Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012

I am fond of making lists.

From shopping list to wish list and things-to-do-list to bucket list, I just love the feeling of jotting just about anything that comes to mind and taking time to make it into sort of a challenge that I have to accomplish on a given time.

When I was in elementary, I used to be the designated "lister" (if there is such a thing) of our class adviser. Well, it's just actually a task that even a dummy can do. I just have to note on a sheet of paper or, if I am a little brave on a day, on the blackboard my anyone in our room who roam around, noisy, standing or littering while our teacher left us for we-don't-know-what-she's-doing-in-the-CR-for-half-an-hour.

When she arrives, it's the dreaded "the look" from her to every single soul listed in "the list". Now, if you want to be spared from "the look," you better have a spare peso from your baon to get a piece of pastillas or two that our teacher is selling secretly.

That was the earliest form of list that I made and after that, I basically grew up listing just about anything worth noting. The only list I try to avoid is the one with those personal credit and loans.

Now, let's talk about blogging and a list I just made for the writing project Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012.  Below are the blogs I stumbled upon and have been my source of great reading in the past few months now:

1. www.GadgetGambit.com - Great name for a tech blog. I often get great online promos from this site along with the cool reviews about the latest devices in the market.

2. www.eccentricyethappy.blogspot.com - Who says you can't be happy when you're eccentric? Well, read this blog and find out the fun-filled journey of a quirky lady is into everyday.

3.  www.foydi.blogspot.com - The hunt for real life's treasure is what Foydi's Treasure Hunt all about.  Be amazed how even the simplest things in the world has an inspiring story to tell.

4.  www.pinabilingsuka.com - It's always a joy to read when there are moments of laughing or giggling. This blog is fun and has touch of humor in most of its entries.

5.  www.thehealthyjourney.tumblr.com - We talk and hear about health and wellness from time to time but are we really doing something to improve our ways? Well, this blog tells you how.

6.  www.yummytales.com - This blog tells that it's not only food that can be yummy. Sometimes, there are things in life that we'd like to savor again and again because of the great feeling it brings.

7.  www.musicrepubliq.com - I am a music lover and I want to be updated with the latest hits and who are the artists currently making waves in the chart. This blog keeps me in the loop.

8. www.fadandglamor.com - Want to be fashionable but your on strict budget. You'll get a tip or two on how to do it in this blog from a fashionista mom blogger-on-a-budget.

9. www.mommysmaglife.blogspot.com - A mommy dreams to have a magazine featuring about her life as a parent. Well, she's on a good start with this blog about motherhood and related topics.

10. www.maximizingmarriage.com - Who wants a happy and long-lasting relationship? Here's one site that will give you ideas and tips on how to make marriage a worth-while adventure.

This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Tof Salcedo, Philippine data center, Philippine online shopping, Manila Standard Today, DigitalFilipino Club, Search Profile Index, and more to be added.

And so I invite my fellow bloggers, "What's in your list?"


GadgetGambit.com said...

Thanks Richard for your vote of confidence for GadgetGambit.com

Just in case you will have more slots, you may also consider my friend's http://MaximizingMarriage.com which talks about marriage and for sure, you can relate. :)

Cha said...

Thank you sir Richard!

Ness said...

Thanks Sir Richards!

Janette Toral said...

Hi Richard. Kindly edit your blog post and add a link to the writing project page. Once done, kindly advise so I can include your entry in the next count. Thank you.

Janette Toral said...

Hi Richard. It seems SweetsCity has less than 20 blog post as of this time. Singlemomsupermom is not accessible. SayitNessie started before June 2011. Let me know when you update. Thank you.

Janette Toral said...

Hi Richard. This is to mark your entry as complete. Kindly advise if you will avail of your free slot at the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit.

GadgetGambit.com said...

This is a belated 'Thank You' for your vote of confidence!

Please see invitation:

Alexis said...

Good bblog post