Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, my it's already 2011?

I must have been so in love with 2010 that I still use it in the past 20 days from my poster lay-out to my office reports.

It's kinda amusing since I found out that there is another guy in our office who also does.  I got the info from my boss during a small talk-cun-calling-my-attention-that-it-is-already-2011.

Oh, well... it also a wake up call in way to update this blog since I haven't written anything since I got my 13th month pay last month.  Well, don't blame me if I find shopping easier to do than blogging during those days.  And now that my ATM is back to it's normal level (zero balance), I'm doing my post for the year.

To all who would happen to read this.  Belated happy new year... errr advance happy new year if you're a Chine :-)

PS: If you're Bugs Bunny or the Energizer Bunny or Roger Rabbit... Happy Hoppin' New Year to you since this is your year!

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