Saturday, February 15, 2014

Swish Love with Fresh Breath

Valentine’s Day is a little different this year.

Yup, my wife and I had our traditional dinner date and exchanging of gifts and greeting cards. Only this time, we have five other pairs to share the table with. Let’s call it a group date.  We were joined by my wife’s siblings and their spouses in a pizza parlor in Gateway mall in Quezon City. The night was filled with laughter and my tummy with slices of thin crust goodies.

When we got home, I can still recall all the amusing stories we shared. I can still taste the spaghetti sauce in my mouth. Worse, I can still smell the scent of the onion toppings of the pizzas that I ate. Well, it only took me 30 seconds to solve the problem.

Good thing we have Swish Mouthwash, a quality product of Unilab, in our bathroom. It’s a alcohol-free oral care brand.  One unique thing about it is that it has SureFresh that helps fight bad breath, plaque and gingivitis for long-lasting fresh breath.  You can even have a different flavor of mouthwash per day since Swish has five great-tasting variants: Peppermint Fresh, Arctic Chill, Cinnamon Blast, Mangosteen Mint and Icy Choco Mint.

My personal favorite is Arctic Chill because of the exciting coolness it brings inside my mouth. I actually have a post about the minty level that every Swish flavor gives. Check HERE if you want to learn what variant will suit your need.

The following day, I was talking to my officemates about how they spent Heart’s day. Kuya Toto and Edward were excitedly sharing their story when I noticed something, smelled something to be precise. I can tell what they had over lunch based on the scent in the room. There’s definitely something fishy entering my nostrils so I offered them a couple of pocket size Swiss

I told them that since it’s alcohol free, it is safe to use every day and assures an enjoyable gargling experience. With Swish, they’ll definitely have fresh breath all day. It’s an essential product in every home and office. It’s a must inside the bathroom.

Here’s what my officemate has to say about Swish Mouthwash: 

Edward: “Swish taste good. It really tastes mangosteen. The taste and smell of the fish I ate for lunch was totally gone. My mouth feels very fresh now.”

Kuya Toto: “I like it. I can now kiss my wife even after eating as long I use Swish.”

Well, I am just happy that I was able to share love, or Swish love to be exact. As I always say to my friend, nothing can go bad if you have fresh breath.

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