Monday, February 3, 2014

Think about your drink

One thing that has been more unpredictable than a woman’s mind these days is the weather.

Just like yesterday, I have to use two blankets while sleeping because it felt like I have two air conditioning unit switched to high cool mode. Actually, we already turned off our unit because the cold breeze outside found its way to enter our room. We’re expecting a windy or cool afternoon so we thought of going out for a family activity only to find out that the sun is scorching hot by noon time. Well, I can still say that is much better than the weather in the southern part of country where a typhoon is being experienced now.

With the kind of climate that we have, it just right that we make our bodies prepared against sickness. A good diet, regular exercise and vitamins are just some of the things we can consider. Many people are actually cautious these days about what to eat and drink and that’s what we really need to do--- make smarter and healthier choices!

I read an article online about Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited grand winner Slater young promoting Oishi Smart C+, a convenient and refreshing drink that gives his immunity boost amidst his daily activities and engagements.

I think I’ll be doing this clever move and #thinkaboutyourdrink not just for me but also for my wife and son. I don’t want to be sick and spread the illness to everyone at home. With Smart C+, I can get my daily dose of resistance-building Vitamin C so I can cope with the daily demands of a dynamic life which then makes me unstoppable and ready whenever, wherever. To know more about the product, visit

Smart C+ is available in leading supermarkets and grocery stores with three equally thirst-quenching flavors to choose from: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. Every bottle guarantees 500 mg of Vitamin C that can help me ready and active as I face my workloads in the office, fulfil commitments with my friends, and spend quality time with my family and loved ones.

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