Friday, January 21, 2011

TGIF? Not this Friday

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Today is one of the busiest Fridays of my life.

I needed to wake up at 5 am this morning because I have a breakfast meeting in Makati. But before I go there, I should go first to our office in Mandaluyong to update my materials not for that 8 am meet up but for another field work this morning.

We finished the meeting past 10 am (yes!) and off I go to my second assignment. I saw this cab driver waving at me as go out Pacific Star building only to be boxed out by a woman on heels sipping a mocha frap. Being the gentleman that I am, I just gave her the "I-should-be-the-one-sitting-in-thet-taxi look." After 20 minutes I finally got my ride.

Back to the office around 2 pm delivered by a cab which gave me that oven-like experience. I know the aircon was on but my morning breath is cooler that what it burst out if I to compare.

I missed meryenda today and haven't stop doing paper works, poster lay-out, email, etc since I went inside my cubicle. It's already 6:11 and I am not yet done with work. Now tell me if it's TGIF?

I only got to smile when I got a text message from my wife saying "Ingat sa pag-uwi. I love you!"

Which made me think, it's not a bad Friday at all. :-)

Now back to work mode.

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