Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Headaches, Anyone?

I thought that I’ll have a headache going to the office in the first working day of 2012 but commuting went smoothly and I was only late for a few minutes.

Talking about headaches, the most recent “attacks” happened last December 31 and boy, it was a series of hits!

1. I was forced to wake up at around 6 am so I can accompany my wife in the market. I only got 4 hours of sleep brought about by a lot of reasons--- iPad games, blogging, watch movies, etc. I knew headache was coming so I can’t blame anyone but me.

2. We were surprised to find out that a fastfood chain near the Pasig Public Market was open very early that morning.  Well, it’s the last day of year so maybe they just want to cash in the bulk of people passing by.  We ordered two bowls of Arroz Caldo worth Php 39 each. They looked delicious in the tarpaulin outside the store.  Then came the shock of the year and a pair of headaches--- we were served two scoops of “hot wet rice” with tidbits of garlic, ginger and tinga-size chicken bits that they call Arroz Caldo. In the picture, the bowl is as big as a plate of sizzling plate, but in real-life it will be served in a taza as big as the ones used in serving FREE soup.  This is not OA, go try Mang Inasal’s 39ers.

3.  Inside the market, I thought the whole population of our barangay is there for a roll call. I never saw our market in my 30+ years of going there as crowded as that time.  So who said, ubos na ang pera ng tao last Christmas?  Everyone is there gearing up to complete their own 12 round-shape fruit sets.  We got ours after one and a half hours and a headache.

4.  After lunch time, I grabbed my iPad to continue my adventures in Iron Man 2. I tapped on the app icon and viola! Headache! Somebody overwrote my accomplishments and thus I need to start all over again. Tell me, how do I explain to a toddler to stick with Angry Birds or Smurfs?

5.  My son Charles watches Walt Disney’s Dinosaur DVD everyday.  I was taking a nap that afternoon when he approached me with the said DVD still in the box.  He was asking if I could play it so he can watch.  That’s my first siesta in months so I felt a little nudge on my head.  And also, I was with Lindsay Lohan before I was awaken.  Then I noticed that the disk has cracked on it, probably due to little hands trying to take it off from the plastic box. Headache? Yes, it’s worth Php 275 in Astrovision.

6. Cooking for the Medya Noche feast.  Just the thought of it is already a headache.

7.  Just when I thought that I already have enough headaches for the day, we have a very “cooperative” neighbor who lives to the house in front of us.  We were impressed on how loud his pla-plas (firecracker as big as a palm) but when you hear it more than a dozen times until 2 am of January 1, I think this guy perfectly fits the title of being the first headache of the year.

I don’t intend to have a Guiness record for this.  I just hope that I’ll have less headaches and stress-free moments in 2012.  But just in case headaches do come, all I can say is just remember BAYER or Battle Aches Year-round w/ Exercise and Right medicine.

So what’s your headache story?

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