Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Super Memorable Moments with Mom

When I was young, I had this crazy thought that I am being raised by a superhero

Every day I see my father holds a hammer like Thor and does wonders with it. With wood and nails, he has built houses (apartments, dog house, pigeon cage, and the likes) and that’s how good a carpenter he is.  He also used his hammer to split rocks, flatten metals and, I hope he won’t found out that I said this, I saw him one time crushing garlic with it while cooking adobo.  Only he and Thor can do so many things with a hammer.

How about my mother? Honestly, I just see her as our ever loving Nanay who takes care of us every day from cooking meals, washing clothes and cleaning the house while my father works.  Growing up, I saw nothing really super with my mom.  Not until I became a parent myself that I realized that my Nanay Conchit was an extra-ordinary person after all.

My mom is a one-woman- superhero team like The Avengers because she possesses awesome traits of the members of the group.

Nanay is a leader like Captain America. She’s the heart of the family and everyone listens to her.  Even without a hard metal disc, she has shielded our family from any harm. Truly, the safest place on Earth is in a mother’s loving arms.

She has an incredible green thumb like Hulk. She can grow almost any plant being a daughter of a farmer. 

She is also mighty like Thor (Yup, same as Tatay).  She is a barangay volunteer who devotes a few hours of service every night to help maintain peace and order in our community.

She is firm like Ironman with her word.  She does everything to fulfill a promise.  I can’t remember any instance that my mother assured something and failed to do it. 

She is Hawkeye.  Just one look, Nanay Conchit knows if any of her child has a problem. You just can’t hide anything without her knowing. 

She embodies girl power like Black Widow.  She is a strong believer that women can also accomplish what men can do.  

She is tough like Nick Fury.  She never quit and bravely faces every trial she meets in life. When our family was put to the test, she did not entertain the idea of a broken family and did everything to convince  Thor to rejoin the family. (I hope you got what I mean)

A Super Wo-Mom deserves a super treat!  Nanay mentioned before that Cebu is one of the places that she wants to visit. If only I had an extra budget for the Diamond Suites and Residence Mothers Day offers, I could have made her wish come true and made Mother's Day celebration more special.

She could have had a relaxing stay at any of our luxurious guestrooms of the hotel with buffet breakfast and FREE Therapeutic massage for 2 with Tatay.

Oh well, there’s always a next year and hopefully my mom gets her well-deserve super treat by then.  For now, I just want to tell you that we super duper love you, Nanay!

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