Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nasan na nga ba si Tange?

Time: Yesterday afternoon.  After hours of serious mode in the printing press where I supervised the lay-out of our organization's monthly magazine, this very disturbing question hit me: "Asan na nga ba si Tange?"

Tange, for those who don't know the guy, is a Filipino comedian during the time that almost every movie has a corresponding "text version."  The text version that I am referring to is a set of game card that you toss and flip to win and amass all that your friends own.  The cards made of cheap brown carton probably a little thicker than an Oslo paper brings the bragging rights to those who has 'em.  We usually stack them per "dangkal."  Bragging rights to those who owns the most.  Sometimes, you can also use them to pay for rent for your Richie Rich neighbor who owns a Game and Watch.

If you still can't understand what I am talking about, look for somebody who is around mid-30's and ask you to be introduced to terms like panabla, pamato and tsob and kak.

Anyways, back with Tange.  He is one comedian who doesn't talk too much on screen.  All he'll do is to open his mouth like a kid waiting for Barney the purple dino's mantra "Let sing our favorite song!"  Then you'll burst into laughter.  Mukha talagang tange but you know he is just acting.

His big and stout and wears kinky long hair.  I tried to Google him but I was not able to find a photo of him.  So if anybody has file photo of this unsung pop hero which I consider is the one responsible in making the phrase "Ay, tange!" spread like crazy during our era, please send me an email or drop a link in this post.

Asteeg, pang-T shirt ang mukha niya on whote or black background diba?!  By the way, I found a short reference about him from this SITE.

And you might be asking what about the photo of Barok doing above this post?  Well, it;s one of those movie where Tange starred as Barok's silly yet amusing friendly friends.  Incidentally, I have an mp3 file of the Tarzan and Barok by Yoyoy Villame (Why do I have those music file.  Just want to have another taste of the music that I grew up listening since my Tatay is a fan of novelty music).  Yoyoy, if you also don't know, is the one who popularized the songs Mag-exercise tayo and Buchike. 

Oh, for the curious soul who's asking why all of a sudden Tange was a subject of our conversation.  It just happen that someone sent me a photo that is as big as a thumbnail.  The only visible part of his face is his mouth semi-wide open.

Hello, Tange.  Ikaw ba yan!?

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