Monday, July 30, 2012

I trust nTrust

This photo was taken at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila as people were lining up for their turn to register in a workshop that day. It's like people were trapped inside a fish bowl because of the usual prolonged process of falling in line. If you want to avoid long line-ups, go to

“You’re next!”

This is one of the most anticipated messages anyone wants to hear especially after waiting in line for quite a while.

Of course, there’s a few exception like if the one who told you these words is a person in his deathbed, a grinning man poking a gun at you, or your fuming mad boss who just fired your best pal in the office.

But seriously, for us Filipinos (people who basically grew up accustomed to falling in line), the phrase “you’re next” is not just a cluster of words.  It is a welcome development, a good news, an exciting moment and a door being opened for possible great opportunities.

You are not 100% Pinoy if you did not experience at least one of the following waiting-in-line situations in your life:

1. Last day of paying your household Meralco bill

2. Placing a bet for the super mega ultraelectromagnetic top lotto draw

3. At the college cashiers’ office an hour before final exam

4. Screening of any superhero movie (especially the one with Thor in it)

5. In a concert of an artist with a foreign-sounding surname

6. Infront of the ATM machine during the 15th and 30th day of the month with almost every single person in your office building.

7. Next to a woman with two fully-loaded grocery carts the time you bought either the 20-peso ice cream cones (you know what I’m referring to) or that little overpriced 50-peso ice cream bar (I’m sure you have tasted all its flavors already).

8. Somewhere in the other side of the world trying to remit money to the Philippines

9. Applying for an ID from SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG, BIR and NBI or you’ll never get that job.

10. At the MRT or LRT station with the hazard of losing your precious Androids or BBs.

When you’re in these situations, especially when you’re at the end of the line, you can only look up in the sky and do some cursin’ and rantin’. Bottom line is you are still at the tail end and can’t do anything but wait for your turn.

How you wish there is a better solution to cut down the waiting time. Every second spent in long lines is a wasted time. In the fast-faced world that is today, keeping people in “pause mode” is a no-no.
Lost time could have been a memorable moment with your family, a thoughtful visit to your bestfriend’s house, or an extra time to finish your work load on time.

When you try to look at it, most of the situations that forces us to fall in line involve transmitting money from withdrawing salary to purchasing an item and paying for service rendered to settling the dues of an account.

Here’s a good news that is definitely a great alternative to cut down time spent in these activities and keep people out of long lines.  It’s like forever that we’re inside a fish bowl trapped in the usual prolonged process of falling in line. Now, we have nTrust to help us get out of norm and change for the better.

nTrust empowers you to send or receive money to and from anywhere in the world. This is definitely a better and safe way how to transfer money to the Philippines. I opened an account with them online and found out some wonderful features that I want to share.   And so I say, if you want to avoid long lines and delay, make it easy and fast with nTrust:

No fees. It is the only platform that offers free transactions between you and other nTrust members. Whether you’re paying a thousand dollars or transferring 25 cents, pesos or euros, here or abroad, send the payment at no cost with your multiple currency account.

Transaction 24/7. Access your account online anytime of the day, anywhere you are. It only takes a few minutes to create a free account over You’ll be guided with instructions and video tutorials and you’re good to go. You can now enjoy the unlimited free vault-to-vault transfer feature that you’ll definitely find very convenient.

Risk-free. For nTrust, security is not optional.  That’s why they are using bank level  security to protect the money of their members.  This is something that every OFW should try when they send money to the Philippines to make sure their hard-earned money goes safely to their families.

Uses private data encryption.  nTrust utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption--- a standard that meets or even exceed every known international banking standard for online transactions. All data is protected and validated by Verisign and TRUSTe.

Simple yet fast. Members can send and  receive any amount, any currency, anytime and anywhere on Earth instantly. After becoming a citizen of the nTrust nation, you can build a neighbourhood or a real-life social network of family and friends to whom you can easily send money because they are visible in your account.

Truly personalized. What’s make nTrust special compared to other platforms is that they also make each of their members special with incredible add-ons in the account like alerts on account activity, a personalized nTrust card and many rewards and perks as a user.

I’m pretty sure I will discover more great features from nTrust as I see a long partnership with the brand.  As someone who does shopping, funds transfer, and bills payment via the internet, I only want to entrust my money to a company who works on making such experience worthwhile, safe and easy.

I am now using nTrust and I am very sure, “you’re next!”

Try out nTrust, today! 


Masyete said...

Nice... would like try ntrust too :-)

Rain said...

uy bago to ah, sounds interesting :)

Mommy Leah said...

Uy, new option worth trying :)