Monday, May 14, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

When I was a child, I actually believed that I am extra-ordinary.

I can climb trees effortlessly like Tarzan, run around our village tirelessly like Flash and carry three heavy school bags everyday that makes me feel I’m a muscle man like Superman.

More than two decades later, I still feel I’m a stud but this time with fear of heights, slower feet and an ab (singular form for abs). My I-am-a-superhero mantra as a child rekindled when I recently watched arguably the best superhero flick of the decade, The Avengers.

I want to join cosplay competition and costume party again.  But I think I need to shop for a new outfit since my super tummy won’t fit my old size 30 Chuck Norris Karate Commando pants (yup, stuff like these did exist).

While surfing the net for costumes, I stumbled upon ZALORA, an online shop that I consider as out of the ordinary. I will “spell out” the great features of this website to explain what I meant.

Zoom. Where else can you shop for well known brands such as Folded & Hung, Dolce & Gabanna, Europak, Gucci, Holster, Crocs, Cole Vintage, DC, Jansport, Kipling, Bayo and more and have it delivered to your door step the very day you ordered it.  Order a Gucci from ZALORA and a box of pizza from your favorite restaurant and you’ll be an Italian in an instant.

Anytime-of-the-day shopping. What’s good about online shopping is that you can just sit back and relax in front of the computer, browse all you want 24/7 and never complain of leg cramps, long line in front of the cashier and salesclerks who follow you everywhere you go.  Shop at your most convenient time, even in your boxers. Btw, ZALORA sells cool underwears, too.    

Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. “Mula Batanes hanggang Jolo, saan ka man ay halina tayo” It’s a line from the theme of a popular TV shows in the country which suddenly played in my head while reading the FREE nationwide shipping feature of ZALORA.  So the next time I'll go out of town and I forgot my swimwear again, I can just order online and have a pair delivered in my room.

On delivery payment. Some people still fear to transact online especially if the amount involve is a huge sum. But what if the only way you can get the item you’ve been dreaming of is through the internet? ZALORA accepts all major credit cards, GCash and Paypal and (drum rolls please)... cash on delivery!  Now if this still can’t convert you to be a online shopper, I surrender!

Return policy.  Within 30 days upon receiving the products, you can actually return the item that you bought from ZALORA if you are unsatisfied with it (which is highly unlikely).  But of course, due to hygienic reasons, panties, women's swimwear bottoms and men's underwear are not accepted for returns or exchanges. Yes, even if you have flawless porcelain skin (which is highly unlikely).  

Awesome deals.  Who doesn’t like bargain and discount offers. ZALORA is one generous merchant that has under P999 items, branded apparels and accessories on sale and special promotions whole year round.  The good thing is that you don’t need to wrestle for an item in the bargain bin against other shoppers that usually happens during mall-wide sales. No more body pains or whatsoever.  All you have to do is click the item and it will be yours. (Now, if your finger got injured by doing so, I surrender!) 

ZALORA just made me more excited to shop online.  With the wide-array of apparels, gears and accessories, I actually found some wonderful items that I can use as a getup for an up-and-coming superhero character that might be the next big hit since the Hulk’s nose job on Loki. Here is my ZALORA Wishlist:

1. Gold Star shirt by Rex Clothing. I just love the small prints on black. The gold star print looks like a hero emblem.  The simplicity of the design silently shouts awesomeness! 

2. 101 New York Chinos pants with striped waistband. This pair will give me a casual geeky look ala Peter Parker.  Easy to match with any short sleeve top just in case I need to costume change.

3. Inov 8 Race Elite bag. A man who loves an action-filled day should have a utility bag where he can put a lot of stuff that will be helpful in times of McGyver moments.

4. Timex Camouflage. Heroes should always be on time and in style whenever a call for help arises. This wristwatch has a very unique and cool design that fits my extra-ordinary ways.

5. Vibram Fivefingers (Classic). This is perfect for people with active lifestyles. I can ran, jog, climb mountains or lift weights in the gym without the hassle of changing my footwear every time I go to one place and another. 

Once I get these great items, I’ll borrow some things from my wife’s closet and son’s toy box and viola! I am Shopper Man!  I also have a couple of volunteers I call The Chaperons--  Credit Cat and Super Sale. Together, we dream of forming a super team we’d like to be known as The Scavengers (The Bargain Bin Hunters).

How about you? What are your dreams? Make your own wishlist today!

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