .. I so love this post. I hope the prizes for the contest is thor inspired to like that THORon for the runner-ups and a sari-sari sTHOR Showcase for the grand prize!
Anyway, use Thor in a sentence!
Ano ang meron sa LIBRO? .. e di isTHORya.
E sa isTHORya ano meron? .. e di mga karakTHOR.
E anong gusto mo karakTHOR? .. mas gusto ko maging konTHORbida kesa maging bida!
:) #makasalilanghahaha

leo said...

nakaka-THOR-rete ANG ANG NEWSFEED ko sa facebook puro THOR ang topic..haaayyyy THORliro ako sa mga nababasa ko......hihihihih

maridel said...

Alam mo gwapo ka pero THORpe ka naman! hehehehe

BTA said...

pare inom tayo...naTHORotot ako ni mare mo eh...

SkateShoesPH said...

Tho R ichard Mamuyac - ikaw na ang pinaka astig na blogger na nakilala ko. Ibigay mo na sakin yang isang Thor na shirt :)

SkateShoesPH said...

How much does Thor's Hammer weigh? [How much?] Enough to break the ice... Hi, I'm (insert your name here).

SkateShoesPH said...

Hello, I'm Thor, and I'm going to make your heart beat like a Hammer!

Lovely Joy Merced said...

Anak: Nay, kamukha mo si Miriam DefenTHOR :D

Nanay: Tumahimik ka! sisinTHORunin kita dyan!

Joy said...

Joy: Use Thor in a sentence
Everyone: Use it!
Thorete, thorete, thorete ako
Thorete, thorete, thorete sa 'yo

(Repeat refrain)

Thorete, thorete, thorete ako
Thorete, thorete, thorete ako

(Repeat chorus)

Thorete, thorete, thorete sa'yo

Lovely Joy Merced said...

Girl: Sinong Thor ang masarap sakyan?
Boy: sino?
Girl: Edi si MoThor!


Gusto mo bang kumain?

Share na lng tayo sa Thor'on ko....

This comment has been removed by the author.
rhea paragsa said...

knock knock time..

"Thor"ry "Thor"ry "THor"ry "Thor"ry
Naega naega naega meonjeo
Nege nege nege ppajyeo
Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo
Sumi makhyeo makhyeo makhyeo
Naega michyeo michyeo baby

-Super Junior.ü

Cha Sy said...

Asan na yun THORon gutom na gutom na ako!

Edna P. said...

Teacher: Ano ang mga favorite animals ni Thor?

Totoy: e di Thor-key, Thor-tle at Alliga-Thor!

Teacher: Ah, magaling ka pala ha? Sige nga, bigyan mo ko ng 10 animals na alag ni Thor. Ipapasa na kita sa grade 6.

Totoy: Andale naman. kahit 15 animals pa... 5 Thor-key, 5 Thor-tle at 5 Alliga-Thor! Beee!

ferdinand_dti said...

Dumb: Use THOR in a sentence.

Dumber: My favorite Tablet PC is Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Dumb. Asan ang THOR dun?

Dumber: Yung OS nya. AnTHORoid.

Ferdinand Angeles

Fred Said said...

Anong paboritong bulaklak ni Thor?

E di.... AnTHORium!

Fred Said said...

Ano ang trabaho ni Thor pag hindi say super hero?

E di .... aTHORney!

Richard Mamuyac said...

Sorry for the delay guys but I finally have a list of winners after going through the entries

And the winners are:

1. Edna P. - I just love Teacher-student skits. Love ko kasi mga teachers ko and I have a lot of anecdotes almost similar to her entry.

2. RonRacing - His Thor-a Thor-a entry is something I haven't heard of until he posted it. Mababaw man at medyo corny but waiting for Tora-tora zooming in the sky when I was a kid was one amazing moment for me in the 80's.

3. rhea paragsa - Among all entries, this one got me asking others what the heck was entry suppose to mean. Until my niece started singing it to me with accompanying dance steps. And then I said, "yun pala yun!" at natawa na lang ako.

Again, thank you to all who joined. Salamat at pinatulan nyo ang mini-giveaway kong ito na hindi ko alam kung bakit ko naisipan hehe.

God bless everyone!

Richard Mamuyac said...

To the winners: Please email me at for the details on how you will receive your prize. One Thor shirt per winner :) said...

thanks for the it... and i love it..