Friday, October 10, 2014

Astig Tips: Halloween Costume for Kids

Are you having a hard time looking for a costume this Halloween?

Well, it's doubly harder for parents who wants something new and unique for their kids. That's why I came out of  some practical tips for parents who are having nightmares and a hell of an experience (OA words intended use for horror effect) searching for the perfect costume for their children. 

1. Give your kids a hand on choosing their costumes. You can ask them what they want but you should also consider if what they like is doable or appropriate.

2. Use your head and buy their costume now. Prices of these stuff will sure to jack up as October 31 comes near so better shop a few weeks earlier before the occasion.

3. Buy a costume that your child can also wear for a few more years and in other events. A Santa costume can be worn again on Christmas (every year) or a reindeer during a school play.

4. Never buy a costume that will take a looooong time to wear and undress. This is to avoid any hassle when your kid feels uncomfortable anytime while in character.

5. Use your mind and save money with handcrafted costume.

6. Don't make it a hard sell. If you will dress up your child, no need to place a name tag of the character. Wouldn't it be great if people will recognize them through the pieces he/ she is wearing.

7. Don't put so many stuff in and on the costume. Your kids will make rounds from one house to another for treat and trick and it's hard to move when you have a loaded bucket and heavy outfit at the same time.

8. Get some ideas by looking outside the window (or in front of the mirror). Different people passing by can give you some great suggestions

9. Zombie costume will be a common sight on Halloween so tell your kids to be someone or something else instead.

10. Always remember that whatever your kid will wear, it will always look good because anything about them is awesome!

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