Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hoodie You Want

What do you get when you cross Christmas breeze and monsoon rain? People wearing hoodies.

Well, that’s not actually a joke since hoodies are definitely one of the hottest things today. Well, they look cool, too.

A hoodie, also called a hooded sweatshirt or hoody, is a sweatshirt with a hood (apologies for the redundancies because I just want to make it really clear that my readers are thinking of the same hoddie that I have in mind).

But do you know the story behind the hoodie aside from the fact that it is a clothing with a muff sewn onto the lower front, a hood, and usually a drawstring to adjust the hood opening, and may have a vertical zipper down the center similar to a windbreaker style jacket?

Here are 7 Hoodie Trivia that you might find interesting:

1. The garment's style and form can be traced back to Medieval Europe when the normal clothing for monks included a long, decorative hood called a cowl attached to a tunic or robes, and a chaperon or hooded cape was very commonly worn by any outdoors worker.

2. The hooded sweatshirt was first produced in the United States starting in the 1930s by Champion in and marketed to laborers working who endured freezing temperatures while working in upstate areas.

3. The hoodie took off in the 1970s, with several factors contributing to its success. Hip hop culture developed in New York City around this time, and the hoodie's element of instant anonymity provided by the accessible hood.

4. Most critical to the hoodie's popularity during the 70's was its iconic appearance in the blockbuster boxing film Rocky.

5. By the 1990s, the hoodie had evolved into a symbol of isolation, a statement of academic spirit, and several fashion collections.  Young men, often skateboarders or surfers, sported the hoodie and spread the trend across the western United States. The rise of hoodies with university logos began around this time.

6. Hoodie Day was launched in May 2008 in New Zealand as part of an annual national Youth Week, a pro-youth initiative to challenge youth stereotypes.

7. In April 2013, the highly durable "10-Year Hoodie" was invented. The hooded sweatshirt is 100% cotton and the American manufacturers sourced yarns that are spun to become softer over time to ensure durability. 

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