Sunday, July 29, 2012

Momsky Goes to the 2012 London Olympic Games

Momsky (third from left) beside Popsky taking time for this group shot with P&G officials and other guests including yours truly in a London-inspired hat and beer belly
When I was a child, I had this fantasy of standing on stage during the Olympic games and being proclaimed as the first Filipino Olympian to get a gold medal.  I had a lot of versions--- I was a swimmer, boxer, wrestler, fencer, and a karate kid.

Two decades later, I did not become any of the athletes that I mention. I failed but I never stopped dreaming that someday a Pinoy will finally get the spotlight and we will finally hear our national anthem being played in the “biggest sports spectacle in the world.”

I have this good feeling that this year could be the time that the most awaited moment of every sports-loving Filipino will happen. It may be againts all odds for our country’s lone boxing hope Mark Barriga but millions of his kababayan will definitely be praying for his success all the way.

Mark and other members of the Philippine team need every cheer and prayer they can get.  The young boxer is just a little luckier than the rest because his biggest fan will be watching his every move during the 2012 Olympics because the kind-hearted people behind Procter & Gamble, Proud Sponsor of Moms, flew in his mom Melita Barriga, together with husband Edgar Barriga, to London to enable her to show her love and support to her 18-year old son.

To prepare her for the London where she will see her son’s bouts, Procter & Gamble held an intimate party over Afternoon Tea at the Manila Peninsula with the participation of the British Council.  The setting of the place emanated the culture of elegance that London is known for, and Anama Dimapilis, Procter & Gamble Corporate Communications Manager, balanced it with her lively hosting as she emulated the variety of accents to be heard in the bustling city.

I was one of the invited bloggers who personally wished “Momsky”, as Melita is lovingly called by her children, good luck to her and her son for what could be the most exciting week of their lives.

Momsky and the rest of the participants learned more general information and some key details about London to get her ready. With the briefing conducted by Mike Cabigon of the British Council, she and husband “Popsky” learned about the London weather, what to wear, the nuances in culture, how to interact with the locals and a crash course on geography and how to get around in the city. Toward the end of the program, Procter & Gamble presented them with their passport with UK Visa, jackets, and a care package to help them during their first trip outside of the country. Finally, the British Council gave them a book of games about London and the Olympics to help while their time while on the plane.

Momsky will also be bringing the hopes of those who yearn for the first gold medal for the Philippines, as well as the faith of those who wish that her son fares well. The most important thing that Momsky is bringing to London, however, is the support that she has always provided for Mark--- the love she has always had for her son, the boy that she raised to be an Olympic athlete, through her own rather Olympic feat.

I will be posting updates about Mark’s journey to greatness and Momsky’s adventures in UK as well. just click HERE from time to time for such exciting news and information.

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