Monday, October 13, 2014

What goes best with pizza?

I was browsing the net for some information for an article that I’m doing when I found myself reading a thread where people are arguing on what goes best with pizza.

The first comments where “beer, wine, ice-cold soda and even milk.” Then the responses became  amusing with “simple black dress and low heels” to “a good movie plus more pizza.” Two commenters gave cheesy yet sweet suggestions: “a boyfriend to share it with” and “the company of a good friend.”

I asked my 5-year old son Charles the same question and his quick reply was “with my Superman costume!”

Well, it seems that little Charlie still can’t get over with the superhero-themed afternoon playtime that he had along with other kids at Shakey’s Pizza along Katipunan Ave., Quezon City.  I have never seen him that happy in his spandex suit as he played, dance and share yummy slices of pizza and other food treats with fellow super kids.

With Shakey’s bringing in the “superpowers” of DC’s Justice League as they offer Justice League Unlimited party package, it will be easier to decide where Charles will spend his next birthday.  Charles sports Justice League merchandises almost every day from his school bag to lunch box and shirts to underwear (Son, if you happen to read this in the future. Please forgive me with these confessions. I just have to prove to my readers how crazy we are with the man of steel.)

As for the Shakey’s food packages on Justice League Unlimited, the platter of delights that will be served will surely make everyone happy, most especially the host of the party; by feasting on complete set meals of favorite menu items from Shakey’s.


For Package A, guests can take pleasure in 1 piece chicken and rice, paired with ice cream and 12 oz. iced tea. For Package B, it’s a delectable plate of 1 piece chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, ice cream, and 12 oz. iced tea.

Package C, on the other hand, is a scrumptious serving of 1 piece chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread slice of pizza, 2 pieces of mojo, and 12 oz. iced tea. For Package D, it’s a delicious plate of 1piece chicken, spaghetti, 2 slices of pizza, 2 pieces of mojos, 12 oz. iced tea, and a bowl of creamy mushroom soup on the side.

Bring out the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern in your kids!  Party packages include signature dishes, activities, and even props that will further enliven the gathering. Guests are also encourages to dress up for the party. If you want to know more about this super celebration offering, just visit

Now if you’ll ask me what goes best with pizza? Well, I’ll take any drink for my pizza as long as I share a fresh from the oven pan with Charles messy hand and my wife’s wonderful smile after a hearty meal.   


Triple Joys said...

I love kiddie parties! I love pizzas! I love the man of steel too! I used to pretend I was Lois when I was still a kid! Lol! :)

Richard Mamuyac said...

@MY Simple Joys! Thanks for visiting my site. Yup, childhood dreams will forever stay in our heart :)