Thursday, January 27, 2011

Looking for something? Go online 'coz mas AyosDito

I was not able to check my emails yesterday because our company had a whole-day event in Makati. So I was not surprise to have a score of messages from clients, friends and a couple of spammers this morning.

One message came from a high school classmate asking if I will attend an out-of-town trip with some of our schoolmates next month. The idea of going out of the city is always a refreshing thing for me that I almost typed "Yes, count me in!" when my right eye suddenly saw a red mark on my calendar.

Feb. 5 is booked! My brother-in-law and his family will be moving to a new house in Novaliches and I already committed my bones and muscles to whatever they can be of used that day. I already helped them find a truck that would carry all their things to their new home. It was just one easy task actually. I just googled "Lipat bahay/ NCR" and viola! I got a number of links. But what interested me more are the listings in the website AyosDito which also features other services like classified ads, 2nd hand cars Philippines and fixing Canon digital camera. I think their posts are more professional and direct. Mas AyosDito talaga!

I know this would not be the first time I'll be browsing AyosDito since it also gives everyone an opportunity to sell any product. What I like more is you can look them under an specific region in the country so you can easily contact the seller.

Now my next mission is to find a nice gift for my wife come Valentines. Hmmm... I think I know what website to visit first in times like this.

I know I am just one of the many people online who got some help from websites like AyosDito. So, what's your story?


Gems said...

Yup, also had a good experience using AyosDito when we were looking for a second hand car last year :-)

Mommy Leah said...

Looking for something, someone or a place is easier nowadays. Just one click and you'll find what you need. Dati bibili ka pa ng dyaryo or magazine to have an idea.

Richard Mamuyac said...

@ Asca and kuwentongina... thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Masyete said...

hmmm... astig pati lipat bahay naka-list na hehe :-)