Thursday, January 20, 2011

What are your New Year's Resolutions to be a Better Employee?

A former officemate visited me at my office three days before 2010 ends. We did talk about a few things and what had happened to our lives within almost a year that we have not seen each other. From silly stuff like his new pair of Supra to more serious topics like career plans and new year’s resolutions.

Hmmm… new year’s reolution…

I don’t remember if I did give him a serious answer when asked about it but he sounded sincere with his words when he promised himself not to be tempted on spending like crazy every time payday comes.

Being one curious soul, I wanted to know what my other colleagues and friends want to change in their ways for the coming year 2011 by asking them personally and posting this question on the Facebook wall:

What’s your New Year’s resolution to be a better employee?

I even instructed my friends to note if they want to have their name withheld if I intend to include their responses in this article but they all agreed to have their name published so here are some of the notable answers I got from them:

“I have resolved that in 2011, I'll make sure my desk is clutter-free at the end of the working day. “ - Geoffrey Galias, High School Teacher

“To be more organized, follow my set time table, be more friendly and to strictly work on my budget allotted for the day.” - Rhea Mee Paragsa, Admin Staff

“I want to go back to weightlifting and have an active lifestyle. After all, a healthy worker means better productivity in the workplace.” - Renato Del Rosario, Accounting Specialist

“Hopefully I won’t get plenty of absences next year.” – Toni Cunanan, Project Coordinator

“More patience for my patients.” – Trish Sunga, Nurse

“I just hope I can still perform the best that I can if I will get more work load next year” – Noel De Ocampo, Utility Personnel

“I will add more alertness on my work when I am on duty.” – Christopher Barbosa, Security Guard

After getting those inputs from other employees, I am beginning to recognize some improvements I need to apply in my work habits in order to be more effective in my job

All of a sudden, I feel like calling a friend and demand to ask me again what my new year’s resolution for 2011 is. I think it’s not too late to make a sort of “to-do” list for the year.

It would be helpful to keep such list so we can check next year if ever we have achieved the personal goals that we set or our resolution just end up as broken promises.

Hopefully, all of us will stick with whatever resolutions we will come up with whole year round because it will definitely not only benefit our respective companies but would also be personal accomplishment we can be proud of.

(This article was published on the January 9, 2011 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

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