Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Techni-Ice: Being cold has never this cool!


I am a big fan of anything cold.

I love ice cream, fruit shakes, scotch on the rocks, Tagaytay and Baguio City, aircon buses and, would you believe, even cold pizza.

Well, there are a few exceptions that I hate of course like a cold shoulder from my wife, cold hands during a basketball game, and cold feet in the middle of a presentation with my boss.

With a busy schedule almost every day, only a glass of ice-cold water can conquer my thirst after a very tiring fieldwork.  Or how about an order of special halo-halo for meryenda to counter an afternoon of scorching heat that makes my sweat glands the busiest part of my body on summer.

How I wish I have a Midas-like hand that I can turn anything, not into gold, but into something cold with just a touch. Sounds like a wild idea? What if I tell you that it’s possible to turn food and beverages cold whenever and wherever you are even without a fridge (absolutely no hand surgery or transplant required).

I’m just amazed with this very innovative and wonder product Techni-Ice. It a great alternative for dry or wet ice with other use and benefits. With its advance technology, it can also serve as a hot pack. It’s easy to use, can be cut to size, lightweight, flexible, hygienic, safe, non-toxic and can stay frozen for days.

With these features, I can think of a lot of uses for Techni-Ice sheets.  Here’s my top 3 list of how I will use this superb product. And so I say Techni-Ice is more than just ICE.

Important for micro businesses. My mom owns a small sari-sari store. She could use Techni-Ice sheets to keep bottles of soda and beer and tetra pack juices cold every day. This is a good option and more cost-efficient than maintaining a refrigerator inside the store.

Celebrations. Family gatherings, whether indoor or outdoor, can be more fun-filled if we can avoid even some minor hassles like soggy food, warm beverages, or leaking plastic coolers. Less stress means more jest and it's possible with Techni-Ice.

Every day joy. I’m sure that at least one time in your life you experienced this situation: you were forced to go home late from work because of an unexpected workload, then got stuck in the middle of a traffic jam for hours and when you arrived home you found out that there’s a power outage in your village. Awts! Now here’s a dream scenario: before you could curse your boss, you were able to grab a bottle of your favorite drink from the cooler even without electricity. Thank God it’s cold! That’s the beauty of Techni-Ice!    

Discover more great things Techni-Ice can bring to your daily life. Be one of the many people around the world that has benefited from the wonders this product offer.  The good thing is, it's also available in the Philippines. Visit their website www.techniice.com.ph for updates and great news about the product. And soon, you'll definitely agree that with Techni-Ice, being cold has never this cool!


David Pascht said...

So cute !

Richard Mamuyac said...

Thanks, David :)

Unknown said...

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your submission. We are currently reviewing your entry for final judging. Good luck!

- Techni-Ice Philippines