Monday, July 9, 2012

SWABE: Sunday Winners And Big Endings

Yesterday was one of the most exciting Sundays I've ever experienced.

Good thing I was not sleeping (Well, I had a 5-minute nap while hearing mass. Sorry po, Father... it's not you, it's me)

Anyways, if there is one word I can describe July 8, 2012--- it's SWABE because of the many Sunday Winners And Big Endings that just happened in the span of 24 hours.

Boom! From PH with love (Image credit:
Sunday Winner no. 1: Nonito DoƱaire
Big Ending: The Filipino Flash dominated South African Jeffrey Mathebula in their super bantamweight title unification held in California thus more people now agree that he is the Philippines’ newest candidate for boxing superstardom.

The newly-crowned Kitchen Star (left) and the proud owner of a brand new stainless Electrolux microwave oven (right)  (Image credit: Green Dei)
Sunday Winner no. 2: Rigette Osoteo
Big Ending: After undergoing a 2-day cooking boot camp under some of the respected and known chefs in the country and another 2 days of exciting kitchen competition, this petite soon-to-be chef took home a prize worth over Php 150,000 after being proclaimed as this year's Electrolux Wok-A-holic Kitchen Star.

The Big J and Big C--- Caguiao, that is (Image credit:
Sunday Winner no. 3: Robert Jaworksi
Big Ending: After almost 15 years since he wore the popular no. 7 jersey on the hard court, the Living Legend of Philippine basketball has finally received the fitting tribute that he rightfully deserved. His Ginebra San Miguel uniform was hanged to the rafters and forever will be displayed in Smart Araneta Coliseum where some of his epic battles took place.

Bozeman's buzzer beater (Image credit:
Sunday Winners no. 4: Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings
Big Ending: After the Jaworski tribute, the Gin Kings played a very physical yet exciting ballgame against sister team Petron Boosters. All throughout the game, the Brarangay was outplayed by Petron until the "never-say-die" spirit that the Big J exemplifies somewhat jolted into each and every player of the team en route to a game-winning shot from Ginebra import Cedric Bozeman with .3 seconds left in the ballgame.

Lola Ilang's pink kung pink birthday cake
Sunday Winner no. 5: Lola Ilang
Big Ending: Our beloved lola celebrated her 90th birthday with a big feast in my in-laws home in Quezon City. She vowed to stay as loving and sweet as she is for 30 more years. I was not able to take part of some of the surprises since I was "on duty" in another place the whole afternoon but I was able to witness and the last part of the party--- packing of leftovers! Thus, we had a big dinner in our own house in Pasig.

With this, I wish for more SWABE to come! Let's drink to that!

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Green Dei/DeiVille said...

you made a great compilation, I liked most the "swabe" Jawo fever, people must have missed his presence in the court, not to mention getting really mad while saying his infamous P******^&^$^#%# and poke those referees who jerks the game rules and fans throwing tomatoes (did they?)

Btw, I have my swabe sunday too for bringing home my #Wokaholic social media tools! :)