Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun Run or Pain Run?

Three days after I participated in the very successful Cortal SQR Run and Fly Away last May 27 along Roxas Blvd., I am still in pain.

Although it's nothing serious, I can still feel some sort of a pinch in some parts of my joints in my lower body. Well, it's only me to be blame. I had no preparation for that run and only did a little warm-up. I underestimate the 5k run and thought it would just be a walk in park (well, I did walk during the run since I am pretty out of shape) since this is my sixth run in the last two years.

Now, here come's my wife asking, "Why do you keep on running if the next day, you'll know you'll get body aches the next day?"

Well, I have a default answer for her. It's actually the same answer I give her why I want to get new tattoos and still play basketball after a few broken bones, "because I like."

I like not to get hurt but I like the experience the action (with the hope of not getting hurt, of course)

One good thing about fun runs is that most of them if not all are fund-raising events for the benefit of different institutions and sector in need.

In the case of  the Cortal SQR Run and Fly Away, their beneficiary is the AMY Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded by Ambassador Alfredo Yao of the Zest-O Group of Companies. The Foundation aims to implement and sustain socio-economic programs in support of the development and advancement of the less privileged and less fortunate youth sectors of the society.

So, will I continue to do the pain run, errr... the fun run. My answer is a big YES!

Btw, I'm actually doing okay now since I just noticed that I have a sample of Cortal SQR capsule that really did wonders to get rid of my body aches :)

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